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Taking Jenny's Sloppy Seconds story Taking Jenny's Sloppy Seconds By Cooch - A wife takes control of the couple's sex life and the husband goes along. (MMF, bi, wife, fuck, huml, oral, cream-pie) 1/19/2007 Reviews
Taking Pictures story Taking Pictures By Kristen Kathleen Becker - She was a rebel and proud of it. Only this time, things just might have gotten a little out of hand, she thought. 11/1/1998 Reviews
Tender Years story Tender Years By Caesar - Two teenaged girls just can't resist the temptation to explore each other's bodies during a sleep over. (ff-teens, 1st-lesbian-exp) 6/6/1999 Reviews
The Neighbor Slut story The Neighbor Slut By Anon Author - A guy and his hot latina neighbor do the nasty, while his wife is taking a shower and is completely unaware. (MF, husband, cheat, oral) 12/14/2006 Reviews
The Outpost story The Outpost By Sweetmeat - I'm a female in the army who gets assigned to an outpost with another female who makes me her lesbian sex slave. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, military) 2/28/2008 Reviews
The Peephole story The Peephole By Kristen Kathleen Becker - After that night things changed in my life. I had never seriously considered sex with another woman before. 5/1/1998 Reviews
The Thai Sisters story The Thai Sisters By AB-2006 - Mai, a beautiful Thai girl, falls for an American man, and so does her identical twin sister. (MFF, bi, inc, asian) 8/1/2006 Reviews
Tied Down story Tied Down By Phoebe - A woman loses a bet and agrees to being tied naked and spread-eagled to a bed for the night in a dorm room at Arizona State University. (MF, bd) 12/15/2005 Reviews
Tight Jeans story Tight Jeans By SA Talley - Kristen visits the mall with nothing more on her mind than purchasing a nice tight pair of jeans for an upcoming date, only to find that the mall has more to offer than just clothing. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr) 6/24/2006 Reviews
Tiny Tim story Tiny Tim By AB-2006 - A man has a size problem and is humiliated by his new bride and takes a long time to recover from the experience. (MF, size, huml) 7/1/2006 Reviews
Totally a Virgin story Totally a Virgin By Brian - I'm totally a virgin and I wish I wasn't. All I think about is making it with a woman, any woman. My mind is racing all the time. I can't concentrate in class and whenever a girl passes by me my whole body shivers with need. (M-teen, solo) 10/26/2002 Reviews
Touching Myself story Touching Myself By Karen B - As I touch myself in the early afternoon, I imagine that I'm with another woman. It always makes it so much better when there is someone else in my fantasies. (F-solo) 5/1/2000 Reviews
Tour story Tour By David Shaw - A thirty-something PR woman from a clothing company shows up uninvited at a rock band's hotel. Her plan is to get some of them to wear her clients fashions, but what she ends up with is a gang bang from the band. (M+/F, gangbang) 5/28/2001 Reviews
True Story story True Story By Kristy - "How I learned to drink sperm and influence people!" (mf-teens, oral) 1/12/1998 Reviews
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