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Wild Wife
(mmf, wife-sharing)
by Big D & ProG (

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This is a true story about how my wife and I realized a fantasy of ours.

My wife and I liked to share our fantasies in bed, sometimes while reading forum magazine. I found that the stories helped unlock some of the secret desires my wife held close to her. I could tell what was on her mind by the type of stories she preferred. It usually ended up being one with the woman being with multiple male partners.

We talked at length about what she would do if it were to happen for her, and she would often act out those desires by using my fingers as the other man.

Our sex life had started to become plain and we needed a boost, so on her birthday I decided to find out if she might really act out her fantasies if given a chance.

We were out at a bar with a couple of my friends and my wife was getting pretty drunk. She started to talk a little provocatively to one of my friends in particular.

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I wanted to see how far it would go and let the chips fall might. The conversation became steamier and steamier until Tom, my friend excused himself to go to the rest room.

I followed him in and the conversation continued about how hot my wife was and if she was seriously looking for another partner.

I told Tom that I couldn't keep up with her and that we had talked about a threesome in the past.

Tom quickly offered his help in making her fantasy come true.

I told Tom to meet us back at our house and we would have to see what developed not knowing if my wife would go along with it or not.

On the way home my wife asked why we had left so soon and where Tom had gone. I told her he was meeting us at home and that she had a birthday surprise waiting for her there.

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She smiled wickedly and said, "You didn't say anything to him did you?"

"I said it would be totally up to you."

We all settled in with nothing but the Christmas lights illuminating the room. Tom acted like he was just going to spend the night and rolled out his sleeping bag on the couch.

I went to get us some beers and Missy went into the bathroom. When she returned Tom had already found my stash of magazines and was reading to himself. Missy was dressed in a big fluffy robe and sat down next to me. She took every advantage of Tom not looking, to flash me a little of what she had on underneath and fondle my stiffening cock.

Tom was catching this out of the corner of his eye and enjoying the show when I opened her robe while kissing my way down her neck.

Missy quickly covered back up when she saw Tom watching. I decided it was time to leave them alone so I went to the bathroom.

When I came back I nearly came in my pants! There was Missy with her robe wide-open, head thrown back, eyes closed, and an angelic smile on her face.

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Tom was on his knees eating Missy's wet pussy. I watched for what seemed like minutes, but I'm sure it was really only seconds. I moved in closer and took my cock out and offered it to Missy.

She devoured it like it was candy, moaning around my shaft as she took it deep in her throat.

We switched positions because I couldn't have lasted very long that way. She went at Tom's cock with the same intensity. It was an incredible turn on to watch as my beautiful wife lost in the passion that consumed her so. Her pussy was wetter than it had ever been and it was time to satisfy her desires.

I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. We quickly got into a 69 with her on top. Then I heard Missy ask a question that makes me hard every time I think of it.

"Well Tom aren't you going to come around back here and Fuck me with that cock of yours?"

The tone of her voice and the way she took control was an incredible turn on for me.

Tom got up behind her and only inches from my face I watched his cock slide all the way home. Missy was taking all of my cock down her throat and was just going wild.

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I licked and sucked on her pussy as Tom pounded away at her from behind. There was no way that I could hold out -- the sights, the sounds, and the smells were driving me over the edge.

I came! It felt like I was pumping gallons of come into Missy's mouth, but she stayed right there and swallowed every drop. (which she normally wouldn't do)

Tom had reached that point too, and was blasting away inside my wife. They were both grunting as he shot his hot come deep into her.

When he pulled out I realized that Missy hadn't come yet so I continued to eat her. She leaned back and straddled my face forcing my tongue deep inside her. I had never eaten a woman that had just been fucked before but I was lost in the moment and wouldn't stop.

The mixture flooded my mouth from Missy's pussy and she had finally reached the big O, shaking and screaming.

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Now normally that would be the end for the two of us but my erection wouldn't subside and Missy wanted more too. She rolled over on top of me and hopped on my still hard cock.

She motioned for Tom to bring his cock closer so she could suck him. Again the sight of my quiet sometimes- shy wife getting so slutty was incredible and I didn't last long before my second orgasm hit.

As my hips slowed then stopped their pumping action, Tom rolled Missy on to her back and took my place. I stood and watched as Missy got the screwing of her life. When she saw me standing there she just smiled and mouthed thank you to me.

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There was one last thing Missy wanted to try and she had never done before. That was getting fucked in the ass. She thought she could handle it if she did both at the same time and because Tom was smaller than me.

Unfortunately Tom was a little over anxious to get it in and she had us stop for now, and said she was warn out.

Tom went back out to the couch and Missy and I lay there recounting the memories of the night.

Before we drifted off to sleep Missy said she was still a little horny and asked if I'd mind if she went and had Tom one more time.

I said go right a head that I'd like watch. She went and pulled Tom's covers back and dove right in after his cock sucking him wildly.

I couldn't just watch her ass wiggling around as she devoured Tom and my cock had just caught its third wind.

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She ended up coming two more times as Tom came in her mouth and me in her well-fucked pussy.

We went to sleep and Tom went to work in the morning before Missy and I were up. It was an incredible night and one that I want to make happen again.

Tom is out of the picture now so we need to find someone new. Missy has been really turned on by the stories about well hung black men lately, so maybe it's time for something new.

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