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My Wife the Whore
(MF, intr, infidelity, cuckold, preg)
by Boomer 1997

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I'm twenty-three and have been married to Cindy who is twenty-two for more than two years. Until an occurrence opened my eyes to the contrary I'd always considered our marriage as solid.

Unable to locate something in our bedroom I'd decided to look in Cindy's dresser drawers thinking she may have put it away for me when as I was moving her panties aside I noticed a diary. Unaware Cindy even kept a diary, my curiosity demanded that I take a little peak. Now in retrospect this would prove to be a serious error in judgment on my part.

Flipping through the pages I found the expected references of our life together but then I came across some pages appearing somewhat cryptic containing references to her boss Bob. She had written cryptic entries such as "3-CI-O" next to dates. Even though I hadn't a clue as to what these strange entries might refer, the manner in which they were written left me suspicious. On a hunch I checked the dates listed against days I'd been out of town on business. Sure enough every one of her entries corresponded to dates when I'd been gone. At fifty with three grown children I'd never before considered Bob a threat to our marriage.

Nevertheless, my suspicions were now aroused to the point where I decided to find out one way or another what was going on, so I put a plan into motion. I knew Cindy would go ballistic if I disclosed the fact I'd read her diary because above all she demanded her privacy. Anyway, to make a long story short, the very next day I phoned her at work saying "I'd unexpectedly been called away to Los Angeles for a business meeting but that I'd return in the morning." Then I set about making a hiding place for myself in our home. After removing several screws from the ceiling light in our room I could see the entire master bedroom from my hiding place. All I had to do next was wait.

I was relieved to see Cindy arriving home alone at the time she usually arrived after work. Walking into our bedroom she began removing her office clothes until she stood naked before her dresser mirror wearing only panties when to my surprise Bob suddenly walked in as if he owned the place. Cindy immediately turned and hugged him, kissing him passionately upon the mouth. Bob soon broke their kiss telling her to get her panties off because he didn't have much time. Cindy quickly lowered her panties and stepped out of them.

There stood my wife completely nude before her boss. Bob quickly began removing his clothing while telling her to get ready for his cock. What I had once thought was my innocent wife laid back upon our martial bed with her legs splayed wide fingering herself telling Bob "to hurry up and give her what she needed!" And Bob telling her, "She was nothing more than whore" only served to make her moan. I was shocked! Cindy had never behaved like this with me. Then Bob moved onto the bed getting between her legs rubbing his large cock up and down her slit. And Cindy desperately pleaded with him to put it in.

As Bob slowly began worming his black monster sized cock into my wife I was surprised to see he wasn't wearing a condom. Cindy can't handle the pill. Here I was watching another man, a much older man than either of us having the privilege that I'd never before enjoyed. Although I felt like screaming for him to get the fuck out of my house I was paralyzed by the sight and couldn't move.

Bob was now sheathed in my Cindy telling her she had a fantastic cunt as he began sawing in and out of her hole with long deliberate strokes. Cindy laid there thrusting up against his stabbing loins. I could see the cheeks of his ass contracting with every thrust.

Bob asked her, "Who has the best cock." Cindy replied, that he did, and she loved her "daddy's black cock more than her husband's. Then Bob asked Cindy, "if she was ovulating," and I was again shocked when she replied "she was."

"So where do you want it?" Bob asked.

"In my cunt," she replied.

"You want me to plant a baby in your tummy bitch," he asked.

"Yes, daddy," she answered. "I want your baby more than anything!"

I was speechless! Cindy had never expressed a desire to have a baby this early in our relationship and yet there she was begging her big black boss to seed her womb. Bob was now thrusting more rigorously into my wife's cunt when I saw Cindy tense up and I knew she was cumming.

"Good fuck eh, cunt?" asked Bob.

Cindy was barely able to reply with an affirmative "yes" through a raspy voice as she rode through the pleasure of her orgasm.

"Ready for a baby bitch?" Bob asked.

Again Cindy begged him to fuck her harder, as Bob continued sawing into her a few more times before grabbing her ass for leverage and buried his cock into her balls deep!

For a full thirty seconds I could see his ass contracting while he grunted pumping his load up my wife's womb before finally collapsing on top of her with his cock still buried in her well-fucked hole.

She kissed him like a love struck teenager thanking him.

From my vantage point in the attic I could see my lovely wife's widely spread legs as his cum began dribbling from her used crack. Bob slowly dressed, obviously exhausted and happy Cindy continued laying on the bed with her eyes closed and her legs spread.

As Bob left he said "if I didn't knock you this time, I'll be back tomorrow."


I couldn't believe my Cindy had allowed another man to fuck her, especially her black boss. Rarely had she ever spoken nicely of him. He'd always been the old black codger from work. The fact that she'd just permitted him to cum inside her and that she was ovulating simply blew my mind. After Bob left I waited in the attic for another half hour as Cindy continued laying quietly with her eyes shut Bob's sperm leaking from her battered hole.

When I heard the shower running I quickly retreated from my hiding place and went to a hotel for the night. It was a restless night at the hotel, wondering whether Bob had gone back to our house for another crack at my wife. My mind whirled with the possibilities of what I should or shouldn't do.

The next day, while Cindy was at work I went back to the house to check her dairy again. Sure enough there was a new entry under Bob for the previous night. 1-CI- 1. I knew now this probably stood for "one fuck, the fact he came inside her unprotected, and that she'd had one orgasm." Replacing her diary I went on to work.

When I arrived home that evening Cindy greeted me with a loving kiss as if nothing had happened. I decided to behave as if I knew nothing. That night in bed, I mentioned to her that "I wanted to make love to her without a rubber and that I'd pull out." She was adamant, "I wasn't going near her unprotected until we were ready to have a child and that she was ovulating." Naturally she failed to mention the fact that only one day earlier her boss had sent several volleys of sperm into her unprotected womb.

I fucked her with a condom, filling it to capacity. One thing I found curious was on several occasions she had mentioned that "condoms were not always 100% effective." I guessed she was setting me up for when Bob knocked her up so continued playing dumb.

We went on as if nothing was amiss for another few days. Everyday after Cindy left for work I would read her diary. Then unable to take the uncertainty any longer, I told Cindy once again that I had to go out of town overnight in a few days. The next day, Cindy had written this in her diary that Bob would be coming over straight from work on the day I was to be gone. I sat up in the attic again, and settled in to see what would happen.

As before Cindy arrived home from work with Bob and the two of them headed straight for our bedroom. Bob laid naked on our bed telling Cindy to suck his cock. She promptly mounted him in a sixty-nine position sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow.

Cindy had never sucked my cock, she said "it was disgusting." I guess it was only disgusting with me because she was slobbering all over Bob's cock as if it were candy. Meanwhile Bob's face was buried in my wife's cunt, licking her to a quick orgasm. Then Bob told her to stop sucking and mount him. Cindy spun around and lowered herself onto his cock. I heard Bob moan as Cindy bottomed out, his unprotected cock fully sheathed within her cunt.

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"Move bitch," he commanded and she began impaling herself upon his rod. Initially Cindy was doing all the work and Bob merely fondled her breasts as she held her head back fucking his cock. Then he began to meet her downward thrusts and I could see his legs straighten in anticipation of release. He had her tits in his hands, roughly pulling her onto his rod as he came. I saw his toes curl up and heard him telling her he was "gonna' plant a baby inside her." He was shaking as his sperm rushed into my wife's cunt.

Cindy pulled up on his body trying to get more of him inside her telling him "to hose her good." After a dozen small jolts what I can only imagine where spurts of sperm, Bob finally relaxed. Cindy laid down on top of him, kissing him with his cock sheathed within her.

"Bob casually asked, "are you pregnant yet?" "I don't know," Cindy responded.

"What about your husband," asked Bob, "is he fucking you bitch?"

"Only with a condom just like you told me," said Cindy.

"Good girl," said Bob as he stroked her hair. "who owns your cunt?"

"You do Daddy," said Cindy.

I almost fell through the fucking roof when I heard that. They were silent for several minutes then Bob looked straight at Cindy and told her she was his property and he expected her to have as many kids as he deemed necessary, and she would have a lot, ALL be by him alone.

"Thank you Daddy," answered Cindy before kissing his mouth.

"Fuck me again whore," he commanded.

Cindy sat up, his cock still within her and began moving as he hardened. Cindy began grinding on his cock and he asked her, "who you loved more, your husband or me?"

Cindy answered, "You baby."

He then told her she was a good bitch and she was to stay with her husband since she would be having lots of kids and needed someone to pay for them all. He laughed, and then told her that I was never to fuck her without a condom.

She agreed, and I felt my future falling apart.


My seemingly innocent little wife had been letting this big black guy named Bob shag her like a five dollar hooker. I'd seen all this from my hiding place in the attic, and what made it even worse was the fact that my Cindy was letting him have unprotected sex with her while still standing firm to the fact that I use condoms. She was unaware I'd seen her infidelity.

When I got home from work Cindy was waiting for me. What surprised me most was Bob was sitting with her in the living room. I asked what was wrong and Cindy simply came right out and told me that she was pregnant.

Before I had time to react, she also told me the baby was not mine, and that it was Bob's. I didn't know what to say, I just sank into the sofa looking at Bob who was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"What are we going to do?" I asked Cindy, "where do we go from here?"

Cindy moved over to sit beside Bob wrapping her arm around his neck. Bob instinctively moved his around hers, cupping her breast right in front of me. Cindy made no move to remove his hand.

"Well, its not that I don't love you," said Cindy. "It's just Bob has a horse sized cock that I can't live without. Even though I'd like to stay married to you I'm not prepared to give up Bob, after all he is the father of my child."

"How will we explain a black baby?" I asked Cindy. I knew her family was extremely bigoted toward blacks. "Fuck it," answered Cindy. Everyone will just have to learn to live with the fact I like black cock."

"And me?" I asked.

"I've talked with Bob," answered Cindy, he'll allow me to still fuck you whenever you want, as long as you wear a condom. Only Bob has the privilege of fucking me without one.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I looked at Bob as he lifted my wife's sweater to expose her bare breasts, kneading one in front of me without regard to any feelings I may have.

I felt like killing him as I saw my wife's nipples harden under his expert manipulation and then I felt like dying when she turned to kiss him fully on his large black lips. I could see her jaw working as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. It was as if I weren't there. I watched as his large black fingers moved down to raise her dress.

I was sitting not more than five feet away as this big black man moved the crotch of my wife's panty's aside exposing her sex before slipping a finger inside her exposed cunt. Cindy began moaning.

Although I should have left I didn't know where to go. My wife was now bucking against his fingers as he finger fucked her.

"Get your clothes off bitch," said Bob.

"I want to fuck your tight little white cunt... and I'm sure your husband would enjoying watching a real man fuck his woman," Bob said smiling as he looked at me while my wife stood on command and stripped until she was naked.

"Pull my pants down bitch," ordered the black man. Cindy turned and pulled his pants down. "Now the underwear." Cindy pulled them down and off. Bob now sat on our love seat with his huge black cock pointing toward the ceiling.

"Get me wet," he commanded and my wife knelt between his legs bobbing and a slobbering all over his cock like a woman who hadn't eaten in a year. Bob continued smiling looking me directly in the eyes as Cindy feasted upon his cock. His hands moved to pull her head into his groin as he fucked her mouth. "Has she ever sucked you like this?" he asked.

"No," was all I could reply. He laughed saying, "you don't know what you're missing."

The truth of the matter was I didn't, Cindy had never behaved so sensual with me. Finally Bob told her to stop, saying he had other plans for dropping his heavy load.

Cindy moved to impale herself on his cock, but Bob stopped her telling her "Sit with your back to my chest. Mount me so you're facing your husband so he can see you being her fucked by a real man."

Cindy turned and moved onto the love seat, she raised herself above his cock Bob told her to put it inside her.

She reached down and guided the huge black cock to the outer lips of her cunt and was looking directly into my eyes as she eased herself down onto his donkey dong. When Bob was fully sheathed inside my wife, he reached around and grasped her tits asking me, "You think you could ever fill her so full with your little white worm?"

In shame I was unable to respond. I knew I could never satisfy her like Bob could. Bob Laughed telling her to fuck up and down on his organ. Cindy was doing all the work by lifting and lowering herself onto his huge cock.

"Tell him what its like," said Bob.

"Its wonderful," whispered my wife without slowing her persistent fucking of his black organ. "I've never felt so full."

"How can you do this in front of me," I whispered back to my wife.

"I can't help myself. Bob is my master and I'll do anything he asks. I can't live without his large lack cock inside me."

Despite his laid back initial fuck, Bob was now beginning to hump back at my wife, thrusting his black cock further and further inside my wife's cunt.

"Yeah," groaned Bob, "this cunt is so fuckin' hot.. You're a lucky man whitey." Then I watched Cindy tense in orgasm. She was vibrating against his cock while begging him to fill her full of his cum.

At this point Bob himself was also pretty far-gone. "Pity I've already placed a black bastard in your belly bitch," he told her. Cause I'm gonna' pump you so full of nigger sperm you'll have it coming out your mouth."

Bob pulled my wife down hard onto his cock as he spasmed shooting volley after volley of his seed into her womb. "Shit!" exclaimed Bob, "here's something to cool off the walls of your hot hole." After they'd both came, they sat there with his cock still buried in my wife's hole as they recovered.

Finally Cindy moved and I saw Bob's black cock slip from her cunt with an audible pop. Bob reached down and spread my wife's legs wide exposing her worn hole to my view. Due to his massive girth it was grossly extended. Her pussy hairs were matted flat and his sperm was beginning to ooze from her wide-open cunt to pooling upon Bob's balls.

"See how big her fuckin' hole is?" asked Bob. "You'll never be able to feel the walls of her cunt now whitey."

Bob laughed and I knew he was right. My wife turned to kiss Bob begging him to fuck her again.

I left the room while my wife licked the black bastard's shaft clean in preparation for their next coupling. Even though I knew this was a fucked up marriage I really did love my wife. Although I would have never thought things could be this bad...


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