A Walk in
the Woods

(MF, intr, rp, v, nc, sn)
By romangirl (romangirl75@hotmail.com)
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Ruffy was telling her he desperately needed a long walk. The kids were in school, Darren was out of town, and Jennifer sighed. No time to change clothes. Besides, they lived on the heavily wooded outskirts of a deserted farm, and there weren’t many neighbors close by. Most were at work. She took a last look at the full length mirror and sighed.

She hoped no one would see her! Her breasts were straining out of a light blue tank top that had shrunk from too many washes, and she had a loose fitting pair of brown short shorts held up with a little pink belt. The black Labrador was jumping up and down, begging the long legged housewife to hurry!

They started down the old dirt path towards the farm, but Ruffy’s treat was barking at squirrels, deer, and other wildlife, so Jennifer let him pull her into the woods.

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One thing Jennifer didn’t like were spiders, and every so often she would jerk her head or brush her face to rid herself of the frightening pests. Except for the crawly creatures, she was oblivious of the dangers that lurked in the deep woods. Darren, her friends, and even her two young children Ned and Tina had warned her about going out alone.

Her answer was “Alone? I have Ruffy as my bodyguard. No one would come near me!”

No one, that is, except Ruffy’s “friends.”

After several minutes roaming the woods, Jennifer and Ruffy emerged back onto the old farm path. She checked herself for ticks.

She heard some rustling noises in the bushes and whirled around, her heart beating fiercely.

“Hi, Mrs. Brown!” Billy Jenkins said, as he emerged from the woods. He was followed by two other teenager boys. She didn’t know the other two boys, but had seen one of them with Billy in the neighborhood.

“Hi Ruffy!” Billy called out to the Lab, wagging its tail in happy recognition.

“This is Ned,” Billy said, pointing to a tall skinny kid, “and Dwane “

Dwane stepped boldly in front of Billy and knelt towards Ruffy. He offered the back of his hand to the dog.

Dwane wasn't wearing a shirt. And he was black. Jennifer hadn't seen any blacks in the neighborhood, and wondered where he came from.

“Why aren’t you in school?” she asked.

“I graduated in June,” Billy said. Ned and Dwane dropped out.”

Dwane was good looking and cocky. While Ruffy was licking his hand, he looked up and stared brazenly at the young housewife's breasts.

“What were you boys doing in the woods?” she asked, uneasily. She knew that Billy had a crush on her, and once, when he came over to pet Ruffy and talk to her, she noticed a bulge in his pants. Teenage boys aren’t very good at hiding their sexual feelings. Dwane's sexual feelings were immediately obvious.

She didn’t like Dwane. She gave him a dirty look.

Catching the look, he said to her, “Tracking you, Mrs. Brown.”


She noticed Billy take out a plastic bag from his pocket. He offered what appeared to be meat to Ruffy, and the dog ate it greedily from his hand.

“What are you feeding Ruffy?” Jennifer asked angrily. “He has food allergies.”

“Is he allergic to GHB?” Ned asked.

“GHB!” Jennifer exclaimed. She knew that GHB was a date rape drug. “What are you doing?” she yelled!

Ruffy was already getting too wobbly to stand.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she screamed.

But Jennifer could tell by their eyes and the bulges in their pants why they had drugged her loyal bodyguard.

“You are one fucking hottie, Mrs. Brown!” the black boy said as he unbuttoned his jeans.

“So now I’m gonna fuck you!”

Jennifer was frightened and angry.

“Listen, you damned nigger,” she growled. "What are you doing around here? Go home to where you belong!" Eyeing the others, she said

“Get the hell out of here—all of you—or you’ll all wind up in jail!”

And then she added angrily “You’re little children. You probably never touched a woman in your life! And I’m not about to be your first!”

And then she was sorry she said it.

When Dwane's pants hit the ground, he kicked off his sneakers and was nude. His penis was straight up and enormous. Even with her fear, Jennifer, if only for the blink of an eye, admired his darkly beautiful manliness.

Two other pairs of pants fell to the ground, and Jennifer was astonished by the huge young cocks.

“Billy, how could you do this? She said. “I’ve always been nice to you!” Do you think I’ll let you get away with this?

As soon as it’s over, I’ll call the police!”

But now, all three boys were moving in on her.

“Mrs. Brown,” Billy replied sarcastically, “you know dead men tell no tales. Neither do dead women!”

The young woman became unglued and began crying.

“You are one hottie cunt,” Dwane said. She knew she would not be his first.

Dwane reached out, and in an instant, pulled her shorts down to the ground, and her panties down to her thighs.

The young mother of two was dumfounded. "Stop!" she demanded, fear rising to her throat.

Ned came behind the young woman and pulled her tank top over her head, his cock separating her still-tight ass cheeks.

"She's not wearing a bra!" he yelled. "I told you she was a slut!" He was breathing hard and halfway in when Billy pulled her away.

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“C’mere ho!” Billy said, imitating Dwane as he pulled Jennifer to him by her hair. “Down on your knees.” Jennifer slapped him hard in the face. Shocked and embarrassed, the boy punched her and she fell backwards, blood trickling from her mouth.

“Suck my cock, slut!” he commanded.

His penis was already dripping with pre-cum.

“Never!!” she yelled hoarsely, tears pouring from her eyes. But she was still defiant. “Stop now and I won’t turn you in!” she warned. She was still on her knees, inches from Billy's eager cock, when, without any warning, the black boy sat on her buttocks. He liked her panties on, but down to her thighs. It drove him wild.

“Get her Dwane!” Ned cheered. “Here’s that beautiful white ass you always wanted!”

Quickly positioning his cock over her ass cheeks, Dwane thrust his huge black cock into her anus. The pretty housewife howled in agony. She had never been violated there, and the boy hadn’t bothered to lubricate her anal ring.

AIIIIIEEE!! She screeched. NOOOO!!

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Billy forced open her mouth and wrapped her lovely lips around his shaft. NUHHHHHHH!!!! Jennifer fought. But he held her firmly and grasping her hair, yanked her head back and forth on his cock. Dwane continued ramming her in the back as Billy's cock reached deep into her throat. The woman gagged and tried to buck both boys off, but Dwane's sperm exploded inside her anus as Billy's sperm gushed down her throat.

Billy had never had a woman before. Nor had Ned.

“My turn,” said Ned eagerly. “C’mere slut!” he said, Crushing her to him, he jammed his wildly erect cock into her belly button. “Not there!” Dwane laughed. Jennifer fought to free herself from his grip. He began smacking her in the face until she stopped, His penis found her vagina and jammed it inside her. NUHHHHHHH !!!!!! UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Try as she might, Jennifer could not hide the climax that shook her body.


“She’s coming! She’s coming!” Ned yelled. “The slut is coming!”

Now they all wanted a piece of the action, and were almost fighting over Jennifer Ned was lifting her top off and jamming his cock between her ass cheeks at the same time. Billy was pulling at her breasts, Hysterical, the housewife tried to resist them, but her strength was waning.

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“Stop fighting us and we’ll let you go!” Billy said. Fight us and we’ll kill you!”

All right, Jennifer said weakly. “Do what you want, then please let me go!”

“You won’t tell on us?” Bill asked. “No, she whispered.

They fucked her over and over in every body opening. When they were finished, they dropped exhausted to the ground.

“Please let me go now!” she begged. “My children are coming home.”

“Ok, Mrs. Brown,” Dwane said as he wrapped his arm tightly around her throat from behind, and jammed his cock into her vagina. As he pumped away, he felt the young beauty struggling, then relaxing.


Her body shuttered uncontrollably with a massive orgasm that coinciding with a rattle in her throat.

Jennifer gasped a few times, and the boys watched in awe as she fell twitching to the ground.

“I always wanted a piece of Mrs. Brown!” Billy said boastfully.

“It was her own fault,” Ned said. “She was too fucking easy. Look how she dressed!”

“She wanted me!” Billy said. “I knew she wanted me. I could have had her any time I wanted!”

“But she would have told on us.” Ned said.

“Let’s drag her to the stream,” Dwane said. “The dog, too. There’s a strong current, and they’ll be out of here. The fishes will eat good today!”

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“Billy, where have you been?” his mother asked.

“You’re all dirty!”

“Just hanging out!” he replied.

“I wonder where Mrs. Brown is!” she remarked.

“She didn’t meet the children at the bus stop!”

Billy noticed the Brown children sitting on their front stoop.

He heard barking and howling from the woods.

It was Ruffy.

Had Dwane succeeded in finishing off Mrs. Brown?

Or would she come storming angrily from the woods?

Or her ghost?

He wondered if they had made a mistake.

Maybe they shouldn't have.

Mrs. Brown had always been nice to him.

It was Dwane’s fault. His idea. He was so hot for Mrs. Brown.

His dad had warned him to stay away from Dwane.

His father never liked blacks.

Dwane’s fault...


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