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[This story was written by the author who then selected pictures from the internet to illustrate the story.]
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Spring fever filled the Bluehill College air as warmly as the naked Florida sun. The flat greens and bright, endless pastel skies gave way only to a sprinkle of houses on Lennox St., or 'Frathouse Row'. One of these houses, actually the neatest looking one, belonged to the sorority sisters of Phi Lambda, or 'The Barbie Clique'. Today, the Barbies were celebrating the birthday of 19-year old Amy Stevens, the newest and youngest sister. Invited, were the rich boys of Gamma Gamma Tau, and everybody had to wear a silly party hat. A rule was made up the night before, that none of the Barbies were allowed to fuck the frat boys today.

Young Amy had a sweet, innocent face that was beauty itself, with marble-blue eyes, and a slim, girlish body built for sex. She was a tease and she knew it. She wore an aqua one-piece summer dress that showed off sleek, nicely tanned legs, delicate shoulders, and fine cleavage. Christine Rice, her 21-year old adopting sister, was equally delicious. But then again, so were most of the Barbies. Christine was two inches taller, with brown hair similar to young Amy's, styled shorter, and a precious smile. Her body was just as sexy, tan, perky, round, smooth, and seductive as Amy's, clad in a very short blue skirt and scant white top.

Christine, beaming with pride, took Amy's hand, and led her out the front door, away from the noise of the party. They both ignored the half-hearted protest of frat-boy Bret, drunk at three in the afternoon. Christine promised Amy a real surprise present, hiding behind the abandoned wooden shack, a few hundred feet beyond the yard. Amy was giddy. Once they were in the narrow alley between the shack and a tall wooden fence, away from sight, Christine handed Amy a blue plastic bottle.

"Soap bubbles?" the younger sorority sister asked coyly.

"Sure" Christine answered "Go ahead... blow..."

Amy did, and no sooner than a stream of glistening bubbles flew into the air, Christine got busy. She stripped Amy's dress down her shoulders with one hand and pulled it clear above her waist with the other, revealing conservative white panties and a matching bra. The elder sister didn't say a word to ease Amy's shock. She also didn't stop there, and yanked the bra-straps off Amy's shoulders as well. So excited she was, she didn't even bother to undo the bra at the back. Amy's nipples were showing, which was enough for the aroused Christine to pinch on as she kissed her sister on the lips suddenly. If Amy was unhappy, apparently she showed just the opposite, as her hand reached for Christine's soft hair with surprising recovery.

"Happy nineteenth sis" Christine said as she grabbed both Amy's cheeks and brought her mouth to hers, kissing her passionately with an invading tongue.

"I'm never gonna forget this birthday... " was Amy's shuddered, excited response, during a brief break in the hot kissing.

The clothes started coming off. Both helped undress each other as they stood in the cool shade of the alleyway. Neither was the aggressor now. They were both simply horny. Amy thought Christine's skin was just so soft and tender, to be touching it the way she is right now. Christine's face was lost in the fragrance of Amy's silky, long hair, loose strands tickling her cheeks and forehead.
Christine's lips sucked in Amy's nipple, her tongue secretly flicking it with promising dexterity. The younger girl let out a short giggle of joy. It wasn't long before her sexy adopting sister would start discovering her real loveliness. And even though she had never kissed a girl before, nor knew if Christine has, she did know her sister would not let her down...
With the two party hats, Christine's sneakers, and Amy's yanked-down bra as the only articles of clothing between the two of them, the real fun started. Christine began to fondle every part of Amy's body. Her long, feminine neck, her firm-standing titties, her ticklish belly, her sensitive inner thighs. But she paid particular attention to Amy 's ripe, sexy ass.


Soon she had Amy up against the shack wall standing with her legs spread and butt poking out. Christine rubbed the warm skin of her thighs and pelvis slowly against Amy's backside, as sweat began to form between them. When the delight hit Amy's face, Christine lowered herself to her knees.
Her nose nuzzled the crevice between Amy's perfect butt-cheeks, inhaling a sharp aroma of sweat and body lotion, and a slight whiff of vaginal juice. Amy was shaved smooth, like Christine, and squeaky-clean too. Simply yummy! Christine's tongue went to work everywhere, arousing shudders of joy from the teen hottie. A cool breeze brushed by them, reminding them of their surroundings. Within moments they jiggled their way merrily into the shack.

Inside, the air was musty with stale wood, but the scent of two aroused pussies was all the girls could smell at this point. Amy's bra was finally gone. Both settled down on a ledge, spread-eagled next to each other. Amy got bold this time, her hands reaching to Christine's clam, spreading the lips open. In seconds the younger girl positioned herself underneath the other, with open access to sweet cunt.
"But wait..." Christine tried to argue, "'re the birthday girl, lemme lick you first... uhhhmm... okahhhhy, nevermind..."

Amy's tongue was good. Real good. It moved up, down, around, and sidways in slippery strokes, never leaving the tiny bud of flesh in the middle alone for too long...

Christine's delicate clitoris sweltered and swelled, becoming extremely sensitive to the pleasure. The vagina around it oozed with lubrication, throbbing like a living thing, glowing red with delight, begging... for a finger. Amy obliged, parting the moist inner lips and sinking her index finger into the tight lucious hole.
"Oooohhhhh!" Christine gasped. "Eat me! Eat me Amy...! Please...!!!"

Amy went back to work, more ferociously now. She nibbled on Christine's love button like a hungry ferret, trying to get as much juices flowing down her chin as possible. Christine's whole body started to buck wildly, ass scraping on the bare wood.

"Oh God! That feels good! More! More! More tongue! Yes! Yesssss!"

Amy knew her sorority sister was now, literally, at the mercy of the tip of her tongue. A few more flicks of the sweet-spot, and she'd send her to cunnilingus heaven. This was the time to fuck with her a little bit, to get her back for a prank or two... She pursed her lips around Christine's cunny like a suction cup. Then she withdrew her tongue away from the desperate little clit, holding it just a teasing hair's breadth away but not touching. Christine shook involuntarily as her body was being denied the last inch before climax.

"Nnnoooo... Pleeaaasse... I'm begging you... please lick me... just a few more licks.... Amy please...!" she howled like tortured prey. Her trembling fingers fumbling through Amy's hair.

"...pleeeeease... just a litt... OH YES!!! Yes! Yessssss!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!" Amy slurped and sucked away on her twat till it swooned.

"I'M CUMMEEEEEEEEENNNNG!!!" Christine shrieked at the top of her lungs! Her mouth gaped open to the ceiling and her eyes slit shut with tiny tears forming... Then, after several heavy grunts she collapsed forward, her supple, sweaty breasts covering the lovely head that had just delivered her to a sensational orgasm. Beneath her Amy smiled with both mischief and desire.

It was Christine's turn to play with Amy now. With her tits, her pussy, and the rest of her lovely body. She leaned over her, kissing her with lustful abandon. Amy surrendered completely, relaxing in the elder sister's arms like a child. Opening herself like a wanton animal. Christine's finger in her love hole was only the beginning of another round of wild lesbian fucking on a hot afternoon...

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