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My Slutty Anne
by Hans from Norway
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Kristen was good enough to edit this story for me. My English can be rather eccentric, but hers is perfect and she will make my mistakes go away. Hans


We live in Oslo, Norway and have been together for 4 years now. Anne is a really cute girl, 18 years of age who will fuck anyone, anywhere at anytime. She is 1.65cm tall and weighs about 50 kilos. She has short blonde hair and a hairy little cunt. She's got hardly any tits, but her huge nipples more than make up for it.

I'm 23 years old and love the feeling of either seeing my girlfriend with other men or hearing her tell me all the juicy stuff after. This is something I've always been drawn to. When I came to be her boyfriend I wasn't even the first to fuck her. I let some strangers we met fuck her before I did. And the ball has just kept on rolling ever since.

The first incident I'm going to tell you about is the most recent one. I wasn't there to experience it, but Anne told me everything the day after she's done with them.

I was on a trip with some of my friends so Anne was alone in Oslo. On Saturday night she really wanted to do something wild. She got dressed in the most slutty clothes imaginable. As this was in the summer she just wore a little miniskirt which barely covered her teenage ass. She never puts on any panties to cover up her shaved and inviting fuckhole. She also put on the little pink top she always wears when she is feeling extremely horny. In that outfit she looks like a street walker and she knows it.

That evening she went to a place she had been to before and knew was a little rough, with mostly men in their late thirties with more than suspicious backgrounds. She could feel men watching her while she walked towards the bar. She was already at this point very horny and was eager to go with some men. As she got to the entrance the doorman asked for legitimization. You had to be twenty three to get in and my girlfriend was just eighteen. He wouldn't let her in except if she would spread her legs and show the man her panties. There was starting to be a little queue building up behind her while she considered his offer.

He didn't know that her cunt was pantiless and she knew that his surprise would be worth the possible embarrassment. She climbed up on a bench and spread her legs wide. The doorman was at first surprised, then a lustful look passed over his face, and he grinned at her. She quickly spread her moist pussylips open before she jumped down from the chair and preceded into the bar. She knew that many of the men there must had seen her show herself and she felt like the slut she was.

She ordered a drink and sat down at the bar. There were maybe forty men present and only three or four women. Most of the men wouldn't fall into the very pretty category, but they seemed strong and viral, and most important, very interested in Anne. In less than a minute a man walked up to her and asked if she would sit at his table. The man was a little older than the rest of the clientele and his eyes roved all over Anne's body. He patted his hand on her ass as he walked her to a table with four other men. She sat down between two of them, took a big sip of her drink and introduced herself. The men told her that she looked stunning and asked her age.

Anne who knew that many men get very turned on by young girls said with an innocent look that she had just turned sixteen. The men looked at her, then at each other and laughed. One of them said he had seen the slutty show she had put on out at the entrance and told her that he'd really enjoyed it. He then asked her if she would repeat it for them. The man who sat beside her put his hand on her thigh and began stroking towards her crotch. Anne spread her legs wide for the all the men to see. Her skirt went all the way up to her waist revealing her shaved pussy lips.

"Look at that fucking slut," a man said as she felt two fingers enter her. She felt herself losing control, that wonderful feeling was starting to pulse between her legs. She was going to be their whore for the night and she knew that they would do whatever they wanted with her. These were rough men and once you crossed the line with them there was no turning back.

The fingers inside her went wild and fucked her so hard that she got pushed back in her chair and she began to whimper. She felt the rest of the men in the bar looking at her and it made her feel even hotter.

A man behind her raised her top and began to rub her little tits really hard. She was now fully exposed. She was in a bar where few girls would want to be seen, nearly naked with a rising number of men gathering around her.

They all looked at her and shouted out dirty words and suggestions of what they wanted to do to her. Then the man who had taken her to the table took command. "Lets fuck her in the men's room," he said.

She was dragged in and dropped to the floor. The room was dirty and probably had not been washed in several months. There was piss on the floor and the smell was really strong. Anne got even more turned on knowing that she was going to be gang-fuck on the men's room floor. The fact that it was filthy just made her feel more like the slut she knew she was.

Around her stood about ten men starting to get their cocks out. She eagerly began sucking on one of them. The men called her the things she liked to be called, the things she knew she was. Sucking on him in front of all these men just made Anne want more.

My girlfriend got on all fours, spread her legs real wide and begged to be fucked by anyone. But one of the men said it wasn't enough. She had to lick the floor first before anyone would fuck her in the cunt.

Anne looked at the dirty floor then looked up at the men surounding her and knew she would do what he'd demanded. It wasn't the licking itself but the feeling she gets when men order her to do what they want and she can't do anything but comply.

Often she would do it, pretending that she didn't like it but this night she was openly eager to please them. She began licking the floor where she saw the most urine spots. Her long pointy tongue flicked out and the men watched as she lapped at the floor.

The men couldn't believe what they were seeing. In front of them was a pretty "sixteen" year old girl licking probably the most dirty toiletfloor in the whole of Norway.

As she continued to do this she felt her fuckhole creaming even more. Finally one of the men got up behind her and slammed his cock up her wet open pussy. Anne let out a scream of satisfaction and continued licking the floor while he banged her from behind.

My slutty girlfriend instantly began coming. She comes at the drop of a hat. She comes if you just touch her there. The men noticed this and got even more abusive and loud. The man in her pussy came with a grunt and filled her teenage cunthole with his sleazy sperm.

Her pussy was immediately filled with another hard cock; Anne felt like she was in heaven. She got used - and loved every minute of it, wishing I could have been there to see her.

As the second man in her pussy came, another man took his place, and another man climbed under her on that dirty floor and entered her asshole. The men roared and told him to fuck the "cumslut."

Anne then got one in the mouth while the rest of the men wanked as they watched the three men boinking my cute little Anne from every orifice. They reached in and pinched her big nipples or just watched. The room was crowded and new men entered constantly. The smell of sweaty men was almost overpowering. But Anne didn't mind, she cleaned most of the cocks that had come and made them hard again. My girlfriend is a natural born cock-sucker and had been sucking dicks since she was in junior forum.

Now she was being fucked and used like this by a countless number of men, and it went on for about three hours before they all took a break.

Anne was by that time filled and covered with quarts of come. Most of the men had come on her body so that her pussy and asshole would be less creamy. Just about every inch of her cute little body was covered in cum; some was even dripping from her lips.

Then someone ordered her to lick up the cum on that had spilt on the floor. At the same time another man pissed on the floor where Anne had begun to lick. She didn't mind and lapped at the warm piss, mixed with drops of cooling sperm. Finally several of the men helped her to clean up with wet towels, trying to get the cum out of her hair and cloths. After some effort she walked in to the bar again, still feeling the cum dripping down her legs.

She had her skirt around her hips and let it stay there. She walked to the table and drank the rest of her drink. Many of the men had gone back to drinking but still watched her with lust in their eyes. As men passed her they would stop, bend down and stick their fingers up her pussy while looking her in the eyes, or slap her ass, and laugh at her.

Anne still wanted more.

At her invitation, a man lifted her small female body up on a table. He then fetched a empty beer bottle and began pushing it up her well used sluthole. The bottle was big but the man got it all the way in. The men applauded and cheered and Anne was glad she could please them all so. Then another bottle was inserted in her ass. It was harder to get in and it wasn't even empty, but with a little force and because of all the cum in her ass, the man got it all the way inside.

Her young fuckholes were now stretched to the limit but it still felt good.

The man behind her then began fucking her with the bottles and my girlfriend began to moan. Another man began to take pictures and Anne looked right into the camera and put on her sweetest smile. She loved the thought that this session would be immortalized and hoped the man had been shooting pictures of her earlier too. Maybe they would hang them up on the wall in the restroom for all the men to see in the future.

Suddenly the man with the bottles pulled them out and her fuckholes where still stretched open for everyone to see. The a man began pushing his hand up her cunt and succeeded in getting it all the way in up to the wrist.

My girlfriend had been fistfucked many times before but I must confess that it has been getting easier and easier because of all the stretching her cunt and ass have had over the past months. But for me it is not a drawback. It always reminds me of all the men who've fucked her. Besides, it is not sloppy, just not as tight as it was when I first met her.

The men continued to play around with her and made her tell them how big of a slut she was. They really degraded her. She said she was the biggest slut in all of Norway and that anything and anyone could fuck her anytime, anywhere they liked. It was the truth.

The bar had been closed when the fucking began but the doorman let men he knew in so my girlfriend got new cocks and new cum continuously. Before the night was over she must have been fucked by at least sixty different men and many of them had had her two or three times.

She was getting sore but fucked all of the new guys who came in. Six hours after she had entered the bar the show was over. Her dress was totally cum covered. She liked the idea that people on her way home could see what she had been through and maybe take a shot at her too. She combed her hair, washed her face but not enough to make it look clean. The men said good-bye to her and she promised to come back another time.

It was late and the streets were almost empty. The walk home would take her about fifteen minutes and she hoped that she would meet someone before that. She made sure that her skirt was pulled up so high that people could see the beginning of her ass. Not that it would be necessary. Everyone would see because of the cum on her dress and face that she was a whore for free. But she saw no one around until she went through the park and an elderly man walking his dog appeared some one hundred meters away.

==== Anne lay herself down in the grass, pulled up her skirt even more and began to masturbate. The man came closer and closer and noticed my girlfriend fucking herself. The man who seemed to be in his late sixties walked slower and when he was just some feet away his dog came up and began sniffing and licking Anne's cunt. The man wasn't pretty and didn't seem very clean either. He walked up to her, she held her arms up to him, inviting him to use her. The old guy kneeled stiffly down beside her hot young body and pushed his dog away and shoved three fingers into her sloppy pussy. The man who could have easily been her great-granddad asked her how old she was and how many men who had fucked her that night, while pumping his fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy. He understood that this was his big chance and that this girl would do anything.

She told him she was fourteen and that she'd just had at least fifty men. He got a big grin on his face and told her he loved young girls who knew what they were there for. Unfortunately he was impotent but he knew how she could satisfy him. He told her how he loved to have power over girls and how he would love to be her master and tell her with whom she'd fuck. He took out his limp cock and pushed it into her mouth. It was dirty and smelled unwashed and he knew that.

She cleaned it and began to moan as the dog began licking her cunt again. "Now the dog is gonna fuck you little whore, do you want that?" he asked. "I'll do anything you want. Anything!" she replied. My girl was now totally submissive and would have done anything he would ask and enjoy it. She had fucked animals before but it had been a long time ago.

The old man pulled his dog's leash so that his growing cock was right over Anne's face. "Suck it." he said, so Anne did. The cock wasn't thick but it was quite long and she looked forward to fucking it. The dog began fucking her mouth rapidly pressing himself down her throat. Grandpa stood and watched while at the same time fingering the teenagers pussy.

He positioned the dog over her pussy and Anne eagerly took the dogs cock and lead it inside. At the same time she wanted to tell him about the dirtiest things she had been through. She told him about what she had done in the bar. But it was hard to talk, she was so enjoying the pounding that she was receiving from his dog. She had been fucked so much that night that the size of the dog's weenie was barely noticeable, but the speed of his thrusts made it fun.

As she was about to come she felt the dogs wad squirt into her. She could really feel it deep inside her. But then the old man got nervous as he saw two young guys in the distance. He got her telephone number and address before he quickly left. My slut tried to stop him but he was off.

The two boys approaching her, looked about her own age. She knew they had seen what she had done. They had seen her fucking the dog and that made her very horny. They walked up to her and said, "you're letting a man who could be you're grandpa watch you while you fuck his dog and scream for more. You fucking whore. Is there anyone or anything who still hasn't fucked you yet?"

"I could be you're whore too." Anne said. She spread her legs really wide and took a finger and collected some dogsperm which she swallowed. "We wouldn't fuck you, 'whore' even if we got paid for it."

"Please, I want you to use me so bad. Do whatever you want." The two boys whispered to each other for a moment and said "we'll use you all right, and you'll get fucked but not by us. You'll do whatever we say. OK?" They took off her top and let the skirt stay around her hips and made her walk 20 meters ahead of them. Their plan was to humiliate her in front of others but unfortunately they met no one.

They asked her were she lived and they went to our flat. Inside they made her call a sextelephone where they knew there would always be men.

On the line were twelve different men and my girlfriend. She often calls these numbers but now the boys had commanded her to give away her address to anyone who wanted it and which she normally never did. The men on the line were aged from 20 to 65 years old and very rough speaking, but so was my girlfriend. She said that she was a fifteen year old slut and that she had never said no to fucking and that she really liked rough men.

She was just a hole for men to relieve themselves into. She gave every man our address and the young guys made her say that she wanted them to spread the word and give our address and telephone number to everyone she knew or met. She hung up, knowing what she had done.

It took just a second before the phone started ringing. She took the phone, staring at the two young boys sitting across from her, and said that she would do anything the callers wanted her to do. The boys were now wanking and were really excited at what Anne had done for them. As she talked with the other men, she told them that she had two boys with her who were jacking off in her face, she invited the men to come over too.

The boys couldn't take it, the both came on her face, then fearing that strange men would be showing up any minute, they left Anne there by herself. As they left the flat the man on the phone came too. My girlfriend likes to have phonesex but now she needed a little more cock. She rang back to the sex line and gave the address to another 20 men. She begged them all to come over. And they did. For the next few hours she fucked men, the doorbell wouldn't stop ringing.

It was Sunday afternoon when I came home. By the entrance stood three guys in their thirties and ringing the doorbell. I asked them what was going on expecting the worst. They said that a friend of theirs had told them about this fifteen year old slut who wanted everyone to fuck her and that the word had spread around town. We entered the flat and it was really crowded. In the middle of the room lay my girlfriend Anne fast asleep chest down, head to one side, face positioned toward me, eyes closed, butt pulled up into the air, where a man was fucking her in the asshole.

People around her were taking pictures and filming it all while drinking our booze. I went up to her and drove my cock up into her dirty and messy cunt. There was no resistance. It was so sloppy and filled with cum no wonder the men fucked her in the ass. It was amazing looking at how all the men just used her body without thinking about her. She was just a whore with some holes they could penetrate.

Anne woke up and smiled at me. I had thrown out all the guys after having watched for a while, and I collected her from the cum covered floor and put her to bed. Both the phone and the doorbell continued to ring but I just didn't bother to answer. I asked her if she knew what she had done.

"Yes." she said. "Now there's so many people who have fucked me that I'm bound to be recognized almost where ever I go. People will either call or drop by and I'll have to let them fuck me. They'll just be thinking about their own needs and use me whatever way they want to. It's my biggest dream come true."

I picked up the phone and the voice at the other end said he wanted to talk to the slut. I climbed on to her and began fucking her still sloppy cunt thinking about the enormous amount of men who had fucked her. I pulled out at the last second and came on her face as she said to the man that she wanted to be his slut so bad.

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