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Sex in the Sauna (FFM, oral, intercourse)
by Jeff Dosure (1981)

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The can slid from my hands and fell to the floor with an awakening crash.

I had momentarily dozed off while drinking a beer. The day had been a grueling one and I needed to relax. I grabbed a towel, a couple of beers, and headed to the clubhouse for a sauna. No one was around as I set the timer and entered the sauna. The heat felt great as it penetrated my muscles, slowly relaxing them.

Sipping my beer, my mind began to wander. A stirring in my loins turned my daydream towards sex, as it often does. Beautiful women from work began filling my thoughts. Ooooh there are some foxy bitches in that office. Jamie is a young fox in her early twenties. Long brown hair, slender, almost muscular legs, high firm ass that sways rhythmically when she walks. Ample firm breasts, with nipples that protrude through her blouse. Lips, so luscious and full, that I envision them wrapped tightly around my cock every time I see her. And the most enticing, beautiful big brown eyes. My awakening cock stirred as my thoughts drifted.

I unwrapped the towel from my waist, drank my beer, and indulged in my fantasy of making love to this magnifi- cent woman. Drifting into a relaxing slumber, visions of passionate lust unfolded in my minds eye. Slowly undressing her, caressing every inch of her body. Savoring every glimpse of flesh.

As my tongue slides down her neck, I hear her gasp. She moans as my hands cup her breasts, gently messaging them. My loins ache with a tremendous hard-on. She turns and kneels before me. Gazing into my eyes, my cock throbs with excitement and anticipation of those luscious lips about to engulf me.

She sensuously licks her lips and I can feel her hot breath on my cock. Her glistening lips part and slowly slide over my cock. Her mouth is hot as her tongue dances around the head of my cock. So warm and wet. I stirred a moment, then in a startling rush, awoke from my dream.

There before my startled eyes was a blonde headed woman gliding her lips up and down my cock. The feelings from my dream were indeed real. A red headed woman next to her said they couldn't resist my hard cock, and said if I didn't mind, they would like to engage in a little play with me.

Dumbfounded and shocked, I tried to calmly say, "Of course I don't mind." I'm not sure what I said, or how it sounded, but she lowered her head to my cock. They both flicked their tongues over every inch of my en- gorged shaft alternately sucking the head into their mouths. It felt so wonderful having two hot, sensuous, mouths on my dick.

I began caressing "Blondie's" breasts, back, and her thighs. She moved so I could get at her pussy. Strok- ing her, she became hotter. My fingers felt the slickness of her as I gently inserted a finger inside her. She began gyrating against my hand, my finger probing her depths. She rose and stood on the lower bench and stepped up to me.

Straddling my face, she lowered herself onto my await- ing tongue. I inserted my tongue as far as I could, flicking and twirling. Her hips gyrated as she ground her hot pussy into my face. Her wetness spilling over my cheeks. I could feel "Red" gliding down my cock. "My God, she's sitting on my cock!"

My dick was embedded deep within her velvet vice. She fondled my balls with her hands and worked on my cock with her "muscles". And what muscles she had.

I furiously licked Blondies clit as Red messaged my cock within her. Blondie came with a shattering orgasm and a scream, with my tongue buried deep in her. She dismounted and I pushed Red onto her hands and knees, and mounted up behind her, while a flushed Blondie watched us.

She wiggled and squirmed as I rammed my cock into her. Long, smooth, hard strokes. Blondie crawled between my legs and began licking and sucking Red's pussy. I could feel her hot tongue flick across my shaft as she worked on us both. Red was really messaging my cock, her pussy getting tighter and hotter.

Blondie slid a finger into my ass and squeezed my balls. I fucked Red as fast and hard as I could while Blondies tongue was going wild on us both. She arched back and plunged onto my cock in convulsions as she came.

I withdrew my cock and Blondie eagerly engulfed it, licking and sucking hard, excited by what had just occurred. Sliding back, I placed my dick between her breasts, which she pressed together to imprison me. Fucking her tits, she licked the head of my swollen member with each stroke.

Red lowered her head to my cock and I was sandwiched into a deep french kiss. Red was kissing Blondie and fondling her breasts, so I slid down to Blondies pussy.

I rubbed the head of my cock all over her moist love nest. Slowly, I inserted myself into her. She wasn't as tight as Red, but every bit as hot. She was definitely wetter as her juices flowed down her legs. I probed deep into her, then teased her with only the head of my cock, occasionally withdrawing to rub my cock on her clit.

Red kissed her way down to Blondies pussy and began sucking her clit as I rammed my hard cock deep into her. Blondies pussy was sucking and slurping at my cock, her juices flowing like a river as Red was lapping up as much as she could. Blondie tensed and screamed in an earth shattering orgasm. Her pussy quivering and contracting around me.

Red pulled my cock from Blondies wet gaping cunt and said "Now its your turn". She stroked my cock as she suck the head of it, the veins protruding immensely as I was so engorged. She pulled me on top of her, rub- bing my ready member over her still hot pussy. I told her what fantastic muscle control she had, and with that, she slowly sucked my cock into her. She held me motionless as she gyrated her hips and messaged my cock with her hot pussy.

Blondie fondled my balls from behind as she probed my ass with her finger. She found my prostate gland and it seemed to make my cock even bigger and harder.

Blondie said she wanted to suck my cock when I came, and Red said she also wanted it. They where both work- ing the hell out of me as I felt my climax building. My loins where on fire, my cock throbbing. I reached the point of no return and pulled my cock from Red with an audible pop from the suction.

Blondie stroked my cock as they both simultaneously sucked me. I erupted into their mouths, each sucking and licking furiously.

They licked every drop of semen from cock and from each others chins. Red sucked every last drop from me. She said this was the best sauna they had ever had. I agreed.

They wrapped themselves in their towels and left. I sat for a moment, reflecting and recovering from what had just transpired. Realizing just how lucky I had been.

I went home, had a few more beers, and when to bed.

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