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Roommate's Muff (FFF)
by Anonymous Author (c) 1997

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When I left home and went out into the workaday world, I had no idea what I would actually do for a living. I had gone to college, majoring in journalism. It was easy to find a job-a low paying job on a city newspaper.

I moved in with two other girls that worked in the office, June and Margo. The three of us shared a rather nice town house near the outskirts of the city. June was tall and slender, and Margo was a beautiful buxom blonde. She has really big round tits. I noticed the guys staring at her tits as she passed them at the office.

Then, I got a promotion to the city desk. It called for working longer hours, and I usually got home pretty late. Sometimes, I would find June and Margo up late, watching television. I thought it strange, sometimes, on Friday nights, to find them watching a video on television, eating popcorn, rather than going out. I could tell, it wasn't from lack of interest on the guy's part. I had heard a number of guys ask Margo in particular if she had any plans for the weekend. Yes, she had always said.

I wasn't very surprised, then, when I got home a little earlier than usual one Friday night. There wasn't much happening in the city, and my boss said I could just go on home. The town house was quiet and looked deserted when I unlocked the door and stepped inside. The living room was cool compared to the outside mid-summer heat that had been oppressive all day long, and it was like being in a sauna. It had been hot, humid and wet, and the first thing I wanted to do was take a shower to clean off the day's accumulation of sweat.

The place was quiet, and I wondered where June and Margo had gone. Maybe they were actually out on dates for once, I thought. I headed for my bedroom. Walking down the hallway, I heard a noise --- a voice, coming from the bathroom. It was Margo's voice, and I wondered whom she was talking to.

I stepped a little closer.

"Oh, Yes!" I heard her say, her voice guttural with a husky sexual tenor to it.

Oh my, I thought. This was something different. I wondered if she had brought home a guy, and they were in there doing it...

But then, I heard June. "I'll lick you, baby, come for me baby," she said.

I swallowed. I couldn't believe it! My roommates were lesbians. I had nothing against lesbians; in fact, as I stood there and tried to envision what was happening, I became a little turned on. Actually, I wanted to join them.

I opened the bathroom door, pretending I hadn't known what was going on.

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They both turned and looked at me, Margo's legs spread wide, June laying on the fluffy floor rug under her, her face buried in Margo's blonde muff.

"Margo!" I said with a smile. "You ARE a true blonde, aren't you?"

Under the circumstances, I thought it sounded pretty funny.

She smiled, "Why yes, hun, I'm a real blonde. How about you?"

"Brunette," I said. "My blonde hair comes from a bottle."

"Let's see," said June, her mouth still only inches away from Margo's blonde muff.

"I need a shower first I think," I said, stalling to get my bearings.

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"Well, we can help with that," said June. She rose, and came over and with shaking hands, began to unbutton my blouse. I could feel Margo's hands around my waist, feeling for the buttons to my skirt. In just a few seconds, I stood there, naked.

"Beautiful," said June.

"Yes, very nice," said Margo.

June was tall and slender, her breasts small, her nipples erect and deep brown. Her pubic hair was a hairy thicket of deep black curls.

Together, they helped me into the shower, June turning on the water and adjusting the temperature, while Margo directed the spray. All of us fit into the shower easily, and it wasn't but a few seconds before the two girls had their hands all over me, June rubbing my wet pussy lips, Margo's fingers tweaking my nipples gently.

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Then Margo bent forward a little and planted a kiss on one of my nipples, her tongue darting out and swirling around and around on my hard flesh on my nub.

Just about that time, June pressed into my pussy with one finger, sending shivers of erotic desire all over my body.

They kept that up for a little while, with Margo moving from one nipple to the other and back again.

After being soaped down and rinsed we stepped out and dried each other off. I had never touched another woman before, and the thrill of feeling a hairy pussy was a new unknown thrill to me. I could feel Margo's soft bush, her wet, reddened pussy lips visible beneath the light, downy muff. June's enormous bush needed a bit of probing to find her lips. Her pussy lips were amazingly deep red, and her pussy was virtually dripping with arousal.

"Bedroom," Margo whispered.

We moved in unison to Margo's bedroom. The covers were thrown back, and the bedclothes were rumpled. They had probably already done a few things with each other that evening, I figured.

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They virtually threw me down on the bed, with June diving between my legs, and Margo moving up, and before I knew it, there was her blonde pussy above my face. I stuck out my tongue and ran it along the outer pussy lips, just as June parted mine and inserted her wet tongue into my pussy. I stuck my tongue deep into the pussy poised above me, and Margo came with a shout, her body jerking above my face.

I came, just like that, my body suddenly jerking spasmodically, and a voice, not quite my own, shouted, "Yes! Fuck oh YES!"

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Then, I lay still for a moment, bathed in the afterglow of my two friends massaging and touching me gently, lovingly. I had never had a lesbian tryst, or even thought much about it. I still didn't feel like a lesbian, but I knew that this wasn't going to be the only time we did this.

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