BATH WRAP (M+/F, reluc)

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College grad finds living at home has a price.

It was a quiet Saturday morning Pat was enjoying a long hot shower. She enjoyed Saturday mornings when she had time to relax. She lathered up with conditioner before taking her final rinse. She didn't abuse or punish her fine body.

Pat was a 28-year-old college grad still living at home. She was somewhat of a snob; she didn't offer a friendly smile to anyone. Her focus for the four years after graduation was on her career. She wasn't romantically involved. Her personal accomplishments were more important in climbing the corporate ladder.

Pat enjoyed living at home; the only glitch was her kid brother Frank. There was 10 years difference in their ages. She felt more like a mother then a sister, and she treated him accordingly. Frank and his friends constantly disturbed her orderly life style.

Frank had a mother and could do without Pat acting like she was his mother. His friends teased him calling Pat the evil Witch, and the old maid. There were eight boys living in the neighborhood that were Frank's age. The most vocal was Paul, who thought she was hot. He didn't get along with Pat any better then the rest of them. On several occasions she had scolded him and sent him home.

Paul was horny all the time, and often fantasized about Pat. It didn't take much for him to talk about Pat's pussy. He saw Pat one day on her way to her room after her shower. She had a towel wrapped around her hair, and a body wrap towel covering her body.

Paul instantly thought about her unprotected pussy hiding under the towel wrap. His cock became rock hard, and he knew he had to find out what was under that towel. He told the guys about the towel, and now all of them fantasized about what was under the towel.

The desire to see what was under the towel became an obsession. Sometimes different guys stayed over on Friday nights just to watch her leave the bathroom on Saturday mornings. Paul even tried peeking in her bedroom window. Nobody ever got to see the goodies under the towel.

Paul liked to videotape his skate boarding skills, and he became quiet good with the video camera. Finally after weeks of trying to see something, Paul came up with an idea; use the video camera to catch her removing the wrap. He designed a small box to hide the camera. When she started her shower Frank was to place the box in a corner of her room, put it on record and leave it there. They would do it next week during spring break

Through out the weekend they constantly talked about how smart Paul was, and excitedly talked about what they would see and do. They saw her as a sexy woman who needed to be fucked. They all knew she didn't have a boy friend, and joked about how tight and hot her cunt must be. Some said they were going to put it to her, others wanted to face fuck her. The real truth was they wanted to use all of her orifices.

Monday morning Paul and Frank activated their plan. Once they heard the shower start Frank went into her room and placed the camera box on a shelf. Frank looked through the viewfinder and was satisfied most of the room was within the field of vision. Frank went back to his room, and he and Paul nervously waited for her to finish.

The shower stopped, and they heard her go into her room. Finally after what seamed like hours Pat left her room and went into the kitchen. Frank rushed into her room and grabbed the camera box, and hurriedly took it back to his room.

The moment of truth was at hand. Paul took the camera out of the box and hit rewind. Holding the viewfinder tight against his eye Paul started to watch the tape. For a long time he looked at her empty room. Finally the videotape shows Pat enter the room, and walk over to her dresser. Paul's heart was pounding, Pat's back was to the camera, and she reached into a drawer, and without removing the wrap pulled on her panties.

Paul was pissed, but watched as she pulled a bra out of the drawer. Paul knew this was it, he watched as she put it on without removing the wrap. Paul was destroyed. She walked to her closet. She faced into her closet and removed the wrap. Pat pulled her bra straps over her shoulders, and then pulled on a pair of jeans and a knit top. She walked out of the room.

Paul was really pissed. All of them were still determined to get under that towel. The week went by, and Friday found all eight guys in Frank's yard playing baseball and talking about Pat.

Pat came out and told them they were making to much noise, and either they quiet down or she would send them home. She then went back into the house.

That turned the conversation directly to her. Paul said he had to fuck her. His Dick got hard just thinking about her. David, Kevin, Danny, Ben, Matt, and Jason agreed. But how to do it was the big question? Paul told them about the tape. He suggested that tomorrow morning when she takes her shower, they go into her room and wait for her to finish.

Frank was apprehensive about being part of this. After all she was his sister, and he hadn't thought of her in a sexual way before. However the timing presented a perfect opportunity Mom and Dad would be at the beach house. He was definitely having problems with it, but if he didn't go along, the guys would think he was a pussy. So!

Pat enjoyed a leisurely rinse as the warm needle thick streams of water cascaded down her body. Pat was proud of her firm body. Her relationships in college had been very conservative. She did let her guard down once and had a short affair when she first entered the labor force. One of the men in the office talked her into dropping her pants. She was quick to realize her mistake when other male coworkers started hitting on her. Pat finally had to find a new job, and would not make the same mistake again.

Pat stepped out of the shower her body was youthful, firm breasts, flat stomach, and shapely legs were proof that she took care of her body. Pat patted her stomach satisfied that she still looked good. She continued to dry herself off, then put on her terry bath wrap. After wrapping her hair with a towel, she took one last look in the mirror; enough reflecting it was time to get dressed.

Pat entered her room looking at the floor as she secured the towel around her head. She reached out to close her door. Instead of her door she touched someone, panic set in her eyes widened at the sight of Frank and his friends in her room.

"What the fucks going on here?" she screamed. "What are you doing in my room?"

"We want to watch you take off your towel." Paul said. Several guys began cheering and urging her to take it off.

Pat was shocked at their boldness. They wish! She thought.

She defiantly looked at the guys. "Not a chance! Now get out." She said. She looked to Frank for help.

In an instant Pat was roughly grabbed and tossed onto her bed. Hands grabbed her arms and legs and held her in place. Her eyes opened wide with fear. She saw lust on their faces as every one of them anxiously waited for the towel to come off.

Pat couldn't believe what was happening. She felt hands jerking at the Velcro fastener holding her bath wrap closed. Her wrap was jerked from her body. She lay on her bed naked. She could see them starring wide-eyed at her naked body. Hands cupped her cunt.

She jerked as a finger entered her tight pussy, then a second finger. Her tits were incredible D cups that were firm, perfectly shaped, and topped off with pert nipples. Her pussy was untrimmed and formed a hairy triangle that ran down over her plump pussy lips. She was humiliated; she realized Frank was also gazing at her nakedness.

"Man! Look at the cunt on her." Paul ran his fingers over her 36d tits. "Man, she's got fantastic titties and a tight meaty cunt just right for cock."

Paul chuckled, " Her cunt needs some cock, and we're going to give it to her."

Danny said, "Tell you what, let Frank go first, and we'll call this a done deal."

Paul said, "It's a deal." "Frank!" "Do it to her."

Frank looked at her spread eagle body fully exposed and vulnerable. Her luscious body mesmerized him. The meaty pussy lips surrounding her glistening pink slit held his gaze. Frank quickly forgot his reservations. He knew that his friends were watching him. He had no other choice; he had to ride her.

Frank was suddenly atop her. He said, "Man, we've thought about doing you for a long time." Pat bucked and jerked, and stared up at the ceiling as he fingered her tight pussy. "It's going to be a tight fit." He said. His hand cupped her pussy. "Fine pussy," He said, "I'm going to enjoy fucking you, you're pussy's made for my cock Pat."

"Stop it," she screamed. "Please…don't, I'm not on the pill!" "This is indecent. Please don't do it!" "Please, I haven't done it in a long time." "Please stop it!"

He rubbed his hard cock up and down her slit forcing the lips open. Pat squealed as he slowly thrust his hard cock into her cunt. She twisted and turned. He felt her cunt walls squeeze against his invading cock trying to keep him out. He watched his cock slowly disappear into her incredibly tight cunt. Her pussy lips formed a seal around his hard shaft. She tossed her head from side to side in disbelief. She had a cock in her she was getting fucked!

Pat continued to plead, "Please no!" "My God…. No…Please don't."

"Wow!" "Look at him going at it." Paul shouted, "Fuck her good Frank!"

Frank thrust his cock into Pat's tight cunt as far as it would go.

She cringed in shame unable to believe that this terrible indignity was happening to her.

Frank's cock was the first to penetrate her pussy in five years. She was devastated, her mind and body had been violated. Pat had sex with one other man five years ago. Now she saw the lust filled faces of eight young men 10 years her junior, crowding around her. Instinctively she knew her intimate encounters were about to dramatically increase.

Her cunt was spread wide, as Frank's cock pushed into her. She gasped each time he pushed his cock deeper into her. She was breathing hard her chest was heaving. She jerked and screamed as he rammed his cock all the way into her. She moaned and gasped for air, his cock was hilted his groin hit her mound. "You're so tight!" He shouted.

Frank fucked her slow with deep hard thrusts. Her tight cunt gripped his cock. He wanted to make it last, but the thrill was more then he could bear. Pat felt Franks cock expand, she pleaded with him to stop as she realized that he was about to shot his load in her.

"Here it comes!" he shouted, and pumped faster and faster until his cock exploded inside her fist tight cunt. Frank slowly pulled his softening cock out of her. Frank got off, and was quickly replaced by Paul, and the second Dick today; the third in her life penetrated her pussy. Pat was alarmed; she knew there were more to follow.

Paul smiled, "Let her go!" he said, "We'll give her a reaming she won't forget."

Paul put his hands under her buttocks and pulled them upwards. He dug his fingers into her firm ass cheeks, he grunted in pleasure as he pushed his cock into her pussy. He pulled her against him, and pulled her onto his hard cock. His cock went in so deep it hurt. "Oh shit!" he said, "Her cunt is so tight!"

"Please stop!" She pleaded, "I don't want to."

Paul began to pound his fat cock into her tight cunt with brutal strokes. She could hardly breath; she was getting a solid reaming. His hands pulled her ass cheeks again sending his cock deeper into her belly. Paul suddenly held still, his cock buried in her cunt. Looking down at her he said, "All right Pat now move your ass on my cock, and ride it!" "Ride my cock I want you to fuck me." Paul griped her hips and pulled her up and down his stiff cock.

"Yeah! That's it Pat! Fuck me. Come on, Pump your ass. Show us you're a good fuck."

Pat began to push her hips up and down for him. Her eyes opened wide as she slid her cunt up and down his hard cock. She was fucking! She was humping her ass up and down his hard cock The shock was gone now. The friction in her cunt as his cock pumped in and out was rather pleasant. She never felt this good before. She groaned in pleasure

His hips suddenly slammed into her. She tried to twist away. He held her tight. He was really putting it to her now pounding her as hard as he could. She gasped; his hands held her in position as he pounded his cock in and out of her tight cunt. She gave a cry, then groaned as her first orgasm tore through her body. She was shocked her body betrayed her. She was being pounded hard. She groaned as her body bounced and jerked from his furious jackhammering of her pussy. She didn't care.

"Man! She's getting it now." Kevin exclaimed, "Give it to her Paul. Fuck the hot bitch. Look at her tits shake."

Pat was pulled to the side of her bed while Paul was fucking her. Ben grabbed her head and shoved his cock to her mouth. "Suck me, bitch!" he said, "I want to fuck your mouth."

Pat protested, "I never did it before." "I can't put it in my mouth, it's to revolting" she stated.

"Wow!" Ben said, "This is great, I'm her first throat fuck."

Ben was diplomatically insistent, he grabbed her by her hair. Pat opened her mouth to get away from the pain. She reluctantly put her lips around his cock. Ben held her hair and pulled her head up and down his hard cock fucking her face. She gagged as he rammed his cock into her throat to the balls, burying her face in his pubic hair. Pat was getting it at both ends.

"Oh Yeah, That's it, Pat. Suck my cock" Ben shouted, as he fucked her mouth. "Yeah! She thought she was too good." "She really gives great head," Ben said, chuckling.

She had tears in her eyes as she unwillingly gave her first blowjob. Her mouth was full of cock; she had saliva bubbles forming around the corners of her lips. Ben yelled as his cock quickly exploded in her mouth. Pat choked and gagged as the first blast entered her throat. She had to swallow the disgusting fluid or choke.

Paul was thrilled; watching Pat struggle as Ben face fucked her was exciting. When Ben held her head and rammed his cock deep into her throat to shot his load. Paul couldn't hold back any longer, his cock shot wads of cum into her cunt. "Take it? Take my cum in your cunt." He hissed. He continued to fuck her, shooting two more loads in her hot wet cunt. He stopped at last and held himself inside her, letting his cock drain into her cunt.

"The nasty bitch likes it," Paul sniped. "I told you she was one hot bitch, she loves it."

Pats pussy had been abused and stretched by two fucks, and there were no indications it would stop soon. They were high on the excitement of participating in Pat's rape. After a short argument about who was next, her rape continued. Danny pushed his hard cock into her. She screamed as his cock pushed into her sore cunt and began to forcefully pound her.

Pat's cunt wasn't stretched enough from her two previous fucks. She gasped and protested as his cock tore into her deeper then she thought was possible. She begged and pleaded with him to stop. She was grunting with each hard thrust. She was getting aroused it felt so good!

She was being soundly fucked. Danny's cock plunged in and out of her as he battered her sore cunt. He kept telling her how good she was. A few minutes into her pounding another cock was thrust into her mouth.

Pat found it repulsive that her mouth was being used as a repository for their cocks. She almost threw up, as the cock in her mouth slid into her throat. The pounding of her pussy picked up speed fucking her faster and faster as Danny unloaded his balls into her pussy. The cock in her throat began spewing thick vile tasting fluid into her mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but a lot of it dripped from her mouth.

Pat was totally overwhelmed she was receiving the fucking of her life from eight hard cocks, and was starting to like it.

"Please no more!" she begged as she swallowed the last bits of cum.

Kevin straddled her body, his knees on each side of her chest. He placed his hard cock between her tits, and then pushed her tits around his cock. Kevin grinned as he began to push his cock up and down between her tits. He steadily humped her tits.

Pat was amazed this was her first tit fuck. She watched the head of his glistening cock slide up and down between her tits. Kevin quickly came shooting his load on her neck, chin, and face.

"Now it's my turn," Jason stated, "I want some pussy too. Get her on her hands and knees. I want her ass sticking in the air."

Pat dropped onto her knees keeping her ass as high as she could. She felt him behind her. Jason spread her legs some more; now he said put my cock in your cunt. Pat reached behind her and grabbed his cock and pressed it against her cunt. Pat pushed backwards, and slid herself onto his hard cock. She pushed against him until his cock was buried in her tight cunt. Pat was being fucked doggie style, on all fours, her ass in the air getting drilled by Jason's huge cock.

Pat allowed herself a moment to rationalize. She was angry she wanted to scream at Frank for what they were doing to her. How could he do this to her.

Jason pumped into her, his hands on her hips pulling and pushing her ass as she humped his hard shaft. She was hot; Jason could feel her cunt gripping his cock as he pumped his cock into her. His groin was slapping against her ass as he caresses her heart shaped ass cheeks. Pat was unable to ignore the steady pounding of his cock as it slid in and out of her long denied cunt channel. To be honest the sensations were pleasant. She was burning hot her pussy squeezed and gripped his cock as it plunged in and out of her. Pat was hot!

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