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Part 35 More troubles are brewing at school for a daydreaming Alan. The women at home have a serious talk.

Part 1 Suzanne wants Alan, the teenaged son of her best friend Susan. She tricks him into thinking he has a medical need to have six orgasms a day, every day. She wants to be the one to "help" him with this "problem." html pdf

Part 2 Suzanne takes a more active hand in helping Alan with his medical "problem" - climaxing six times a day. Suzanne's daughter Amy, Alan's mother Susan and sister Katherine, and his teacher and nurse also grow interested in his daily relief. html pdf

Part 3 The desire between Alan and the four women at his house continues to grow. Everywhere he turns he sees naked woman, but still Suzanne is the only one who dares to touch him. html pdf

Part 4 Alan's mother Susan is going crazy with desire for her son. After an erotic suntan lotion application her willpower breaks down and she resolves to help him with his orgasm "problem." But once she starts, she can't stop. html pdf

Part 5 Susan has a dramatic change of heart when she learns her husband is coming home. Katherine and the cheerleading team she's on keep things interesting for Alan. html pdf

Part 6 The focus is still on Katherine, as she makes big plans with her brother Alan. But Suzanne and Amy get more active. html pdf

Part 7 Alan and Katherine overcome obstacles and finally make it to their big moment. Others want to get in on the action too, and Alan's teacher Glory finds a unique way of breaking the ice. html pdf

Part 8 Alan's nurse Akami teaches him a new thing or two. Bitchy head cheerleader Heather discovers just how skilled Alan is becoming. And Suzanne continues to corrupt Alan's mother Susan. html pdf

Part 9 Alan's father finally goes overseas, giving Alan even more sexual opportunities around the house. Susan is repeatedly faced with temptation, and repeatedly gives in. html pdf

Part 10 Suzanne takes advantage of indentity confusion at a costume party. Susan accepts her role as cocksucker for Alan, and gives it her all. html pdf

Part 11 Alan learns just how big Brenda's tits are and how dextrous Amy is. He has another pleasant appointment with nurse Akami. html pdf

Part 12 Alan spends a delightful day applying suntan lotion on Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne. Katherine gets a delightful spanking for being naughty. html pdf

Part 13 Suzanne and Katherine get to know each other much better. A trip to the beach brings everyone closer together. html pdf

Part 14 Glory has fun roleplaying. Heather targets another cheerleader and Alan lends a hand. Alan witnesses a remarkable fashion show. html pdf

Part 15 After a wild morning, Suzanne teaches Susan about friendly kissing, and then some. Heather makes an enemy of fellow cheerleader Janice. html pdf

Part 16 It's Tuesday, which means Susan goes all out. Suzanne finds herself losing control. After a shocking decision, Amy has the best day of all. html pdf

Part 17 Susan has new doubts. Glory gives Alan a big surprise. He also finds himself facing problems from his new role in life. html pdf

Part 18 Brenda comes over for a stimulating card game. Suzanne teaches Alan a new way to have sex. Glory is in for a big surprise. html pdf

Part 19 Glory falls deeper for Alan. Susan visits the psychiatrist. Alan plays the role of special mediator between two cheerleaders. html pdf

Part 20 Alan has a very penetrating discussion with "psychiatrist" Xania. Nurse Akami makes a house call. Suzanne resorts to desperate measures, and gets her reward. html pdf

Part 21 Amy has some pleasant surprises for Alan. Katherine helps Glory make a phone call. Brenda joins another fashion show. html pdf

Part 22 Akami and Suzanne teach Susan new things. The teenaged girls have a rousing meeting and help with spanking. Susan gets a nice surprise from Alan. html pdf

Part 23 Trouble's brewing with Heather. Suzanne has control issues. Xania returns. html pdf

Part 24 Alan faces more trouble at school. He makes a deal with Heather. Brenda and Xania attend a wild strip poker game. html pdf

Part 25 Brenda surprises Alan with her attitude. Xania has a very eventful morning. Glory discovers a different kind of vibrator. html pdf

Part 26 Xania, Suzanne, and Susan continue their fun. Glory keeps buzzing with happiness. Alan faces down Heather. html pdf

Part 27 Alan faces continuing problems at school, but some pivotal changes at home. html pdf

Part 28 The women at the Plummer house try to get through the weekend while Alan is gone. html pdf

Part 29 The big moment for Alan and Susan finally arrives, but the others also manage to have their fun. html pdf

Part 30 A weary Alan returns to school on Monday. He finds a host of problems awaiting him there. html pdf

Part 31 Alan has some unfinished business to take care of after school. html pdf

Part 32 Alan has more trouble at school. Heather's training begins. Glory is tempted. html pdf

Part 33 The cheerleaders have fun after school. Alan is running out of steam. Susan gets impatient. html pdf

Part 34 The sisters and mothers go shopping. But there's trouble brewing at home. html pdf

Part 35 More troubles are brewing at school for a daydreaming Alan. The women at home have a serious talk. html pdf

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