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Madonna: Getting Away From It All
(mc, mf, celeb)
by KMB (
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Authors note: This story is not meant to be read by people under the age of 18 for various legal reasons that I'm not smart enough to get into. So you young ones go off and read something nice and legal like the Starr Report. Hypnosis does not work this way because this is a fantasy story. This is not reality and should not be treated as such. If you try and make this fantasy reality then drop me a line when you get out of jail.

This is my first effort so be gentle, I promise I'll get better. Let me know what you think about this and remember I can't do this without your ideas and fantasies. Send all comments to

It's not always easy to get away from it all, especially if you're face and name can be instantly recognized even in the most far off corners of the world. But getting away from it all was exactly what Madonna was trying to do.

She was a millionaire several, several, several times over, to go along with her fame, so she didn't expect much sympathy from anyone. Yet that didn't change the fact that she needed a break. Being Madonna 24-7 was certainly a taxing job and she wouldn't trade any of it for anything, but there were times when she just needed to get away from it all and be by herself.

So after leaving little Lourdes with her father, Madonna took off to spend some quality time with herself. Her 40th birthday had just passed by and she had received two presents that she was looking forward to getting a lot of use of. The first one was the use of a cabin in the upstate woods of Washington State, near the border of Canada.

Certainly this was no run down rustic shack, this was a fully, modern functioning house. It just wasn't a penthouse apartment on the West Side of New York City or a mansion in Malibu. The most important thing was that it was in a nice isolated place where she could just relax and forget about her pressures for a few days.

However, it wasn't long after she had settled in that any hopes Madonna had of spending a quiet weekend alone were squashed. She had just sat down in a chair on the porch in the hopes of watching a sunset, when she heard a knocking on the door. The singer sat up with a start, a million questions popping into her head. Who knew she was here? Who could it possibly be? Was there some kind of emergency? Had Lourdes been hurt or something?

With a bit of trepidation, Madonna walked to the door and after peering out saw that it was a man in a Forest Rangers outfit. She opened the door and let him in.

"I'm sorry to disturb you maam," the Ranger began before it dawned on him who he was standing in front of.

"Oh my God!" the man exclaimed, "You're-You're-You're..."

"You can say it," Madonna interjected as he began to stammer, "I'm Madonna. Now, who are you?" "Oh, I'm sorry," the man said, "My name is Steve. Steve Paris.

I'm the Forest Ranger for this sector." "Is there a problem?" Madonna then asked, impatient to get back to her relaxation. "Oh no maam," Steve replied, "We didn't know you were up here, so I was just checking the area.

Sometimes we have break ins when the cabins are unoccupied and I was just making sure everything was all right up here."

As he spoke, Madonna began to look the young Ranger over.

He was very good looking, he could save her from a forest fire any day she thought idly. He didn't look as though he was a regular attendee at Mensa meetings, but it wasn't like that mattered. Looking at Steve's muscles through his shirt soon had Madonna thinking of other ways that she could relax, and they didn't involve watching any sunsets.

"How old are you Steve?" Madonna asked, wicked thoughts continuing to bubble to the surface in her brain.

"24, maam," Steve answered, "I know I look a little young, but I've been on this job for over four years now. I just can't believe you're here and I'm here and we're like talking. That is unbelievable!"

"Well, believe it and you can knock off that maam stuff and just call me Madonna," the singer replied, "Can I offer you something to drink, Steve?"

"Oh no, maam, I mean Madonna, I should be completing my rounds and getting back to the base," Steve said as he started to head to the door. His resistance only made up Madonna's mind more quickly and she knew then that she would have him.

"C'mon, you can spare a minute," she said knowing that he'd be sparing more than a minute, "I want to show you something."

"What's that?" Steve asked. He couldn't wait to get back to the base where he could start bragging to everyone about who he just met. The other guys would be killing themselves with jealousy. It was going to be great.

"Hold on a second," Madonna said as she rummaged through her bag, where was that damn thing? Suddenly she felt it in her grasp and pulled out a small black pouch.

"Take a good look at this," Madonna said as she opened the pouch and took out a green jewel. As the jewel glistened in the light, Madonna closed her eyes and began murmuring a chant to herself. Suddenly a green light shot out of the jewel and, before he had a chance to react, hit Steve squarely between the eyes.

Steve had no idea what hit him so he had no chance to resist. But even if he had he would have quickly lost as a complete lethargy spread all over him. His mind fell into a fog as he began losing the will and the ability to speak or move. In a matter of seconds, Steve stood, frozen as a statue, his eyes staring blankly ahead.

Grinning from ear to ear, Madonna began looking over her entranced victim. This jewel was the second birthday gift she had truly loved. It was an ancient jewel supposedly used by Amazon women to ensure complete domination over their opposition.

Madonna had no idea if that story was true or not, and frankly she didn't really care. It was a good story and the only important thing was that the jewel worked perfectly.

Of course even at 40 Madonna certainly didn't need hypnosis to get a man. She was still a hot number and she knew it more than anyone. But with hypnosis came a certain ease and convenience, she'd always been better at sex than relationships and this little jewel ensured all the fun of a boyfriend without the emotional cost. Plus, anytime she tried to get a new guy, the tabloids were all over her with their rumors and innuendoes. Those were no fun to read and especially with Lourdes becoming more and more aware of the world around her, Madonna didn't want her daughter to hear miserable gossip about her mother. Therefore, if she was the only one who actually knew sex was taking place, then so much the better.

"Steve, can you hear me?" Madonna asked as she ran her hands over her prey's motionless body.

"Yes," was Steve's reply, his voice coming across a little stilted, but certainly not slow or slurred.

"Who am I?" she asked.

"You are my mistress," Steve answered, Madonna's arousal began to kick into high gear as soon as she heard those words. Her pussy was beginning to get wet and the singer knew that she had to move in for the kill now.

"Take off your clothes, Steve," Madonna said as she sat down to enjoy the show. Slowly at first, then with gradual speed, Steve began to strip off his clothes. He unbuttoned his Ranger uniform shirt and after that hit the ground he pulled off his undershirt before pausing.

"All the way, Steve. Show me everything you've got!" Madonna was loving the sight of her bare chested victim and was eager to see more.

Without any further pause, Steve pulled off his boots and socks before undoing the buckle of his pants.

They hit the floor and as soon as he stepped out of them, he pushed down his boxers letting his hard cock free of its prison. "Hard already?" Madonna asked with genuine surprise, "Does this turn you on Steve?"

"Yes Mistress," Steve replied, "I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you."

Hmmm Madonna thought, maybe she hadn't even needed the hypnosis, but it was too late now. "Come upstairs, Steve," she ordered.

With that Madonna led Steve upstairs, growing more and more turned on with each step upward. When they reached her bedroom, Madonna wasted no time in freeing herself from her clothes. She pulled her white T-shirt over her head, exposing her hard nipples to the air. She had worn no bra and she was getting so turned on that she had been afraid that her nipples were just going to burst right out of her shirt. (Try explaining that to a curious party!)

The singer then pushed off her jeans and her panties off, leaving her as naked as Steve. Madonna let the cool air of the room pass over her naked body and she loved the feel of it. Her hand dropped to her pussy and she began to finger herself, momentarily forgetting about the motionless Steve.

However, Madonna quickly remembered that she had something a lot more pleasurable than her fingers at her disposal and she looked up to Steve. "Get down here and eat my pussy!" she commanded Steve and he quickly complied. His tongue began to attack her clit and Madonna immediately felt the first rushes of intense pleasure rush to her brain. With one hand she pushed Steve in further to he pussy and with the other she began massaging her throbbing breasts.

"C'mon fuck me with your tongue!" Madonna gasped as she felt her juices begin to flow onto Steve's face. He was really good at eating pussy and Madonna silently hoped that his girlfriend was able to receive this favor from him whenever she wanted it. Steve's tongue kept making solid contact with her swollen clit and soon Madonna was past the point of no return. Her hips began to buck as she held Steve's head at her pussy.

Soon the quake of her orgasm was roaring through her body as she came.

Momentarily satisfied, but wanting more, Madonna released Steve's head and drew him up for a deep kiss. She relished the taste of her own juices on Steve's face and she moved Steve's hands up to her breasts. Steve quickly got the idea and began massaging them, sending jolts of pleasure to Madonna's brain and pussy, which was beginning to need more attention.

Madonna let her hand drift down Steve's body as they continued to kiss and she quickly grasped his hard cock. She then broke the kiss and after taking a quick moment to run her tongue up, down, and around Steve's cock, she lay down on the bed again and spread her legs. "Fuck me Steve! Fuck me now!" Madonna commanded, "But you can only come when I say the word Ranger!"

Without a word Steve leaned down and was easily able to enter the singer's pussy. He began humping away at her, as Madonna squealed in pleasure, before she decided to change things around a bit.

Madonna quickly pushed Steve off her and lay him down on his back. His cock stood straight up in the air and Madonna could see that he was about to burst inside. Well he would have to wait just a second more for that, Madonna thought as she mounted her hypnotized friend and began to ride his cock. She moved his hands back up to her breasts and he restarted his massaging as Madonna bit down on her finger to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

Soon she felt her orgasm beginning to build up again and when it hit her it was like a very pleasurable bullet had been shot right into her skull and through her brain.

As she gasped and moaned in ecstasy, Madonna managed to say the code-word Steve must have been dying to hear.

"Fuck me Ranger! I want to feel you come inside me!" she shouted and instantly she felt Steve's cock erupt as he shot into her. Madonna then collapsed back on the mattress, as she kissed and stroked her entranced lover.

"Now Steve," Madonna gasped as she felt herself coming back to Earth. You're going to get dressed and leave the house. You will continue to walk your rounds and when you are one hundred feet away from here you will wake up and remember none of this. You went up here and found no one there, in fact there's no need to check on this place for the rest of the weekend. But if you ever hear me say the words, 'Fuck me Ranger!' you will fall back into this state. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress," Steve stated as he walked downstairs and began to get dressed. Madonna, her body wrapped in a quilt, came down to join him and took him in for one last kiss. "You were a great fuck, Steve. Have sweet fantasies about me!" she whispered as he walked out the door. As she watched him go, her hand grasped her green jewel. This jewel was definitely the best birthday present she had ever gotten.

After walking for about a hundred feet Steve suddenly snapped back to consciousness.

Where was he, he wondered. But he immediately recognized his surroundings. What had just happened, he thought as he continued on his way. Why did it seem like he had lost time? Why were his boots not tied properly? And why the hell did he feel a wet sensation in his crotch? 'God', he thought, 'wouldn't his friends back at the station be green with jealousy when they found out that he'd met Madonna, and even talked to her.

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