My One
and Only
Night with

by Philip B. Davis

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This story describes sexual acts and should be considered adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further.

I had come home from work at 7:00 p.m., a little earlier than usual, specifically because Carla, my wife, was away for the week at a professional conference. Although I usually don't get home till 9 or 10, I wasn't sure how Elizabeth, my 16 year old, would get along baby-sitting for Danny, who was 11. Their relationship was usually fine, but then again either my wife or I was always within earshot to referee. We almost never asked Liz to baby-sit Danny - awake - for more than an hour or two, and on this day they had come home from school together at 4:00 p.m., so I was pushing it.

I was, of course, relieved to find them in good spirits, with Danny watching TV (his homework done) and Liz doing the last of the dinner dishes. Liz was wearing her parochial school uniform, always hiked up way too high outside of school, and looked really cute in her blue blouse and plaid skirt. Watching her do the dishes, looking so mature and responsible, made me look at her in a new light. She had truly grown up to be a beautiful girl - what am I talking about? - a beautiful young woman. She had almost a model's look: Beautiful high cheekbones, a naturally rosy complexion, long blond hair, blue eyes, and a great smile - even if the teeth cost me $7,000 to straighten!

She was now 5'4" and I didn't even want to guess at her measurements, although I was aware that she no longer had the lithe form of the gymnast she had been training to be in her pre-teen years.

A great gymnast then, and a two-time state champion, she had shown promise at being of Olympic caliber. But when Elizabeth turned 12 her coach sat us down for a long talk. She told all three of us (Liz, Carla and myself) that she was noticing early breast development on Liz and this worried her. She said that what we may have thought was lecherous snickering about gymnasts not having any boobs, is true. Breasts seem to get in the way of exercises and of balance. The girls bodies are terribly delicate and virtually everything effects them.

There was no doubt: No successful female gymnast had any tits to speak of. Miss Daley told us that Liz's breasts looked to her like they were going to be large. She said that there were no accurate ways of predicting but that she had enough experience (and seen enough girls wash out of programs) to guess where Liz - and her breasts - were headed. Miss Daley told us if we wanted to, there were diets and diet pills that might retard their growth, but there were side effects: Liz's height growth might be stunted, as well as development of her voice. She might also delay the onset of menstruation, possibly forever. And with all that at risk, there were no guarantees it would work. We held a family meeting and decided against the diet and drugs - and the gymnastic career.

Liz continued to be an athlete by learning how to play basketball. I was very proud that in her freshman year she had made the varsity in her all-girls school, where hoops is the number one sport. Now, in her sophomore year, she was already a starter, the only one from 10th grade. She had developed well-defined muscular legs and arms, and, I assumed, a washboard stomach and tight behind.

I say "assumed" because I never saw them. I know this will seem incredible, but I had not seen my daughter even partially naked since she was 11. How is this possible, living under one roof, that we never bumped into each other in the halls at night when Liz was wearing a revealing nightie? It's because she never wore one. Never. Ever.

About the time Lizzy turned 12, I noticed that the conversation between my friends and I, who get together for drinks once a month or so, had often turned to how nuts their teenage daughters were driving them. (Their daughters are 3, 5 and 6 years older than mine.) At first I was terribly grossed out by the conversation. I had thought you've got to be a pretty sick dude to get turned on by your own daughter. But each of them admitted to me that they had thought so, too, and while they never, ever would act on these aroused feelings, there was a certain Oedipal teasing that girls do to their "daddies" just to see if they can get them hard, and, by golly, it works! These guys were the nicest, most moral guys I knew, and yet they admitted that having lusted after the bodies of nubile young developing women since they themselves were 11 - when they didn't even know what sex was - the virtually naked body these girls - their daughters - were parading around in was getting them hard. I asked them if, on top of incestuous, didn't this also make them pedophiles, and again they said that it may not be the legal definition, but to them pedophilia was with pre-pubescent girls. These girls were biologically women.

I resolved then and there that I wouldn't even allow the game to be played in my house. I discreetly told Carla half of what the guys had said (the whole thing would have caused her to demand I never see them again) and she conveyed the message to Lizzy: No parading around the house in bra and panties, flimsy nightgowns, braless t-shirts. She was always to be dressed modestly and appropriately.

Carla also handled all of the "I-think-it's-time-we-sat-down-and-talked-about..." talks. But despite that, I consider my relationship with Lizzy remarkably good - and very close.

I still was skeptical that the guys were a little sick until the slumber party for Liz's 15th birthday. That night she had her two best friends sleep over. I had really forgotten about it and left no specific instructions about her friends. Although it was a Friday night, I still worked late in the office, arriving home at 10. No sooner had I reached the top of the second floor stairs, than both Liz's friends exited the bathroom giggling all the way down the corridor toward me. Both had on the skimpiest of flimsy baby dolls, and panty bottoms that had already crept well into their ass crack and covered nothing - in back or in front. To make matters worse, when they saw me, they stopped, stood up straight, and welcomed me home. In the hall light, their breasts were clearly visible to me, and I was even able to see Annie's red pubic hair through her panties. I immediately got an erection. I told the girls good night, and before they could discover my shame, I ran into my bedroom. Although they weren't MY daughters, they were friends' daughters and I was amazed at how much - and how quickly - I was turned on.

Liz finished drying the last plate, put my supper in the microwave, and went to her room. I finished supper at 8 and put Danny to bed. At about 9, Liz came down to see me and talk to me. "I've got some bad news," Liz started. "I got my report card and it isn't exactly what I - or you - had hoped for." Liz was involved in a number of extra-curricular activities, besides basketball, and she also spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone every single night talking to her girlfriends. She didn't really have any boyfriends yet; she only got to socialize with boys in supervised, chaperoned groups for events sponsored by the church. Carla and I had warned her about letting her grades slide, and we had been very serious about it. I had told Liz it just better not happen, because when it did, her privileges would be severely curbed for the future, and somehow she'd have to be punished for the grading quarter that passed and that she screwed up.

Only half jokingly I had threatened a spanking. I had spanked Lizzy half a dozen times in her first 12 years, usually for pretty dangerous things she had done. Although we raised the children conservatively, we do not believe in corporal punishment, except in extreme circumstances.

I looked at the report card. I started to get real angry. I had been deceived into believing Liz was doing well; in truth, she was doing terribly in far too many classes. I started listing punishments in a very angry voice. "Missy, you just messed yourself up royally! I am very disappointed in this report card and I feel betrayed!," I continued. "Fifteen minutes of phone a night, no TV or going out with friends on Saturday night or Sunday night, only Fridays."

At this Lizzy started to cry. Then first I started yelling.

"And that's just for the future! For the quarter you screwed up, I think I'm going to cancel you out of the driver's ed course!" She had really wanted to earn her right to drive, and I was taking that away. And with that she started to bawl.

Truth be told, Liz was a bright, good kid. But she got lazy, distracted and let her grades slide. I wasn't going to tolerate this for one quarter more. She was going to buckle down.

"What about a spanking?" I heard a voice say through a sob. "You told me you'd spank me for the past."

"Yes, I did say that, Lizzy, but I think taking you out of driver's ed is more appropriate."

"I'd rather have a bare bottom spanking than lose driver's ed," Lizzy protested, no longer crying. "And a promise is a promise."

With that Liz threw herself across my lap, lifted up her plaid skirt, and pulled down her panties, all in one swift motion.

I was in shock. I didn't know what to make of what Liz had done. It seemed to me that she was simply so distraught over losing driver's ed that she didn't realize what she was doing to try to get it back. She knew that the last time I had spanked her - five years ago - it was for recklessly starting a fire in the basement and it was bare bottomed.

I decided that since I had threatened a spanking and Liz was insisting on it, that this was a fair trade, especially if it taught her a lesson. "I warn you," I told her, "these smacks will be hard and they will hurt. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, daddy," Liz responded, "do it as hard as you want." With that I lifted my hand and smacked her right ass cheek. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being as hard as I'd hit someone I hated and was trying to kill, this was a 3. But it was sharp enough to surprise Lizzy. She gave out a little yelp and bounced her head up from the sting.

I hadn't looked at her ass before the first hit, but now I couldn't resist. When I hit it I couldn't believe how it felt, how hard and muscular it was. Liz must have clenched up her muscles before the blow; nevertheless, she had a remarkably tight ass. Now I looked at it, at its perfect roundness, at its lack of fat (or hair), and at the red mark I left on her right cheek. I was mesmerized into staring at, not two feet away from me, the most gorgeous tush I had ever seen in my entire life. I started to get hard, but wasn't conscious of it.

"Is that all dad? One smack and you're done? I can get up now?," Liz queried. I snapped out of it in time to tell her, "No, four more smacks!" The second one I planted on her left cheek, just a little harder. The third was across both cheeks, harder yet. With this one she really cried out in pain and started to cry again. The fourth smack was a little lower on her ass, closer to her vagina. With this smack she started to bawl again. When I looked down at her butt this time, I noticed she had positioned her body a little higher in my lap, and now I could clearly see wisps of blond pubic hair peeking out from the front of her body. For the fifth smack, I used my left hand to pull her butt cheeks apart, exposing her ass hole, and smacked her there, on the now exposed inner flesh of her ass.

Liz jumped up right off my lap upon the last smack. She was crying bitter tears, and she was angry. She had jumped off so fast that she hadn't realized that the hem of her uniform skirt had gotten tucked into the elastic waistband, and she hadn't pulled up her panties, either. Her blond, lightly covered pussy was, for the first time ever since she had become a teen, exposed to me not three feet in front of my face - and I wasn't even looking at it.

"You hurt me!," Liz yelled at me with an accusatory voice. "You really hurt me and you were enjoying it! I hate you for what you did to me!" The tears were streaming out of her very red eyes.

I had no idea what she meant by accusing me of "enjoying it." Did she mean that I had seemed masochistic, liking the ability to inflict pain? Or had she discovered my very hard and prominent erection - which I only now became aware of - as my penis poked directly up to where Liz's belly had been only moments before?

Whichever it was, she was giving no indication. But she also wasn't running away to her room. She was standing there, crying, evoking sympathy in me. She was waiting for me to make it better, to make the pain go away, as I always had.

I stood up to console her, and took her in my arms, pressing her body against mine. I reached, with my right hand, the one that had just hit her, to rub the hurt away gently from her tushy. Again, concentrating on her ass I was, momentarily, unconscious of my erection poking through my pants at her very naked pussy.

With her head resting on my left shoulder, her sobbing waned.

She whispered for me to rub lower, so I did, then lower again, so I moved my hand lower yet. "It still hurts a lot, daddy," Liz whispered, "but I think I'll feel a lot better if you rub me lower still."

Since I wasn't looking at her ass, I wasn't quite sure where my hand was positioned. I thought she was asking me to rub where my last two blows fell. But when I reached further down, I was shocked to find I was plum out of ass - and into pussy territory. Before I could pull my hand away, Liz whispered in my ear, "Yes, daddy, if you rub me there a lot all this hurt will go away."

I rubbed there for a while, but felt very uncomfortable about it. My head was getting light and dizzy from all the feelings and sensations that were flooding it. I became aware of Liz's hot breath and sexy voice as she had coaxed me into rubbing her pussy by whispering in my ear. I became aware of her huge tits pressed hard against my chest. I felt the moisture of her juices flowing out of her as I rubbed below. I wanted it to end immediately - and to go on forever.

A moment later Liz broke the embrace. She pulled her body away from mine, as she lifted her head off my shoulder. I was relieved. No more moral ambiguities; my trial seemed over. I removed my hand from her behind and vagina as she pulled a mere six inches away, and drew her face close to mine to kiss me on the cheek. I kissed her on the cheek simultaneously.

All of a sudden, like a bat out hell, Liz turned her head counterclockwise ninety degrees so that her lips replaced the cheek I was kissing with my lips. Instantly, I felt her grab my head so that I couldn't withdraw and felt her force her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues were doing frantic battle with each other. Convinced that I was not going to pull away from this embrace, Liz now guided my right hand down the front of her body, towards her crotch, forcing my palm to rest on her clitoris and shoving one of my fingers into her slit.

She took my left hand, and placed it on her covered right breast guiding me, with her hand on top of mine, to squeeze it. She rested her right hand on the back of my head running her fingers through my hair, and her left hand she placed on my erect cock, stroking it through my pants.

I was shocked - and excited - all at the same time. Instead of breaking out of a not too innocent embrace, we had gone much further into sexual contact. (To this day I don't know how Liz knew how to kiss like that - where she learned it - or whether she got it on instinct alone, but she was damn good at it.) It was clear to me that Liz had not orchestrated this whole thing from the beginning - she couldn't have scheduled Carla to be away on Report Card day - but that she was now seizing the opportunity to pull off a plan - premeditated or spontaneous - once it presented itself.

I quickly had to come up with rationalizations to not run away and end it. My mind told me that, first of all, Liz was initiating it all, including the spanking and the rubbing. She was in charge, she clearly wanted it. Secondly, I feared that if I stopped now - against her will - she might blackmail me about the spanking and the sexual touching and call either an abuse hotline, or worse: Tell her mother. I decided to stay and see where things went.

My cock was now rock hard, Liz's nipple was extended and hard, and her pussy was dripping wet. The kiss had gone on for two or three minutes and both of use needed to come up for air. Liz broke our grip. I thought this would be the awkward moment, when I wouldn't know what to say, and so I was quite relieved when Liz spoke up.

"Daddy, I've dreamed about this moment for a long time," Liz said as she stripped off her blouse, took off her shoes, socks and panties, and removed her skirt. She was now standing in front of me with just her bra on. "I want you to teach me about making love." And with that, she unhooked the clasp in the front and her huge, luscious breasts poured out of their cups into freedom.

I had a clear obligation to protest. "But Lizzy," I said. "You know this is wrong. This is incest."

"Daddy," Liz responded, "you know that I have no sexual experience. Most girls my age have been making out with boyfriends for two years already. Soon, I will be dating, and I'll have no clue what's right and what's wrong. I don't want to learn about sex from the awkward gawky boys my age who, I'm sure, know next to nothing about real love making. I want you to teach me. I still ache, Daddy, right over here," Liz said pointing to her vagina, "and I know you can make it all better."

With that she laid down on the carpeted floor of the den, bunching up her clothes to make a little pillow for her head, and motioned to me to strip and join her. As I took my clothes off, my eyes never once left her body, and Liz, almost mindlessly, moved her hand to her pussy and started circling her clit with her fingers. I watched her eyes open wide (almost in horror) as she saw me release my six-incher from my briefs. I was absolutely certain she had never seen a man's erect cock before. As I joined her on the floor I could smell her pussy juice for the first time, and raised my finger to my nose to smell her and to my mouth to taste her. She smelled wonderful and tasted even better.

I bent my face over hers and kissed her, gently stroking her glorious tits. As I raised my head again, I stared down at her magnificent body and realized that this was the most beautiful, the most perfect body I would ever see in my lifetime, bar none. An absolutely gorgeous face with deep, blue eyes, topped by long silky blond hair, a regal neck, huge, firm tits that pointed straight out as if they were exempt from the laws of gravity, a flat stomach, tiny waist, womanly hips leading to lithe, yet muscular legs. I was awestruck. At this moment I was no longer staring at my daughter incestuously. Liz, instead, had come to represent every teen girl I had fantasized about from the time I was a teenager. She was every girl I yearned for, longed for, dreamt about, and - yes - masturbated over. (I only wished she wouldn't call me "Daddy" so much...)

"Liz," I said, making small talk while mindless stroking her tits, "it looks like Ms. Daley was right."

"She sure was!," Liz exclaimed proudly. "At 35C they're already bigger than Mom's 34B and I'm still growing!"

"Liz," I asked thoughtfully, "do you masturbate?"

"Yes, daddy, I do - with my fingers. But I've never had an orgasm because I was afraid it would end my virginity."

"Honey, orgasms have no effect on your being a virgin. I'm going to make sure you have your first orgasm - and that it's a great one." With that I climbed over her body straddling it, and, resting on my hands and elbows, positioned myself so that my cock hovered directly over Liz's vagina. "Grab my penis and rub it up and down your vaginal lips and clitoris. Use my cock as if it were a vibrator."

Liz grabbed my penis just below the rim of the bulbous head, and started taking very hard, long strokes, from the top of her clit to the bottom of her slit. Although my cock was rigid as steel, the head remained very sensitive and rubbery. Within minutes I could feel her clit growing and getting harder, her pussy lips puffing up, and her slit getting wetter and wetter. Liz, propped up a bit on the pillow so she could look at where our bodies were so erotically making contact, alternated because closing her eyes and moaning and opening them for brief periods to watch. My cock, in the meantime, was greatly enjoying the friction and was pent up and ready for it's own release, but I did all I could to stave it off for later. When Liz's eyes were closed, I'd bend my head to suck on her tits, alternating between them.

Soon, I could hear Liz start to mewl as she picked up the tempo and started to rub my cock head vigorously around and on her clit. "This is usually where I stop," Liz said in heavy gasps of ragged breaths. "Not this time, honey," I said. "But how will I know when I've started to orgasm, and when it ends?" "Don't worry. You'll know." And with that she started to cry out, loud, noisy moans, almost yelling, her body tossing from side to side, her back arched in a perfect curve, her hair tossing and tussled. "Oh my gosh! I'm cumming! Oh!.... Oh!... It's such sweet pain! Oh!.... It feels wonderful! Daddy! I'm cumming for the first time in my life and I'm cumming for you!!!!! Ohhhhhh!!!"

Liz's first orgasm lasted about a minute. It was intense. I had almost started to cum with her and fought real hard to hold back - and made it.

"Daddy, I must have your penis inside me," Liz exclaimed, panting. "RIGHT NOW!" And with that she grabbed my cock and, rubbing it up and down her slit one more time to get it nice and wet, shoved it in between her pussy lips, prying them apart with my cock head. She then let go of my cock to allow me to take control.

I took short strokes inside her, each time going another quarter inch deeper. But after only a few short strokes I came to a barrier and stopped. I had reached her hymen.

"Don't stop now, Daddy! I'm on fire!," cried Liz. "And only your cock fucking my pussy can put it out!"

I don't know if it was feeling the hymen itself, or the shock of hearing my daughter use such vulgar language for the first time, but something set off an alarm inside me that said as far as we'd already gone, I still couldn't just take away her virginity. I withdrew my cock from her pussy.

"Honey, I just can't take your cherry from you," I said softly, lovingly. "I'm going to leave that for that first special guy in your life."

"But, Daddy, I need to cum again real badly," Liz pleaded, with tears welling in her eyes.

"Then I'll show you how a real man makes his lover cum," I said. And with that I moved down her body to put my face in her crotch.

"Daddy! What are you going to do down there?!," Liz asked, repulsed. "Uch, it must be yucky down there. It must really smell bad."

"Honey, just wait. It smells just fine to me, and in a minute, I'm sure it'll taste just as good. Just lie back and enjoy."

I started to lick Lizzy's pussy lips with my fat, wide tongue, slobbering my saliva all over them. They were a bright, fresh pink, and very swollen, as she'd obviously rubbed them raw with my cock head in her first orgasm.

"Oh, Daddy," Liz mewled. "I can't believe you're eating me down there! I never heard of this before, but it feels wonderful!"

I curled up my tongue, and using my fingers to pry open her vagina just a bit, I slid my tongue into Liz. I swirled my tongue inside her, at the same time drawing it slightly out and plunging in again. I was fucking Lizzy with my tongue. Her moans grew louder and this time, she grabbed my head with one hand to press my face in closer to her. Knowing full well that Carla was multi-orgasmic and that Lizzy was likely to be that way, too, I figured that Lizzy wasn't too far off from her second orgasm. I withdrew my tongue from her pussy, and gave one long lick up her slit until my tongue settled on her jewel, Liz's clit.

I started quickly flicking at her clit and noticed how quickly it once again grew. When it reached its maximum size, I wrapped my lips around it and started to suck it off as if it were a little penis. Instantly, I noticed Liz started to tighten up, her orgasm building rapidly, again, starting from her stomach.

"Ungh!," Lizzy grunted. "Oh, Daddy, you're tongue feels wonderful on my clitty. You've sent me to heaven! I'm gonna start cuming in a second and it's gonna be a BIG ONE!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!


With that Liz started to buck, much harder and wilder than before. I fought really hard to keep my lips and tongue locked on her clit, and continue to lick and suck it through her orgasm. This one lasted almost a minute and a half, and reached peaks and valleys that may really have signified little separate but linked orgasms. Lizzy's pussy shot out quite a bit of juice onto my chin, that then bounced off and dribbled down the crack of her ass. When Lizzy came down from her orgasm and opened up her eyes, they were still rolled back in her head.

"Daddy, I never thought anything could feel that good! That was the most intense, wonderful feeling I've ever had - and probably ever will have. Thank you ever so much."

I started to rise off her body. Although I still had a huge erection and had not cum yet, I thought it best to not press my luck and try to end this incestuous experience right here. I would have been successful if Lizzy wouldn't have been so kind.

"But, Daddy, you didn't cum yet! How should I make you cum!

What do you like to do best?"

"Lizzy, have you ever heard of a blow job?"

"Yes, Daddy," answered Liz. "That's where the girl takes the penis in her mouth, right?"

"Right. But do you know how to do that? Or why it works?"

"No, Daddy."

"Then let me explain. A man cums because the skin of his penis has been rubbed and has gotten him all excited and worked up. The friction - the rubbing - of the cock skin is what makes him cum. He can get that friction just about anywhere - a pussy, a mouth, even his own hand or fucking in the space between titties. But that friction hurts if the skin is dry. That's why the pussy produces so much pussy juice during sex." With that, I stood up and motioned to Liz to get on her knees between my legs and bring her face up to my cock.

"First, lick my shaft and head up and down a few times and get it good and wet. Then I'll put it in your mouth."

Very tentatively, hesitantly, Liz grabbed my cock shaft in her left hand and pulled it towards her mouth. Her tiny mouth opened wide to stick her tongue out and start to lick the cock head. She did it almost as if my cock were an all-day sucker. Then she started to lick up and down the shaft. Her eyes darted back and forth between my cock and my face, seeking my approval that she was doing it right. I was ready to explode from any contact, I knew it wouldn't take much to get me off, or a lot of talent. Nevertheless, I didn't want to risk spending too long teaching Lizzy how best to blow a guy. I was afraid I would chicken out, regret this incestuous affair. So I decided to take charge.

"Lizzy, usually a girl likes to be in command, in control during a blow job. But I'm too excited to teach you the art of fine blowing right now. It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice to be really good at it. This time, however, I'm so worked up already, I know I'm gonna cum very fast. So instead of you blowing me, I'm going to take charge and fuck your mouth. Open your mouth wide and make sure not to scrape my cock with your teeth. Just give me a nice tight fake pussy by using your mouth, lips and tongue."

With that, Lizzy formed a big, round "O" with her mouth and I shoved my cock in. Lizzy was shocked at first at how huge I felt in her mouth, and at the fact that on the downstroke she almost gagged from the onslaught on her throat. With each thrust of my hips, my entire cock went inside my mouth, and from her position, it must have looked a little scary as my whole body closed in and out, with my cum-swollen balls slapping her on the chin. Her face and eyes - continually staring at my face - showed a mixed look of naiveté, lust, and fear of the unknown. It was clear that she had no idea what to expect, and was somewhat afraid of what it would be like. But soon she settled into the rhythm and started to increase my excitement by turning up the pressure in her lips and swirling of her tongue. After about six or seven strokes, I was at the point of no return.

"Here I cum, Lizzy! And it's gonna be a big one, TOO!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IN YOUR MOUTH, LIZZY!!! SWALLOW MY CUMMMMMMMM!!!"

My back arched, and I started spurting huge, long strings of cum into Lizzy's virgin mouth. First one spurt, then a second. By the third Lizzy didn't know what to do with my cum and so the third spurt hit her tongue and bounced out onto her chin. I then withdrew my cock and, holding it in my hand, sent my fourth spurt onto her hair, my fifth on a cheek, my sixth I aimed at her neck, and covered each tit with the seven and eight. There was so much pressure and urgency in my orgasm that it almost hurt; I felt as if I had just passed my balls out through my penis hole, that's how intense it was. Having by now swallowed the cum in her mouth, and deciding she liked the taste, Liz went about collecting my cum from her cheek, neck, chin and tits, and wiped it onto her fingers which she then sucked off and swallowed. She was completely hypnotized by the sight, smell and taste of my cum.

"Daddy, I never knew a man's orgasm can be so exciting! I loved watching you cum! My hand was rubbing my pussy and when your spunk starting shooting into my throat, it pushed me over the top and I came again! You came so hard, so strong and so much! And your cum tasted so good! Do all men cum like you do, Daddy?"

"No, darling, not all men cum like that. Even I don't always cum like that. That was wonderful," I complimented Liz. "That was definitely my best orgasm since I was in college." And I started to get dressed. Liz just sat there.

"Please, teach me more, Daddy," Liz pleaded. "I have so much more to learn."

"No, Liz, that's all," I explained firmly. "Forever." We both got dressed in silence.

When we finished dressing, I called Lizzy over to sit next to me on the couch. She was smiling at me, even though she was disappointed and knew she wouldn't like what I was about to say.

"Elizabeth, although what we just did felt real good and seemed so right, it was wrong in the eyes of the law and of society. Therefore, we can never, EVER do anything like this again. And, secondly, no one, including and especially your mother, must ever find out about it. I know it will be hard, but this will have to remain our little secret, one we never tell to anyone - including your brother and any of your close friends. We have to act like it never happened. No one must ever know." Lizzy, reluctantly, agreed. And we never had sex again.

The next three days, were the most difficult, what with Carla away and all. But Lizzy respected my wishes and never tried to seduce me in any way. She immediately dressed modestly again, and everything went back to normal.

I replayed that scene a few times in my head during those three days and came to the conclusion that it happened at the just the right age for Lizzy: Had she been two or three years younger she would have been way to young for me to agree to any of it. And if she had been two or three years older, these trysts could wind up being a lot more than a lesson in love-making; it could wind up being a potential long-term love affair. So Liz had asked me to teach her about sex at the only age where I could have been seduced into it.

All that was three years ago; Liz is nineteen now. She dates frequently, but I don't know - nor do I want to know - what Liz does on a date. I have not had even one of those "talks" with Liz - you know, the "all boys want to do is get in your pants" talk - I have left them all for Carla, and she's done a great job.

I very rarely think back to that night because to relive it is risk having to deal with the conflicting feelings of guilt and lust. But every now and then I do think of that one remarkably special night that Liz and I spent together in total sexual ecstasy and bliss - and it brings a smile to my face.

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