Life is What Happens
(MF, nc, preg)
By Romangirl (

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Jennifer really didn’t have time to be bored, but her life was so routine and repetitive that she often fought bouts of depression. Her almost every waking day was spent in chauffeuring two kids around to soccer or baseball practice, cheerleading sessions, and overnight stays at other kids’ houses. Her husband Jonathan was mostly out of town on business, and she was left with the two young ones, Elizabeth and Andrew, the dog Tabby, and all the daily activities that involve raising kids.

At 36, she was a very sweet looking woman who still turned heads.

She was pleased, but made believe she didn’t notice the teenage boy next door who often stared at her while she worked in the yard. She spent hours in the yard, either mowing or watering, gardening, or working on her tan. They hardly knew each other; he had moved next door with his parents only a few months before.

Spring flowers were starting to bloom now, and Jennifer was glad to be placing her long lovely legs into the tight, tattered jeans she loved so much. Tall and shapely, she let her dark hair just reach to her shoulders, after years of wearing her hair much longer.

Jennifer would never consider being unfaithful to Jonathan. They had been married fourteen years and he was a good provider. They weren’t exactly soul mates, though. She liked to read books, garden, and work on art projects. He liked to go out with the boys, watch whatever sports events he could, and proudly pat his beer belly.

Jonathan had been quite good looking when they got married, but time, inactivity, and poor habits had taken their toll on him. He was an ordinary middle-aged man now, with a young, good looking wife.

Still, Jonathan never made Jennifer feel like she was anything special.

It didn’t matter that she dressed sexily for him when he came home from a business trip. If the kids were in bed, and he hadn’t had too much to drink on First Class, his routine was always the same. He would almost brusquely push her up to the bedroom , yank down her dress or shorts, slip his hands under her panties to feel her neatly trimmed pussy, and slip his fingers inside to start her juices flowing.

Fortunately for Jennifer, her body couldn’t help but react quickly. She had never really experienced foreplay. She would feel her wetness, and the exquisite beginnings of sexual delight. Her moaning and mewing would cause his cock to immediately grow. He would yank down her panties, push her on the bed, and slide into her. Jennifer never thought about how easy it was for him to make her come.

When he was feeling particularly macho or drunk, he would roughly push her head down to his penis and force her to swallow it.

She didn’t especially like swallowing his cum, but it made her feel like his love slave, and that excited her. It was easy for him, because he knew she was so easy!

Her girlfriends often talked about how they distrusted their husband on road trips, and Jennifer often wondered if Jonathan was unfaithful on the many times he was away. But she never discussed her concerns with him. They never got into deep discussions.

For the most part, she would turn on the pc at night, when he was away and the kids were in bed, find a sexy novel and bring herself to a climax. She would clamp her hand over her mouth as she was coming so the kids wouldn’t hear her. She often cried out when she came. But it was almost always alone, save for the few times a month her husband would push her up the stairs.

She checked tomorrow’s schedule one more time before going to bed.

Take Andrew to baseball practice at four and pick up Elizabeth from cheerleader practice at 6. And oh yes, she had an appointment with

Dr. Feinstein at 10 a.m.

A busy day tomorrow! Time for bed!

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They still hadn’t put on the air conditioning, and the house was warm at night. So, with she door closed to keep kids out, she slept in the nude. But only when she was alone, which was mostly all the time. Jonathan preferred her to wear flimsy nightwear when he was home.

Dr. Feinstein had been Jennifer’s doctor ever since her parents had moved to town. She was a young teenager and he was in his forties when he first examined her. She still remembered sitting on the exam table nude, and noticing a bulge in his pants.

But the years had passed, and Dr. Feinstein had been more like a neutered father than anything else. She always felt embarrassed undressing for him, but he was, after all, “just her doctor.”

And now, at sixty, but still handsome and youthful looking, her doctor was about to semi-retired to Florida.

He had called to mention that his nurse was sick, and to ask her if she wanted to come anyway. Jennifer had a few chronic medical demons that needed regular attention, so she decided to see him alone. Besides, he would soon be gone!

She wanted to see him one last time before seeking another doctor!

It wasn’t that Dr. Feinstein was really friendly or gushy. Actually, he was usually a bit standoffish and businesslike. But she could tell him anything….her health problems…..her sex problems, and he would listen and advise. He was a good doctor!

She waited about fifteen minutes until an elderly woman patient came out and waved hello to her. They knew each other by sight, but not name.

“You can come in now, Jennifer,” the doctor called out.

“How are you doing?” he asked

“OK,” the housewife replied. How is Mrs. Feinstein? ”

“She’s fine,” he answered, as he led her into his exam room.

“I’m sorry Nurse Betty isn’t here,” he said. “I’m glad you could come! I would hate to leave without seeing you one more time!”

They talked for awhile about her problems. Then he told her to undress.

Jennifer felt awkward as she started for the dressing room. She had never been alone with him!

“No,” he said, “you can undress here!”

“Here?” she murmured, her heart starting to beat a bit faster.


“Jennifer,” he said, “when you come out of the dressing room, you’ll be wearing a white smock. Right?”

“Right,” she answered, looking down t the floor.

Jennifer wasn’t a worldly woman, and was quite shy with people.

“And I’ll tell you to take it off. Right?” he continued.


“Let’s save some time and a few unnecessary steps!” he said.

“I’m sorry,” she answered. “I know you’re running late.”

“No, I’ve cancelled all my other appointments for today so I could take my time with you. You’re special to me.”

He motioned for her to undress.

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Jennifer nervously removed her blouse and lowered her jeans and little white panties. Her body was tanned, revealing a tan line and well trimmed pubic hair.

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She unsnapped the lacy bra and let it fall away from her breasts.

And looked down at the floor.

They talked for awhile about her medical record and problems. He was staring at her nakedness. She was beginning to tremble ever so slightly.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

“N-no, I’m fine,” she replied.

He moved into her and hugged her quivering body.

“I will miss you very much, Jennifer,” he said softly.

“Yes, doctor,” she said. “I will miss you……”

“I’ve never told you how beautiful you are!” he admitted.

“N…no…” she said huskily.

He kissed her.

She felt the bulge in his pants pressing into her belly button.

UHHH!! She moaned as his tongue explored her mouth.

“Doctor NO!!”

But he was crushing her ass cheeks and moving his hands up and down her body.

And then with one hand, caressing her back, her ass, kissing her neck, her breasts….sucking on her hugely erect nipples.

And with the other hand stripping off his clothes.

Jennifer was telling him to stop, and at the same time moaning and crying.

And tossing her head in ecstasy.

And getting very wet, as his fingers pushed past her plump labia.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!” she was moaning and mewing and trembling and sopping wet.

And now the good doctor was naked.

And pushing a still very engorged penis deep into her vagina.

“The couch,” he whispered.

And he fucked her.


“Are you ok, Mommy,” the kids asked her at the dinner table.

“Yes,” she answered, “I’m just a bit tired.”

And when she went to bed, she cried and touched herself to sleep.

And the next morning, Dr. Feinstein called and asked he could meet her at the King George Hotel.

Of course there was no Nurse Betty.

And he fucked Jennifer all morning.

And then he was gone.


But Dr. Feinstein had awakened Jennifer’s sexuality.

Her sexual addiction.

She was no longer depressed.

She got contact lenses and was pleased at how she looked.

She asked Tommy, the boy next door, to mow her lawn.

And lured him into her bedroom.


Anyone but blacks! She disliked black males. They were rude, often made obscene remarks and gestures, and were like animals.

She feared them. They intimidated her.

At the supermarket one day, she noticed a new employee staring at her. He was young and black.

Did he just make an obscene gesture?

She told the manger.

The man was fired on the spot.


Jennifer started having some strange feelings.

Nausea... queasiness.

It soon became obvious that was carrying either Dr. Feinstein’s or Tommy’s baby.

She had to make plans.

She had to start having frequent sex with Jonathan!.

So, he would think the baby was his!


But first things first!

Time to pick up Elizabeth!

She got in the car, turned on the radio, and pointed her remote at the garage door.

It wouldn’t work.

She glanced in the rear view mirror.


A mask!

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Please wait while picture loads

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He was very strong as he crushed her throat, and in moments, he was dragging her limp body from the car.

“Got me fired, cunt!” he said to her a she lay on the garage floor.

He quickly undressed her and fucked her.

And again, where she had never been fucked.

She was motionless, and he didn’t know whether she was just unconscious or dead.

He didn’t try to find out.

He didn’t care.

He left.

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.\

The End

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