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Fucking In The Mud (MF, mud)
By Anonymous Author
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Rachel begins to lead Sean away from the car, and he feels himself walking through tall grass, going downhill. Soon, they reach the bottom of the hill, but keep walking. After taking a few more steps, Sean notices that they're no longer walking through grass. The ground is becoming increasingly squishy, and Rachel sees a smile of recognition spread across Sean's face. He hears Rachel laughing next to him, happy that he is pleased.

Rachel keeps leading him further out, and soon Sean can tell that the mud is a little more than ankle deep. He's getting quite antsy, dying to take off his blindfold, and Rachel decides it's time. Rachel is also quite eager to get at Sean's cock, and she can see how hard Sean still is through his pants. Rachel gets really close to him, and Sean can feel her breasts pressed up against him, her groin against his and her breath on his face. She raises her arms, put her hands behind Sean's head and begins to untie his blindfold.

Meanwhile, he has his arms wrapped tight around Rachel, and is rubbing her back and ass. She can tell how hot he is, and she tells Sean she feels the same way. Rachel leans in and begins to kiss Sean deeply, and while doing so, she removes the cloth that was covering Sean's eyes. Rachel can feel Sean's lips turn into a smile when he notices their surroundings for the first time. They have just walked down a hill of moderate incline, maybe 20 yards from the top. Ahead of them, the way they're facing, Sean sees a large expanse of mud stretched out before them.

There are trees and grass to their left, and a mushy-looking wet field to the right. On the far side of the mud pit, he can see some trees in the distance. They are quite secluded and already enjoying ourselves. Rachel tells Sean how she hopes this will alleviate his boredom. He laughs, and says of course it will, it already has.

They smile at each other for a while, then her hands slide up to Sean's chest and begin to unbutton his shirt. Sean reaches up to her chest also, and realize what I'm wearing- you're pleased to see me looking really hot in a white, low cut tight tank top and little itty bitty jean cut-offs. Sean's smile grows, and he begins to rub his hands all over her, while Rachel finishes unbuttoning Sean's shirt.

He starts to kiss her neck, making it difficult for her to unbutton the shirt, but somehow she succeeds, and tosses it onto the bank. Rachel turns around, facing the far side of the pit, takes Sean by the hand and leads him farther out into the mud. He has a great view of her from behind, and is really enjoying himself. Her ass looks great in those tight shorts, and you can see her feet tromping through the mud, appearing above the surface with each step she takes, allowing the mud to slowly slide off a bit, over her toes, before she plunges her foot back into the dark depths.

Together they make their way out deeper, until they are both messy up to right below the knees. At this point, Rachel lets go of Sean's hand and turns around to face him with a conniving grin on her face. She gives him a quick kiss on his face, and then slide her hands down to Sean's waist, where his jeans are. Her hand finds the button and zipper, and undoes both of them.

Rachel begins to slowly push Sean's jeans and underwear down over his ass so that she can have a great view of Sean's cock and balls. However, she feels the need for a closer view, so she begins to slowly lower herself down into the mud, letting the warmth seep up first over her knees, then slowly up her thighs, turning her white flesh a messy brown.

Rachel moans a bit as she slides deeper into the mud, really enjoying the feeling. While she slithers down onto her knees, Rachel keeps her hand up by Sean's cock, just holding it gently. Then when she is finally down on her knees, and at mouth-level with Sean's cock, she looks up and smiles at him. Sean smiles back and his hands find their way to the back of her head and slowly, gently, push her mouth closer to his cock, until he feels her lips touching the head, and she can feel the moist pre-cum that's already present.

Rachel licks it up, slowly, savoring the taste.

Then she slides her lips further over Sean's cock, covering the head. Her hand goes down to Sean's balls and begins to play with them a bit, but she's mostly concentrating on sucking him. Her tongue is pressed tight against Sean's cock, and his hips are trying to push it further into her mouth. Unexpectedly, Rachel slides her entire mouth around Sean's ready cock, and begins to stroke it with her tongue. She is moving quickly, and gripping tightly. Her lips are sealed around Sean's cock, and her tongue couldn't be any closer.

She's moving quickly up and down, at the speed at which Sean's thrusts are coming. Rachel is working him expertly and getting him quite hot. The taste of Sean's pre-cum becomes more evident in her mouth, and Rachel knows it's time to stop. She pulls her mouth off of Sean's cock, and strokes it a few times with her hand, reassuringly.

With her face upturned to him, Sean cannot resist the urge to do something; he stoops over, grabs a handful of mud, and brings his hand back towards her face. He raises his hand just over her head and Rachel knows what's coming. She closes her eyes, and lifts her face up a bit towards the sky. Sean see how beautiful she looks, and you let the first splat of mud hit her face.

A big, brown, slimy blob of mud lands right on her left cheek, and then slowly slides down towards her chin, leaving a streak behind it. After the first drop, the mud falls quickly now, leaving Sean's hand and landing on various parts of her face, her forehead, hairline, nose, chin, cheeks, jaw and lips...

Rachel raises her hand up to her face, smoothes some of the mud from her forehead back into her hair and wipes some from her lips and eyes. Then she looks up at Sean again, this time all messy and muddy. He looks down on her, and love the sight he sees her entire face are covered with mud, and it is dripping down off her head, landing on her shoulders, chest and breasts. Her pale skin is now becoming spotted with the thick mud, and Sean couldn't be happier.

Sean holds his hand out for Rachel to take, and he helps pull her to her feet. As Rachel stands, the mud that was on her shorts and legs from kneeling in the pit falls off of her in big globs, landing back into the source of it all. Sean's hands are all muddy, and as he begins to rub them all over her breasts, he leaves a lot of the mud behind. The mud on her tank top makes it cling even tighter on Rachel and Sean can see that her nipples have responded to the attention, they are now quite hard, and are nicely accented by the muddy shirt now covering them.

The weight of the mud on her shirt is also pulling it down a bit further, and more of her breasts are exposed, only barely covered in the mud. Sean decides that he wants to see more, so he raises her hands in the air and grasps the bottom edge of her shirt, pulling it up over her tummy, then breasts, and finally her head. Of course, Rachel is wearing no bra, and is now totally exposed up top. Sean looks down at her shorts and sees them only as a barrier, stopping him from seeing all of her.

Rachel stands there compliantly as he begins to undo her shorts the same way Rachel just did his, and then slides them off of her hips and into the knee-deep mud. Rachel has to lift her feet up out of the mud to step out of her jeans, and in doing so, she notice that he seem to be watching her do this. Because of Sean's interest, Rachel keeps her feet out of the muck a few seconds longer than necessary, and gently runs them through the surface of the mud, letting her toes plow through the mess, and has it slide over her whole foot. Then she picks her foot higher out of the mud, holds it in the air, and lets Sean watch the mud drip off of it, plopping back into the pit.

Because of the show Rachel is putting on, he's forgotten the fact that he just got her out of the shorts, and now her pussy is visible. Her bush is still clean- the mud didn't seep through the denim. Sean decides to change this, and drags his hand from the top of her stomach all the way down to in between her legs, dragging a lot of mud with him. The mud clings to her pubic hair, offsetting the nice red color of it with the mud's brown trail.

Sean slides his slimy hand deeper in between her legs, and onto her clean pussy. Rachel loves the feeling of Sean's messy hand touching her as it slips between her thighs and gently rubs against her lips and clit. His touches are soon too much for her, and her hips begin to slowly gyrate in time with Sean's motions.

Rachel leans her head back, and allows a few moans to escape her lips. She has her arms wrapped around Sean for support; this is so intense that her balance isn't very steady. However, as Rachel get more and more into Sean's actions, it's harder for her to remain upright, and he feels her beginning to sway.

Finally, Rachel totally loses her balance and falls straight into the mud, landing on her ass. Rachel lets go of Sean before she falls and he gets a good look at the dark mud pouring in over her skin as she makes her way deeper into it. It washes over her, now completely covering her bush, hips, legs and stomach.

She looks up at Sean, laughing a bit, and then reaches her hand up, as if she were asking for help to stand. He falls for it, and gives her his hand. Before Sean can make any effort to pull her up, Rachel gives a sharp tug on Sean's arm and sends him into the mud right on top of her. He lands on Rachel, and now they are face to face. The mud in between them and covering them and making every movement much more sensitive, and they begin to wiggle and writhe, enjoying the feelings. Their lips find each other again, and they begin to kiss passionately.

Sean's hands go to support the back of her head, so that it stays clear of the surface, and he pus his other hand straight to the bottom of the pit in between her legs right up against her pussy, which is really hot now; the closeness of Sean's arm turns her on. Rachel slides a bit closer to it, and soon her pussy is tight up against it, rubbing up and down feverishly.

They are still kissing, and now the hand holding her head is picking up mud, and stroking it through her hair, until all of it is completely slicked back with the black mud. Her arms are locked tight around Sean's neck, and Rachel is pulling you tighter to her, holding you as close as possible. Rachel is dying to feel Sean's cock inside of her, and has been wanting to since even before they left the house.

She begins to sit up a bit, and in doing so, Rachel pushes Sean upright, so that he is now leaning back on his heels with the mud up over his belly. Rachel is still sitting opposite of him, and she then plunges her hand into the mud right where Sean's cock should be. At first, her hand slides right along the side of Sean's cock, but doesn't quite touch it.

The feeling her slippery hand gives Sean are enough to make him want more. Rachel moves her hand up towards the surface again, and then plunges it deeper, once again trying to find Sean's cock. She wants to stroke it really badly, and she knows he wants it, too.

Finally, her hand slides right down over Sean's cock, fitting right over it. The mud helps her to slide her hand all the way over him, down the shaft, and then back up again. The palm of her hand grazes the tip of his cock, teasing Sean even more. Rachel begins to pick up speed though, and soon she is stroking you fairly briskly, and exciting the both of them. Under the surface, the mud is squishing through her fingers and all around Sean's cock as Rachel strokes him, and the noises are getting really funky.

Sean's breathing grows heavier, and Rachel knows now is the time to fuck. Rachel lets Sean put his legs straight out in front of him, and she puts her knees on either side of him, straddling Sean. Slowly Rachel lowers herself towards Sean's cock. Her hips are visible over the surface of the mud, and he can see the black mud dripping off of her, especially as it drips off of her pubic hair. Her face is still more or less clean, and Sean would really like to see it get muddy while they fuck.

Eventually, her muddy pussy finds its way down to Sean's cock, and she begins to push herself onto him. It's slipperier than they've ever felt it, and the mud also helps to make Sean's penis a lot more sensitive. Rachel slides her pussy slowly over the length of Sean's cock, smiling down at him as she does so. Rachel now sits with Sean about half-way inside of her, and all of a sudden, she just slams her hips down towards his, and begins to grind her pelvis, loving the feeling of Sean's cock deep inside of her.

She begins to ride him slowly, lifting her pussy off of Sean's slippery cock before she buries him inside of her again. Sean loves watching her muddy body move as she fucks you, and you love the expression of pure ecstasy on her face as you do so. Her face is stark white in contrast with the rest of her muddy body, with the exception of a few black streaks here and there. She decides it's time to totally cover herself in the goo, so she climbs off of him, and turns around, kneeling on all fours in the deep mud.

The surface of the mud is just covering her breasts, so her head is easily clear of it, but not for long! Her ass is high in the air, and Sean positions himself behind Rachel, his cock rubbing all over her slimy ass. The way the warm mud feels on Sean's cock is getting him really hard, and he'd love nothing more than to fuck Rachel.

But first, he remembers he's got to see her get all muddy. Sean raises a hand to the back of her head, and gently pushes it forward, towards the depths of the mud. Rachel closes her eyes, expecting the best, but she doesn't feel any mud on her face. Next, Sean moves his cock closer to her pussy, and begins to rub it around the outside of it, teasing her as he does so. He lowers her face even closer to the mud, and push slightly so that the very front of her face is momentarily submerged before he pulls me back up by her hair.

The mud is dripping of her chin, sliding down to her throat, and dripping of her nose. Rachel sees Sean crane his neck so that he can see how good this looks, and she turns her head a bit to give him a better view, and lets out a soft moan, still feeling his cock on her pussy. Suddenly, without warning, he slams himself deep into her, making Rachel loose her balance. She careens forwards, and her face lands right in the mud, right where he wants it.

However, moments before her face was covered with the mud, he heard her moan out in pleasure, now that his cock was finally inside of her. He also heard the squelch of the mud as her body lurched forward in it. Rachel's whole entire face was dipped into the mud, and is now totally and completely covered, the way he's been waiting for.

He slowly slides out of her pussy, and looks at her face, now pulled above the surface. Rachel is moaning quite a bit now, what with all of the good feelings washing over her-Sean's slow fucking, his hands on the back of her neck, and the warm mud now completely drenching her face and slowly dripping off... She thinks about how much she wants him to fuck her deep and hard.

Sean must have read her mind, because just at that moment, he buries himself deep inside of her again, and begin to move quickly in and out. Rachel's head is thrown back now, so he can see a bit of her mud covered face, and her muddy red hair. They both love how the slimy mud makes them move on each other, and are already close to orgasm. Sean is driving his cock into Rachel with so much force; his pelvis is slamming up against her, and Rachel can feel him so deep inside.

When Sean thrusts in, he gyrates his hips a bit, grinding himself even deeper into her, and then slowly pull out before he thrusts himself into her again. One of Sean's hands is now holding Rachel at the waist, keeping her steady while he fucks her hard. Sean's other hand has gone around to the front of her waist, and his fingers have worked their way down towards her clit.

Still fucking her hard, Sean presses the palm of his hand tight against her mound, right on her clit. This way, when he thrusts deep inside of her, her pelvis automatically is pushed up against Sean's hand, stimulating her clit. This feels so good-she loves the way Sean fucks her and his hand feels wonderful on her, getting Rachel so hot.

She listens to Sean's heavy breathing and panting for a bit, and he to hers, intermixed with the squishing sounds of the dark mud around them. This gets both of them really hot- they make the most beautiful fucking sounds, especially in the mud! Rachel feels Sean's cock grow more rigid inside of her, and she feels the same way herself; she knows that they're both close to orgasm. Sean's hand on her clit is just too much for her, what with everything else going on, and her orgasm comes quicker.

The mud feels warm on her nipples, and Sean's slippery hot hand on her clit begins to press a bit harder, and move around, stimulating her even more. Sean's thrusts are coming very quickly now, and Rachel can barely breathe. Her whole body tenses, and the first feelings of climax shoot through her, making her quiver.

Rachel's slippery, hot pussy tightens around Sean's cock, gripping him, pulling him deeper into her as she comes herself. With a few final thrusts, Rachel can feel Sean cum, squirting deep inside of her.

Before he's done though, Sean pulls out of her pussy, and unloads the rest of his cum on her mud-covered brown back and ass. The white hotness of Sean's cum looks so good against the slippery brown of her skin, and as Sean finishes his orgasm, he enjoys this sight.

Rachel finishes her climax just as she feels Sean's body tense and his seed shoot onto her. It drives her crazy, and her body jerks in unison with his as she experiences another intense flash of orgasm.

Rachel cries out, just knowing that they can do this to each other; that they have something special that no one else knows about is such a wonderful thing. A thing they will have to repeat again and again...


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