(FFFM, nc, anal-face, smelly, huml)
by Jeff
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A friend and I recently went to this bar in my neighborhood. There are all kinds of dominant females are into the scene there. My friend, Caroline introduced me to this friend of hers Brittany at the bar. We talked most of the evening about domination and our interests.

I was in modeling then and so was she. Finally she said, "Hey, listen it sounds like we have a few interests in common, and I like you. I'll give you a call next week and we'll get together, okay?"

One night a few weeks later, the phone rang and when I answered I was met with, "Hi, Chris, it's Brittany. I said I'd call, when can you come over?"

I thought, great! "Anytime, what about tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Your on big boy, see around 7 pm."

When I got there we talked a bit and then all of sudden said, "You've got a gorgeous face, would you like to smell my panties?"

I was kind of shocked, because although I had interests in her offer I had never thought of doing anything like that before. I said a little nervously, "That would be something new for me. But sure, if it's what you're into, I'll try it."

Brittany proceeded to tell me that if we did this, for her to really enjoy herself, (being into domination) I would have to be tied up. I agreed without hesitation, hell this whole thing was turning me on something fierce. Brittany was a real fox, and I wanted to see her naked.

Brittany said, "Okay then, get undressed to your briefs and sit in that chair with your legs together." She proceed to tie my legs securely at the ankles and the knees, and then said, "Now it's time for your arms. Put them behind your back." She tied my arms behind my back and wrapped the rope around my chest.

I thought it was odd for simply going to sniff her panties.

Then she said, "It's hard getting a guy to do this because I let myself go for about four days without a shower and I kind of really smell."

I thought, "Oh, great, what have I got myself into! She tells me this after I'm tied and can't move. It's the middle of summer and really hot and humid in here. I tried to convince myself, 'Well, it can't be all that bad, after all she's gorgeous and gorgeous females don't usually smell the way she says,' I thought hopefully.

Brittany, then lowered me onto her living room rug on my back, bound and helpless.

Once in this position, she said, "Hang on a second, I'm just going to get something from my neighbor, I'll be right back."

Oh great, she's going to take off and leave me here lying tied up in my underpants, what I sucker I was to get into this.

In a few minutes I could hear her apartment door close. Then I heard several people. A group of people were coming into the room. I strained my neck to look up and there Brittany and two other women standing there, looking down at me. I was really embarrassed. I had no idea what to say.

Brittany walked over to me and said, "I hope you don't mind, but you're going to have a smelly evening with us. These are my neighbors Lisa and Rhonda. Say hi to Chris girls."

These females looked good too, just like Brittany. They walked over to me and told me that they thought I looked really cute and that they really were happy to meet me.

I felt embarrassed bound up and in only my underwear with them all looking down at me like that. Each one had a very short mini-skirt and heels on and I could see up their skirts from where I lay, so at least that was neat.

Brittany went out to the kitchen and then returned to the living room and proceeded to sit on my chest. She held up some adhesive tape and said, "Hold your head still Chris, I'm going to tape your mouth over. I want you to breathe through your nose, and only your nose, you understand?"

I notice her tone was very assertive now since these other two friends were there. For some reason I didn't fight her, I was still hoping that this would turn into some kind of fourway, my dick was so hard I thought I would burst.

Once Brittany had applied the tape I realized that she had cut off a good portion of my oxygen supply. Shit, I could no longer breathe at all through my mouth, and this tape is strong.

Brittany stood and asked the other women, "Who wants to go first?"

Lisa giggled, "I do! I do! Please! Let me be first this time!" I had no idea what was going to go on. It sounded like they'd done this before. I was starting to regret me easy going agreement to do this.

"Sit on his knees Rhonda, I'll sit on his crotch," Brittany said.

Then the two of them sat on me. Both were facing my head. I was nervous but still hugely erect. After all, all three of these females were good looking enough to have been models.

Brittany and Rhonda laughed and pointed at my boner and Brittany said, "Woo, look it there, he's getting excited already." Then Brittany looking down into my eyes from her position on my waist and said, "If you struggle at anytime honey, I'll squeeze your nuts so hard it'll make you cry, do you understand me?"

I just nodded my head, what else could I do.

Then, Lisa was standing over me. I was looking up under her mini-skirt and getting more excited. I could see from this vantage point that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her cunt was shaved and it looked beautiful, with puffy pussy lips.

Then she was descending over my face, her knees ended up on either side of my head and she was facing frontward. I started to move my head from side to side, that's when Brittany grabbed my balls and said, squeezing tightly, "Hold your head still and smell her, you asshole hon, do as I say and I'll let go of your nuts."

I struggles anyway at first, and tried to move my head away, but I was helpless and the pain of Brittany's grip on my nuts was becoming intolerable.

Lisa's weight on my face and the tightening of her thighs around my head was too much for me to fight. Then she was wiggling around on my face working my face into position and covering my nose with her slit. "Smell me, you worthless male, and smell me good."

Her pantiless crotch really smelled. It was unreal. I struggled and made muffled groans trying to get her off me, but under all three of their weight I was helpless. The tape Brittany put over my mouth was really effective, I had to smell Lisa without breathing through my mouth.

Lisa, while sitting on my face kept rubbing herself against my nose and Brittany kept saying, "Is he smelling your crotch right Lisa?" Her fist clinched around my balls. They were laughing, commenting to each other that I must like it more that I was willing to admit since I was still hugely erect. Either Brittany or Rhonda kept flicking my erection with her fingers which kind of hurt, and telling me to stop struggling.

I remember looking up at Lisa from between her legs and being barely able to see her breasts under her t-shirt. She looked down at me periodically would close her legs together tightly and wiggle up more, covering my face and laughing saying, "Gosh, what fun! It wonderful having a male slave all to ourselves to get off on."

After about twenty minutes of abuse, my face was wet with the smelly moistness of her wet ripe pussy. I could feel her smell all over my face. Then finally Lisa knelt and pulled herself up quickly and said, "Hold his head still girls."

I couldn't believe the relief of the cool air hitting my face. I thought to myself, "Good, it's over, the smell is getting to me."

But she merely turned around, facing the others and sat back down on my face. I immediately moved my head again from side to side to avoid her. Someone grabbed my balls and squeezed. I heard Lisa say, "Hold your head still you jerk."

I had to do it or faint from the pressure on my balls. Lisa then, looked over he shoulder at me, and laughed, "Hold your head still slave, and push your nose into my smelly ass."

She then sat back down on my face, this time pushing my nose slid right into her ass-crack. Once again, I lay there helplessly writhing under their combined weight having to smell Lisa's ass and crotch again.

Then as time progressed each one of these lovely (smelly) ladies proceeded to take turns riding and then sitting on my face. It was like an assembly line, they each had to have their time using me.

Once the one sitting on my face was through, she would move to sit on my knees and the one on my waist moved up to sit on my face and so on. I must have been forced to smell them for about two, maybe three hours. During this time each took turns sitting on my face some with their panties on and some without. Each one really smelled.

These women had obviously planned this and it was also obvious that they'd teamed up to do this to other men before me. By the end, my face was so hot with smell and sweat and their natural lubrication that they were actually sliding around on my face like it was greased, rubbing themselves against my face and nose.

That's when they started cumming on my face. It didn't happen until my face was leally lubed up with their fluids, it was Brittany who screamed out her lust as she rode my nose. It was jammed into he slit and I was about to faint from lack of oxygen by the time one of the other women pulled her off me. She was so gone that she could have suffocated me without even knowing.

I was pretty spend, I can tell you, by the time both Lisa and Ronda had gotten off on my face. When they did stop, Brittany took her panties and put them over my head with the smelly crotch area over my nose and laughing said, "Take a last smell honey, I want to sit here and look you for a bit, I probably won't get a chance to admire you like this again." They laughed while they sat on the couch as I lay on the floor still bound.


The next day, after I was finally released and had spent several hours in the shower, I told my Caroline who was the one who introduced me to Brittany, what she and her friends had done to me.

Caroline laughed and said that she thought it was funny. She said that Brittany did that sort of thing to any man she could trick into letting her. It was her thing to humiliate men, and to dominate them.

Brittany called me again, several times, but I haven't gone over, but for some really strand reason I'm really tempted.


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