By Amy Davis
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Well the day finally came, the day I was going to walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Debbie Johnson. I was nervous and excited. The only thing bringing me down was my bridal shower. I was hoping for a wild night but instead my mother and mother-in law planned a quite formal dinner. It was so boring.

I wanted gag gifts and naked men. I wanted a night that was so wild that I would always remember my last night as a single woman. To make matters worse my maid of honor, Kathy went out with her friends after dinner, leaving me with the old ladies.

Kathy was helping be get dressed and her friend Vicky was there too. I had met Vicky a few times; she was a pretty wild woman. I had heard rumors she was bi and always wanted sex. Kathy was telling me how her and Vicky ended up at a strip club and on a dare Vicky got up and started to dance with the stripers.

I had never been with another woman but the idea of watching Vicky dancing with another woman stirred something inside of me. Kathy told me how she wished I could have joined them last night. She told me for my last night as a single woman she wanted to share me with Vicky.

I was beginning to get wet with what she was telling me. Then Vicky leaned over and said, "Well she is not married, yet." Kathy gave me a wicked look as her hand reach for my crotch. Vicky was feeling my breast and I stood there not wanting either one to stop. The fondling led to some hot kissing and I felt hands and tongues all over my body. I unbuttoned Kathy's jack so I could get access to her large breast. I was always jealous of the size of Kathy's breast. They were so large and firm.

To my surprise Vick pulled out some sex toys from her handbag, I told you she was always ready for sex. Vicky strapped on a rather large dildo that had a built in vibrator.

I had always been faithful to Ted and never let any man screw me since we first met. I had never thought my last fuck would be from another woman. As I watched her strap on that dildo, Kathy continued her deep French kissing and fingering of my pussy. I felt Vicky rub that plastic monster up and down my but cheeks.

"Go slowly with that thing." I told her. "Ted is not that big."

Kathy lay down on the sofa as I bent down, giving Vick an opportunity to enter me from behind. I nearly came as soon as she entered me. I was so hot. Then she went a little deeper and then she flipped on the vibrator. I came right there. My body jerked and spasm as I climax in less then one minute. Vicky held me tight until I had relaxed. Then she began to fuck me deeper and harder.

I leaned over and began to lick Kathy's waiting pussy. Sliding her panties to one side I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I had never tasted another woman's pussy before but I felt this would be my last chance. As Vicky continued her fucking I ate out my maid of honor.

Watching her eyes flutter as I brought her close to her own orgasm. Her thighs closed around my head as she came. Her body was shacking as I made her cum. Vicky turned the vibrator up as she pounded my pussy. Then she began to insert her finger into my ass. Ted never touched me there and Vicky has now bringing me to my second orgasm.

As I started to cum Vicky and Kathy began to sing "Here Cums the Bride."

One hour later as the church organist started to play "her comes the Bride." Kathy and Vicky gave me a wicked look, as I walked down the aisle. They both gave me the memory I was looking for, a memory that would last through my marriage.
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