Brandy and Kelly - Sisters
(Mf, ff, exh, inc)
By Sweet Irish

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Norah and Samuel Stevenson considered themselves extremely lucky, as they had a warm home, and Sam, a highly successful company that employed more than one hundred people. The company developed computer systems for government agencies, and had just landed the largest contract of in its twenty-five-year history.

In addition to the large home on the local golf course, they owned a home in Florida on the inter-costal near Ft. Lauderdale, where they tied up a 35-foot cabin cruiser. Yet the most important parts of their life were the five children that were honor students in their respective schools.

Now it was summer, and the family was all home and Josh, the eldest of the siblings, at twenty-two, was home for a few weeks before leaving for his doctoral studies in anthropological in England.

Please wait while picture loads Tim, the fair-haired lad of twenty was planning on spending the summer playing golf, and keeping in shape for his college golf team, of which he would be the team captain the next school year.

Then the pride of her fatherís heart, Brandy, was a nineteen-year-old vivacious blonde with a constant smile. Standing five-ten, and at a hundred and fifteen pounds, her image was of assurance and pure perfection. Especially noteworthy was her complexion of almost ivory colored skin. When her peers saw her in a two pieced, bathing suit, her malesí acquaintances attempted to lure her into an evening of carnal and energetic activity. Brandy had a charismatic mannerism that made even the adult males at the country club take notice of Samís lovely daughter.

There were conversations, out of Samís presence, that alluded to how it would be a pleasure to bed the young beauty. Most fathers had heard from their sons that the fair skinned, a lovely young woman was still virginal, and each man could picture him being Brandyís first. That their male offspring had attempted to seduce the attractive girl, was known, but no one had as of yet even been allowed to feel the 34C cup breast of the blonde nineteen-year-old.

Their youngest son, Judson, fifteen and a young boy always experimenting with a new computer program, and had on numerous occasions, caused the family computer to simply wipe out its complete operating system, or delete the family files. Finally the father, Sam, purchased Jud, his own computer, and forbid him to sign-on or open up the computers of the other family members. Sam was proud of his son, Jud, as he was able to contribute many system ideas that became a part of the products Samís company installed in government systems and software programs or operating systems.

The youngest of the children, Kelly, at eleven, was vibrant and looked like her mother, even to having the like type of dimple in her chin? Her body had yet to fully develop, but one could see that the girl was destined to become the most attractive member of the family. Kelly was so unselfish in her manners and giving of her time and assistant to anything the family required, that Norah became concerned Kelly would never be independent enough to keep her thoughts and personal life in check.

Norah laughed as she walked down the hall toward the stairs leading to the master bed room suite that covered the entire upper floor of the Tudor Style, three-story home. Telling her dear husband, "You or I must speak to our young daughter and inform her to not be nude in her room, with the door open, as the males of the household cannot stand seeing her yet to grow charms."

Kelly had always been one to shun clothing from the time she was small, and even her brothers had spoken about her being nude. Tim had often spoken how his friends would see her nude, when she was only six or seven, and now Jud was complaining about her being naked at eleven, when his buddies came to visit.

"Norah, she was laying on the bed just now, her legs wide apart and her thingy on display for the whole world to view," Sam said to his wife. Thinking for a moment, Sam continued, "That girl is going to be something else, and her breasts are starting to pop out on her chest, and her sex could turn a man on, any man," he emphasized.

"Poor Hubby, did your little girl get you excited so I will be attacked," Norah asked as she reached down and caught his rising penis in her hand? Then Norah added, "If you get excited over a hairless vulva, and a couple of pimple size breast on a girl of eleven, wait until she is sixteen."

"No, that isnít the point, she has got to stop being on display, and what if Jud sees her?"

"He has, and he finds it ugly, or as he told me last week," "God, Mom, I canít believe Kelly walks around nude and her ugly thing uncovered."

"Norah, you must speak to her."

Entering the large suite that took up the entire third floor, which included a large Jacuzzi tub, Sam and Norah quickly undressed. Norah saw her husband was almost completely erect, and it had to be hard from seeing his young daughter completely exposed. They climbed into the tub and sat side-by-side, and were soon kissing and becoming intimate with the other. Sam still found his wife attractive at forty-six, and he was proud he could afford to have her breast implants done for her two years before. Then a few minorsí tucks on her face, improved her appearance to that of a woman of thirty-five.

They were kissing and fondling each other and Norah still enjoyed stroking her husband as she had when they were high school seniors, and then as college students, and making him ejaculate before she allowed him to make love to her on their wedding-night. Norah had been proud of being a virgin or at least a near virgin, on her wedding-night. As a bride, Norah had awaited the stroke of Samís firm manhood that would seal their love for each other.

Norah still remembered the shock her body felt when he penetrated her that first time. She had expected a slight stinging sensation, and when he pushed her virginity open, she thought she was being torn apart. The pain was caused by her hymen being exceptionally thick, and her personal doctor had suggested she have it surgically slit before attempting intercourse. The pain had caused Norah to cry out in a shrill scream, and she still had visions of how her legs kicked up in the air as Sam enters her as deep as his manhood could reach on the first stroke into her body.

Stroking her husband until he was fully erect, Norah moved up over his body and straddled him and eased her sex down until she was allowing him to part her sex. The hot water was causing some of her lubricant to wash away, but finally she had her husband buried deep inside her body, and begin to move up and down on him. Norah was telling Sam, "Youíre so hard, and feel so good in me, why didnít I let you take me when we were still in high school, oh Sam, I love you inside me."

"You feel good on me, and your pussy is so warm inside, and youíre going to make me cum in you, oh yeah my Love, now Norah, now!" Sam was going off when he was shocked to hear another voice in the room.

The voice stilled their movements, and caused Norah to turn and look at her young daughter, and Sam looked across his wifeís shoulder, as Kelly was entering the water in the tub. "Mom, you two need to stop being like teenagers and behave."

"Kelly, why - what are you doing in here with us, weíre nude and so are you," Norah asked her young daughter?

"I wanted to speak with you and dad, and ask if it is okay if I go with Brandy to Florida on Saturday, thatís all." As she spoke, Kelly had sat on a towel on the edge of the Jacuzzi, and was facing her father.

Norah looked in the floor to ceiling mirrors that surrounded the corner of the room where the tub was located. When they had finished off the upper floor as their suite, they had extended the room by building out over the large porch on the end of the house. Using steel beams as post and floor supports, they had included the tub as part of their private domain. The tub was away from the corner walls by about two feet, and the mirrors had been Norahís idea.

Now as she sat with her husband's large penis shrinking inside her body, she looked in the mirror behind her husband and realized that her daughter had pulled her right foot up onto the edge of the tub, and was resting her chin on her crossed hands that were on her knee. Looking in the mirror, Norah could view her daughterís young sex, and know that her husband and Kellyís father, was looking directly at the narrow slit between the developing thighs of the young girl.

Norah knew that her daughterís image was stimulating her Sam, as she felt his erection throb inside her vagina. The water, as it bubbled, was enough to keep the joining of her and Samís sex from being seen. Yet her husband was responding as each moment passed, and their daughter was displaying her eleven-year-old vagina to his eyes.

Norah felt Samís penis begins to enlarge and start moving within her sex, and she knew Sam was going to ejaculate the second time, as he looked with pleasure at the small sex in front of his eyes. Leaning back, Norah looked into her husbandís eyes, seeing they were starring directly at his daughter, and with no doubt, at her young sex. As she looked at Sam, she felt him shudder, and then he moaned under his breath and she felt him shooting his semen into her. This was even a sexual turn on for Norah, and she could not determine why, except she thought about the time she was a month short of her twelfth birthday.

Norah had been nude with her cousin, Mike, a seventeen-year-old, who Norah believed was the most handsome boy ever. They had packed a picnic lunch and told her parents they wanted to explore the forest around the ca bin. Mike, was her motherís sister boy, and he had been invited to vacation with them for the two weeks, so Norah could have company.

They had walked around the woods and decided to go to where the creek flowed at the far end of the property. Reaching the stream, they first sat on the edge of the creek bank, dangling their feet in the cool water. Mike had reached in his back pack and took out a can of cola. As he took a drink, he asked Norah if she wanted a Cola.

"No, but can I have just a sip of yours," Norah asked her cousin, thinking it would be romantic to place her lips on the can where her handsome cousin placed his to sip the cola.

"Yeah, go ahead, but you can have a can if you want it," Mike replied. Watching the pretty girl, as she tipped the can, and drink from it, he saw her tongue lick around the edge. From his knowledge of girls, he knew his little cousin was "in love with him," like happens between young cousins. But seeing her lick the can, caused him to want more than just to see Norah licking a pop can. Mike thought of one thing, and that was to see Norah without clothes. Thinking of how to have her nude, he looked at Norah and asked her, "Would you like to go swimming with me, cause I want to undress and swim?"

"We didnít bring our bathing suites, or I didnít, did you?"

"No, but there is no one else around, and we can swim without our clothes, as no one will see us or know we have swam in the nude, so what say?"

"But, Mike, you would see me with nothing on, and you would be naked in front of me," Norah replied. Then she asked Mike, "Would you please not watch me as I undressed?"

"Sure, just undress by that brush over there, and then you can walk backwards to the water and get in." Mike had already stood up and had pulled his shirt over his head, and was removing his shorts and underwear as he spoke.

Looking at her cousin, Norah was viewing the first nude boy in her life. Her eyes settled on the hair around his thing, and thinking she would like for her cousin to see her nude, and standing up and begin to undress. First she pulled the T-shirt over her head, then unbuttoned her shorts, pulled the zipper down and let them fall down her legs. Hooking her fingers into the waist bands of her light pink cotton panties, she pushed them over her hips and off her legs. Standing nude in front of her cousin, she wished she had breast and some hair around her thing, but she had to wait for two more years until she was so developed.

"Youíre really pretty, you know that Norah?"

"Thanks, youíre a handsome cousin, and you are the first boy I have even seen without clothes, and would you hold my hand as we walk into the creek?"

"Sure, that would be nice."

That had been the first intimate act between them, and at seventeen, Mike knew the feeling of wanting to be with a girl. Several times he had been able to feel a girl between her legs, even inside two other girlsí panties, but had never gotten farther than that.

As they swam in the creek near the log cabin her parents owned in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, the played and splashed each other. Norah still remembered how Mike would grab between her legs, so she decided to do the same.

When her hand caught the hard thing between Mikeís legs, Norah felt like she was falling off a high cliff. When they undressed, she had seen his thing, but it was hanging down, and she was more interested in viewing the hair growing around his private thing, than the thing itself. For Norah, and for Mike, they were now becoming more than a pair of kids splashing and teasing each other, they were becoming sexually excited.

When Mike pulled Norah against him and moved his body between her legs, and rubbed his hard thing against her hairless sex, she liked the feeling and especially the hair of this thing against her opening. Before long they were out of the water and laying in the higher grass about six feet from the water, and near some brush that gave them privacy.

Mike had commenced ticking Norah, and she had done the same to him. When he lay on his back, Norah had sat on his chest and was tickling him; Mike could look down between her open legs and see her sex was slightly open. It had a long piece of skin, her prepuce, at the top, between the lips that were on each side of her slit. Looking up, he saw Norah was watching his eyes, and she asked him, "Mike, do you like looking between my legs, is my thing pretty?"

"OH yeah, Norah, yours is the first I have ever seen, and I didnít know that would open up like it is and have a hole in it, but guess that is where a boy puts his thing when they make love."

After a few minutes of being on Mike, he rolled her over and was moving his body all around between her legs and rubbing against her sex. Again Norah was feeling the hair surrounding his thing rub over the smooth skin between her legs, and against the opening between her legs. Without asking, Mike moved his face down and began to kiss the lips of his cute cousin.

After several minutes of kissing, Norah moved her mouth from Mikeís, telling him, "Youíre the first boy to kiss me, and you make me feel good." Thinking for a moment, Norah then said to her cousin, "I like feeling you rub against me, but are we making love, or what?"

"Kind of making love, but I have to put mine in yours if we make love, can I put my thing in yours, Norah?"

"Mike, I donít think we should, but I like what youíre doing now, and your fingers make me feel good." Norah had felt her cousin move his fingers down and start to play around her thing, and her body was kind of bumping up and down under her cousin.

With no planning on his part, Mike was pushing and moving his erection around his cousinís thing, and the head entered between the lips, and he felt how warm it was in her opening. He pushed for a closer and deeper contact, and as he did, struck Norahís virginity. Norahís hymen resisted his entry, but it hurt and she cried out, "MIKE, IT HURTS, OH STOP!"

From his inexperience, Mike did not take advantage of pushing all the way into his cousin, but he continued making short shoves in and out of her opening. Then he felt his penis become harder and he knew he was about to ejaculate, as he did when he masturbated. His sperm left his cock and sprayed the insides of his cousinís tiny sex.

"Mike, what is that, youíre getting me wet, and it is warm and slick, did you just pee in me, tell me the truth, what did you just do," Norah asked her cousin?

After catching his breath and rolling onto his side next to Norah, he explained what happened. Norah liked the feeling of the wetness on her, and she spent the next two weeks enjoying the feeling of letting her cousin shoot his stuff into her sex. No matter how they tried, the pain when he tried to enter her all the way, was too much and hurt her more than Norah could accept.

Norah learned how to masturbate a boy during those two weeks, and once tried oral sex, but could not get over the gagging when she took Mikeís thing into her mouth. From that time, until she was with Sam, Norah had no other sexual contact like she had shared with her handsome cousin, except once. When she was fourteen and Mile was twenty, they had a chance to be alone at a family wedding party for another cousin. They were at a large hotel for the reception, and several family members had rooms at the hotel, including Mike. He had his own room, and they went there to be alone for the first time since they played along the creek three years before.

In the room they spoke for a while, and then they were kissing. Norah knew from her previous experiences with Mike, what to expect, but she also had grown and had been instructed about sex in school and by her mother. She allowed Mike to undress her, and then he removed his own clothes. They lay on his hotel bed, and Norah told Mike, "You can do as we did before, but I want to stay a virgin until Iím married, promise me you will honor me with that."

"Sure, if it was good enough before, it is even better now that we are older."

"Mike, I have breast now, and more than that, do you like my hair covering my sex?"

"Your beautiful, and your breast are very pointed, what size are they?"

"They are 32-A, but some day they will be 36-D, then you can tell me if you like them."

"You must not trim you pretty bush, and the hair is so straight and soft."

"Thanks, yours is thicker and darker than before."

While they were speaking and exploring each otherís body, Mike started sucking the nipples that pointed up at him, and thought back to when he last sucked them, and they had been nothing more than tiny points raising up from her chest. Her breast hadnít really formed but were extremely firm, and the areolas were pink and puffed up on her breast. Then he moved down and began to kiss and lick between her silk smooth thighs. After a few minutes, Mike was licking the narrow slit between her legs, and taking her small clit in his mouth, sucked it and licked it until his cousin cried out his name.

"MIKE!" Then Norah shuddered and sobbed out her release from her first oral sex. "OH Mike that feels so good, you are my lover forever," Norah said in her teenage mind and beliefs.

The next hour was even more of an experience for the two cousins. Mike wanted to make love with his cousin, but she would tell him no each time he asked, and always explaining how she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding-night.

Finally Mike convinced Norah to let him put it in her butt, and that way she would still be a virgin. After discussing it for several minutes, Norah decided to allow him to do it in her butt. The pain was sharp, but not so much so that Norah made him stop. Norah loved the feeling of his body striking her hips as he drove in and out of her back opening. After they showered, they returned to the wedding party and found they had not even been missed.

Now Norah knew the love of her husband, but somehow would like to know what it would be like to be with her cousin, and make love to him, just once. Norah had never spoken to Sam about her experiences with her cousin Mike, but lately had considered relating how she almost allowed her cousin to capture the virginity that she had saved for her wedding-night. Perhaps now was the time.

Finally Norah felt her husbandís penis shrinking and easing from her body. Norah had to emit a small "Ugh," as her sex closed around the male item as it withdrew from her sheath, and even in the hot water, could feel her husbandís male juices run from her opening and down across her anus.

After several minutes, Sam decided to allow Kelly to go with her sister for the three weeks that Brandy had wanted to spend at their home in Florida. Squealing as she bounded into the Jacuzzi, Kelly ended up on her fatherís lap, as by now Norah had moved and was seated next to her husband. Wrapping her arms around her fatherís neck, Kelly hugged her dad and pulled him tightly against herself. Her legs were spread open and were on each side of her fatherís legs.

Again Sam felt a female setting on his penis, only this time it was his daughter. Sam did not know if he should enjoy the feeling or become scarred of the feelings that were generated from the hairless vulva resting on his growing erection. When he thought of the image of his daughter only a few minutes ago allowing her slightly opened sex to be displayed to his eyes, and now the touch of the soft skin on his manhood, he grew even more firm.

Norah knew what her husband had to be feeling, but she could not bring herself to admit it was occurring, and decided to not say anything and let it end in a few moments.

That would have been normal, under the circumstances, but for Kelly, the feeling of the first male organ touching her sex, was making her have unfounded desires for her father. Moving her hips slightly, as if she could keep her father from knowing what she was doing, Kelly had the end of her fatherís, now completely erect, penis touching the top of her opening and it was rubbing something at the top of her slit and it was making her squirm even more on her father's erection.

Kelly knew what she was feeling and knew that men became excited, even if she had never felt like she was as she moved around on her father.

Norah reached over and caught Samís left hand in her own, and them she linked her fingers with her husbandís, then gripped as hard as she could. That she was condoning the action between her husband and their daughter in an act of simulated sex, was something she felt must be allowed, but why she could not fathom.

Sam moved his and Norahís hand over onto her sex, and his fingers were soon playing over her clit, and into her opening sex. Norah leaned back in the tub, shut her eyes and allowed whatever was going to happen, to happen between father and daughter.

Sam felt the end of his penis pressing the lips of his young daughterís labia apart, as she moved so it made contact with her fatherís penis. Within minutes, Kelly felt her body becomes excited, and she knew that the feeling was likely the feeling girls got, called a climax. As she moved and pressed her tiny sex onto the head of her fatherís shaking penis, she suddenly felt her young thighís spasm and squeeze her fatherís legs. Her first ever orgasm hit her and she uttered out, "Daddy!" Kelly tried to cover up the reason for her crying out, and added to her comment, "Thanks for letting me go - to Florida."

Norah knew what had happened and hoped that her husband had not fully penetrated his daughter, then she climaxed from knowing she was sharing her daughtersí first known sexual climax with her husband.

For a few minutes, Kelly sat on her fatherís hard erection, and then to her surprise felt it must be doing something as it felt like a hot liquid was splashing against her sex. Then she knew that her father had released his semen on her small opening.

After a moment, Kelly stood up in the tub, turned around and climbed out, then told her parents, "Mom, dad, thanks for saying I can go with Brandy, thank you, Daddy!"

Both Sam and Norah knew that last comment was meant to mean the feeling she got from her orgasm, and they watched her walk from the tub, and over to the stairs, and leave the suite.

Neither Sam nor Norah, said anything, but Norah again moved and sat on her husband and looking in his eyes, smiled and told him, "Now do you find your daughter is too old to be walking around the house nude?"

For a moment, Sam did not reply, then he hugged his wife, kissing her eyes and then her lips, then moving his face from hers, looked back into the face of his lovely wife and smiled. "You know what happened, donít you, but honest to god, it was as unexpected for me, as Iím certain it was for Kelly."

"I know Sweetheart, but tell me, did you enter her?"

"No - yes, no, not really." Looking at his wife, he could only tell her the truth, "I guess it would be what is called part way." "Norah, the head slipped just inside a little way, but not even past the crown, just enough to push her clit, but that is all - god, Norah, she made me cum against her sex."

"Yes, and she went off, and most likely it was her first time, or so the expression on her face indicated, so Dear Father of Kelly, you gave your daughter her first climax."

For another fifteen minutes or so, they soaked in the tub, then walked to the shower and rinsed off, then dressed and went down stairs. As they passed Kellyís room, they saw she was laying on her bed, and her body looked as if she was making snow angels.

Norah wondered what her daughter must be thinking as she lay spread out with her right hand covering her vulva. As a mother, Norah tried to understand what had happened and was it wrong? In the eyes of others and the law, she knew it would be considered wrong, or at the least, inconsistent with being a parent. With another quick glance, Norah saw that her younger daughter was not masturbating with her hand over her sex, but was likely holding it as a way to retain the feelings she had just experienced with her father.

Looking at each other, they knew that the day would never be repeated, but they wrapped their arms around each otherís waist as they walked down the stairs. Sam reached out and cupped his wifeís right hip in his hand and squeezed it extremely hard, and told Norah, "You have wonderful hips, you know that, donít you, Dear Wife?"

Norah smiled as she turned to look at her husband and told him, "I will have your finger prints in black and blue spots before night gets here, you squeezed me really hard." Then her mind returned to the only time she was ever unfaithful to her husband. At the time of her only indiscretion, Norah had been slightly more than a month pregnant with Judson, but wasnít aware of her expecting another child.

Norah had taken a cruise with some of the women from the country club, and had found the ship to be a great adventure, but had missed not having Sam with her. After two days, of the seven-day cruise, she had become bored with the shallow conversations of the women she was cruising with, and had decided to swim in the outdoor pool. While swimming, she had noted one of the younger attendants, watching her, and as he nodded his head at her, she smiled back at him. There was no invitation of any sort in her smile, but a simple greeting of hello from about ten feet away.

After an hour or so, Norah had decided to have a cocktail at the pool bar, and walked over to have a seat on a stool that allowed her to watch the pool, and view the other people lounging around the pool or swimming. As she reached the stool, the young attendant she had smiled at, approached her, saying, "Iíll place a towel on the stool for you to be seated on, and it should be more comfortable for you."

Looking at the attendant, Norah told him, "Thank you, that is very considerate of you." After ordering her drink, she saw the young man was still watching her and Norah became a little concerned, but decided the college age boy was only showing he was a male by finding her worth observing.

When she finished her drink, she found out that she had forgotten the key to her cabin, and asked the bartender if she could get someone to open her door, as she had left her key in her room? "Certainly, that is no problem, and it happens all the time," the girl replied.

"Robert, would you please go with this lady and open her room for her, she has forgotten her key." Looking at whom the bartender was speaking to, she saw it was the young attendant who had been watching her and had placed the towel down for her to set on.

Following the young man from the pool deck and inside to the ship elevator, they soon were on the B-deck, and the attendant told her to lead the way, and he would follow her. As she walked down the passageway to her cabin, she could feel the eyes of the young man starring at her hips. How she knew he was watching her walk, she wasnít certain about, but her female intuition told her he was eyeing every up and down movement of her hips. At first she was upset, then Norah felt the pleasure of having a young man finding her attractive.

After the door of her cabin was open, the attendant asked, "Would you like anything else Miss?" That, Norah, knew was a sign he was flirting by calling her Miss, and not Mrs., or Mam, and she went along with his question for a reason she has never understood. "Yes, step inside for a moment, and I want to tip you for being so helpful, and coming to my rescue."

"That wonít be necessary," he had replied.

"Your name is Robert, isnít that what the bartender called you, and what is your last name, Mr. Robert," Norah said with a smile on her face, even she recognized as an invitation?

"Robert Anderson, and youíre Miss Stevenson, correct?" "Now Mr. Robert, you know Iím an old married woman, so why do you tease me by calling me Miss?" Then Norah took five dollars from her purse and handed it to the young man, saying, "Thank you, Robert, youĎre very nice, and kind to help me."

"That is my job, and is there anything else, Miss?"

The urge to play the game with the young boy entered Norahís mind with a sudden idea, and she asked him, "How old are you Mr. Robert?" "Eighteen, and I attend college in Ohio, and hopefully will be the starting quarterback, by next year."

Smiling at the young boy, Norah looked at him and as she placed the five in his hand, let her linger on his. Then she spoke, "Mr. Robert I am a thirty-year-old woman with three children, and I do believe you are flirting with me, am I correct?"

"That is not allowed by members of the cruise staff toward the shipís guest, Miss."

Whatever caused Norah to allow her to commit the act of reaching out and taking the young manís hand in hers, she didnít consider. "Robert, you must never tell anyone, if we do continue this further, you do understand, donít you?"

"Yes, very much so, and I would be fired if anyone found out if I was improper."

Norah took Roberts hand in her own and pulled him to her, and knew she would need to lead the way for what was to happen. Wrapping her arms around Robertís waist, she pushed her body against his and tilted her face up to be kissed. Robert responded immediately, and lips pressed Norahís as his tongue moved between her lips, and his hands were gripping her hips, exceptionally firm and hard. Norah could feel his finger tips pushing into the roundness of her buttocks, and she sobbed out, from both the pain and the desires his gripping was bringing to her soul.

Now it was passed the point to stop, as Norah had just slipped the white ship deck shorts down over his hips and with them, his underwear. His penis sprang out and Norah was taken back by the large size of the fast-growing erection. My god, Norah thought, Sam is large, but the boy is half again as round, and no doubt must be nearly a foot long. How she got out of her wet bathing suit, Norah could never remember, and the only thing that jolted her into being aware of what was happening, was when she found herself on her back, her legs pulled back with her hands holding them behind her knees.

Never had sex happened so fast with Norah, and as she pulled her legs as wide as she could, and back until they were almost alongside her breast. Then she felt the young erection trying to enter her body. The head of his penis had to be as big as a baseball, and Norah cried out for him to take her, "Give it to me, stick it in, donít wait - oh hell you are huge!" Norah felt the thick penis of the eighteen-year-old boy pressing into her, and she cried and sobbed from the feeling of being with the large penis driving in and out of her welcoming body. Never, never would she allow such a thing to happen, Norah thought, and now was having complete sex with someone besides her husband.

For an hour, the young boy took her, and when he took her the second time, he rode her doggie style. While he was standing on the floor next to the bed, Norah had kneeled at the edge of the bed, with her hips open for him to enter her. She remembered asking him, "Squeeze my hips with your fingers, as hard as you can, yes, harder, like that, yesss!"

During the remaining five days of the cruise, Norah had allowed and wanted Robert as often as they could be together. His finger prints she could feel and when she looked in the mirror, the blue marks showed where he had dug them into her buttocks and upper thighs. Norah was concerned as to how she would keep Sam from seeing them, but she decided to worry about that when the time came.

During one session of sex with the young boy, he wanted to do anal sex with her, but Norah was afraid to allow him because of his thick penis. Several times, Norah attempted to deep throat the thick head of the young penis, but to no avail. She could not get her mouth around the head of his penis, no matter how she tried.

By the end of the cerise, her insides were tender and bruised from the harsh and deep pounding the large penis had done to her sex. One time when he was taking her doggie, he commenced to slap her hips, and she loved the feeling of his being so deep, and the stinging of his hand on her buttocks. After they had both went off, she remained on her hands and knees, then lowered her face onto the mattress so that only her hips were raised in the air.

"Get my belt, get it, and spank me with it, please, now," Norah had asked Robert. By the time he had finished spanking her hips with the belt, they were red and stung so mush, Norah had tears in he eyes from the pain, but she had wanted it more than she could explain.

Norah had attempted to count the number of times, Robert had jammed his massive penis in her tender and sore sex, and was able to count it had occurred 27 or 28 times in the five days. When Norah returned home, she was feeling somewhat nausea and that kept Sam from seeing her hips and also from entering her extremely sore and battered vagina.

Three weeks later Norahís doctor informed her she was pregnant, and asked what she had done to bruise her insides? "Doctor, you have known me for several years, and I will tell you only this, as a woman I caution you, donít take a cruise and find a boy of eighteen." Then Norah told her female OB/GYN, "Especially one whose penis is at least twelve inches long and the head is the size of a baseball, so you can infer from that, and draw your own conclusions."

Friday evening, Brandy walked into her little sisterís room and sat down on the bed and looked at her sister, who as usual was nude. "Kelly, if youíre going with me to Florida, you need to start wearing clothes, and not being nude."

"OH, okay if that will make you happy, but you should try being nude."

By 6:30 Saturday morning, Sam had put the last suitcase into Brandyís Sebring convertible, closed the trunk lid. Walking over to where his two daughters were standing with their mother, told them, "Youíre ready, but be careful driving and no speeding."

Brandy hugged her dad and kissed his cheek, while Kelly stood on her tiptoes, then jumped up and wrapped her legs around her fatherís legs, and her arms around his neck. Kelly still was under the influence of the feeling she had from feeling her fatherís thing against her own. "Daddy, youíre the best, thanks for letting me go with Sis, and I l o v e y o u," Kelly said, and spelled out the words, "love you" slowly. Her young body felt the effects of the need to experience something, but she just didnít know what.

Norah stood to the side, then she hugged Brandy, kissed the side of her face, then laughing pulled Kelly by her right arm and told her, "OK Monkey, leave loose of your dad, and get in the car, and you best behave, and do what Brandy tells you."

Within ten minutes the girls were on Interstate 71, heading South and knowing they had almost two hours until they hit I-75 and into Kentucky, crossing the Ohio River at Cincinnati. They drove along the highway, with the top down, and hip-hop music coming from the CD-player. Both girls were excited about going to Florida alone, and as they spoke about what they would do, Kelly said they should go to mouse country, and spend a couple days doing the rides.

After watching the girls drive off, Norah hooked her arm in her husbandís, and looking up at the man she loved, said, "Letís go somewhere for the weekend, just us, perhaps Cleveland."

"Sounds great, we will tell the boys, then pack a few things and take off, we should be in Cleveland no later than eleven, and that will allow us to stop and eat on the way," Sam replied to his wifeís suggestion.

The drive to Cleveland was uneventful, except when they stopped for breakfast and the young waiter was evidently trying to look down Norahís loose fitting top. Sam had sat on one side of the table and Norah on the other. While the young waiter was taking their order, Sam looked up and saw the boy was assuredly looking down the top of his wifeís top as she leaned on her elbows, studying the menu. The top Norah was wearing was cut square across the front, with narrow stapes across the shoulders. While they were driving along the highway, Sam had told Norah that she should give him a treat and remove her bra, so he could reach under the top and caress the "new and improved boobs" she was wearing.

Laughing at her husband, Norah simply reached behind her, unsnapped her bra, then slipped it off her arms, and tossed it him, telling him, "OK, pervert, just donít smell the cups while your driving."

Sam looked at his wife and saw she was watching him, and he smiled and reached over and hung the bra over the rear-view-mirror. Without saying the words out loud, he moved his lips and told his wife, "I love you, my pretty bride of all these years."

After their order was taken, Sam leaned closer to his wife across the table, telling her, "You have our waiter excited, as he was looking down your top." Then he smiled and asked her, "Do you think he got a boner seeing those nice lungs of yours?"

"Sam, you are terrible, was he looking down my top or are you making that up?"

"He was looking, and I can see why, as your nipples are sticking out, and if you do it just right, and lean over so he can really see down your top, you will make him and me happy/"

"You are a bad man, Mr. Sam, and he is the age of my own sons."

"Yes, and you most likely turn them on, but because you are their mother, they ignore the fact they would like to view your lovely milk jugs."

After eating, Sam and Norah were soon enjoying the drive, and Sam was reaching under his wifeís top and caressing her breast. Norah looked at her husband and told him, she was going to tell him something she had never told anyone before, not even him. "Sam, please donít interrupt me until I finish what I want to tell you, or I might not have the courage to finish the story."

"Go ahead, and I canít wait to hear your secrets."

For the next half hour, Norah spoke about her and her cousin Mike, and all that they had done. When she was done, she looked at her husbandís face and saw a smile and a twinkle in his eyes. Then she asked him, "So, Sam, I was a virgin on our wedding-night, or nearly a virgin, but I still remember how it hurt when you first entered me."

"Honey, so do I and had I known what I do now, it would have been different." Then he squeezed her breast and using his fingers, pinched her nipple. "Norah, when I first put it in the opening between your legs, I knew only one thing, I wanted in you immediately." Sam was applying more pressure on her nipples, and added, "I should have worked it slower, but after waiting for you to come to me, I was an impatient groom, and wanted his wife immediately."

"Yes, I know, but it was a real shock when you tore into my virginity, and I will always remember how my legs kicked up in the air and shook from the pain I experienced, but Dear Husband, it was perfect."

"Norah, did you really do it up the back with your cousin, and would you allow me to do that with you?"

"Yes, to both of your questions, so hurry and get to the hotel."

"Norah, all these years I have wanted to enter you from behind, but was always afraid to ask you to let me." "Now I find you experienced anal sex, and I canít wait to feel your hips against me when we do it/" then Sam added, "When we do it doggie style, I love looking at your back and hips, and when we do it that way, I have many times pushed my finger against your anus."

"I wanted to ask you to take me like that many times, but was afraid to admit that I had allowed someone before you to explore my dark interior, now we can both exchange our exotic desires."

The sisters were soon traveling through Tennessee, and at noon, pulled off the highway, and after purchasing gasoline at a major truck stop, parked and entered the restaurant. Their presence was noted as they were both attractive and wearing shorts and belly showing tops. Brandy had been surprised when she saw her sister wearing a skirt when they left home. As they were driving on the interstate, she soon found out why Kelly had worn a skirt.

Perhaps they were far enough from home, Kelly thought to surprise her sister and show off the next short-shorts she was wearing. Unfastening the snap on the skirt she was wearing, then pulling down the zipper, Kelly was now asking her sister, "Brandy, do you like my new shorts, I got them just for the trip?"

When Brandy saw her sister unfastening her skirt, and then pulling it off, she at first thought her sister was going to try to ride in the car nude. When she saw the short-shorts, her mind was not ready for the image of her little sister in such a revealing pair of shorts.

"Kelly, you canít wear those, your... youíre, almost, they show too much, and honest to god, you canít be wearing underwear!"

"Hee, hee," Kelly laughed, and then told her sister, "Iím not wearing panties, and I like my outfit, and you need to get some to go with mine, please Sis?"

"When we stop, will you please put your skirt back on, people will look at you with those shorts on, and think youíre a Ho?"

As they walked into the restaurant, Brandy had forgotten about the shorts until a couple of boys about sixteen, looked at them and one said, "Man, look at the legs on the young one, heck you can see the outline of her cat."

Sitting down in the booth, Brandy looked at Kelly and shook her head, "Guess, you got the attention you wanted, now is you happy, you heard what those boys said, didnít you?"

"Yeah, and they were looking at you also, and youíre really pretty Brandy, will you letup some on the trip?" Then Kelly asked her sister, "Brandy, are you still virgin, I mean, like have you messed around?"

"That is very personal, and not something I want to discuss in a restaurant where everyone can hear us speaking about my personal status."

After eating, they wandered through the small store attached to the restaurant, and Kelly spotted a shelf with leather shorts and tops. "Brandy, letís get a pair of shorts and a top to match, like the ones with the motorcycle logo on them, please, we can have matching outfits?"

Looking at the shorts and top, Brandy did like the feel of the leather, and decided they would look nice on them, so she said they would get the shorts, but not the leather tops, but the T-shirts with the bikersí logo would look good.

After leaving the truck stop, Brandy told Kelly that she should put her skirt back on, as she looked like she was in her panties. Then, as she smiled at her younger sister, Brandy told Kelly, "You have really cute legs for only being eleven, and your butt is like hard round balls."

"Thanks Sis, and youíre the most beautiful girls I know, and you look like a movie star, or some of the models I see on the computer. Last week when I saw you after you got out of the shower, and you were naked, you should pose nude, Brandy."

"Kelly, there is no way I would ever pose nude, not even for a million bucks, and why do you like to be nude and want everyone else to be walking around without clothes?"

"Cause I think people are beautiful, and it feels good to be naked."

"Doesnít it bother you for Jud to have seen you without anything on, and I have seen Josh look at you like he wants to attack you?" Then Brandy looked at her sister and asked her, "Do you let boys do anything with you, especially your friend Donnie, or should I ask, as the answer might shock me?"

"Like Donnie Tedmore, he is just a friend, and I havenít done anything with anyone, unless..."

The hesitation on Kellyís part did not go unnoticed by Brandy, and she looked at her young sister and dreaded the thought that she was messing around and hadnít even grown up or had breast or hair on her thing. "Kelly, tell me the truth, have you done anything, tell me, and I wonít tell mom or dad, but be honest with me, cause I donít want you getting in trouble?"

"No, not really, but Brandy, have you ever let a boy touch you, or have you had sex?"

"No, to both of your questions, and I hope you havenít either, you havenít, have you, Kelly?"

"No, I donít do things, but sometimes I wonder what it will be like when Iím older and a boy wants to touch my breast or between my legs." Kelly turned and looked at her sister, the added, "Brandy, has a boy ever put his thing against yours, I mean, not really to have sex, but just touch yours with his?"

"Kelly, why are you asking these things, have you let a boy touch his thing on yours, and no I havenít and wonít until Iím married, and I hope you do the same?"

For the next few hours the ride was pleasant and the conversation was about every thing but sex. Kelly could not get over the feeling she had when her fatherís thing touched hers, and she knew he must have let his stuff out on her. She knew that what she had experienced with her father, she could not tell Brandy, and she wondered if she could get her father to do it again. That night after she had felt her fatherís thing against hers, Kelly had masturbated for the first time. When the feelings begin to be increasing to the point where she felt like she would float, or explode, she stopped moving her fingers on her tiny spot at the top of her female opening.

Kelly knew what she was doing was playing with herself, and her and her girlfriends had spoken about doing it, but that was the first time she had done so. After stopping her playing with her sex, Kelly had turned onto her stomach, and before long she was rubbing her sex against the bed.

The pressure was not as she wanted and Kelly remembered she had pulled the sheet into a ball and placed it under his thingy. When she was again rubbing herself against the sheet, her body begins to tingle, and it was similar to what she had done with her father. When she felt her orgasm, move through her body, Kelly had clamped her mouth onto her pillow, and the relief that rolled across her body, like it had been with her father.

Around six, Brandy pulled into a motel and after getting a room, she and Kelly took in their overnight cases and one suitcase each. Brandy told Kelly that she wanted to shower and she would dress so they could go eat, while Kelly showered. Kelly watched her sister undress, and was surprised to see how firm her breasts were and smooth her skin was. The patch of hair between and over her legs, was so long, but trimmed, and Kelly could not help but ask her sister, "When did you get your hair, and can I touch it to see what it is like?"

"Kelly, you must be some type of sex freak, but I got it when I was thirteen, and you can touch it here," Brandy told her sister as she pointed to the thick part just below her belly button.

"What say we wear our new shorts and shirts tonight to go out in for dinner, Kelly asked her sister, as she ran her fingers over her sisterís pubes?"

"Okay, satisfied with how my hair feels?"

"Yeah, and I canít wait till I get mine."

Laughing at her sister, Brandy replied, "That I believe, and wear panties tonight."

They walked to the nearby restaurant, and entering was taken to a booth about half way across the restaurant. Several men, and even those with their wives, watched the two pretty girls walk across the floor, and in the back portion of the restaurant, was a large group of young boys who watched them even more intently.

The boys were attending a summer football camp program that was training in the nearby town, which had a liberal artís college. Kelly saw the guys were watching them and she smiled and waved at them, even winking at the blonde hair boy with the crew-cut at the end of the table.

"Kelly, stop it, you will have them breaking down our door tonight if you donít behave, but they are cute, arenít they?"

Over dinner, they spoke about the boys and a million other subjects that girls find interesting, but eventually the conversation came back to the boys as they were getting up from the tables, and were walking out of the restaurant. Then they walked back to the motel, went into their room, and undressed for bed. Brandy put on a two-piece shorts and top pj outfit and got into her bed, and Kelly undressed and lay on her bed nude.

"Youíre not going to sleep in the nude, are you," Brandy asked her sister?

"Sure, why not, it is comfortable, why donít you try it just this one night?"

"No way, and Iím going to sleep, as Iím tried from driving, so turn the TV off before you go to sleep, and we are getting up at five-thirty in the morning."

After about twenty minutes, Kelly turned the television off, and laying under the sheet, reached her hand down and allowed her fingers to explore her body. Her mind turned to the activity she had experienced with her father, and wondered if she and her dad had engaged in intercourse?

Kelly tried to remember what they had discussed in fifth grade health class, and the drawings in the pamphlets in the booklets her mother had her read. When she and her mother had spoken about what she would go through when she became a "woman" and her body would change from a pubescent young girl into an adolescent that mark her as a female who could become a mother.

When she had moved her sex on her fatherís thing, she felt it was hard and stuck up from his body. Kelly had wanted to reach down and touch it, and find out what is was like. The movement of her body, had caused his thing to rest against hers, and Kelly had felt an immediate pleasurable sensation in her sex and her body as she tried to push her thing down over her fatherís erection.

The drawings and words did not describe how it would feel to a girl when a penis would touch her between he legs, and her only knowledge of what she wanted was to feel it inside her sex. Her lack of knowledge about her virginity stopping the entry of her fatherís penis into her body, was foreign to her. That the hot water would also cause her opening to not assist in something entering her sex, was also unknown to Kelly.

Kelly tried to understand all that had happened between her and her father, and assumed that he was not aware of what she was doing, and assuredly her mother didnít have any idea of what she was attempting to do with her father.

One thing that Kelly did know was how Donnie Tedmore looked when they both undressed together the day before she left with Brandy for Florida. They had been in his room, as his parents were both at work, and he was an only child, and before Kelly had never thought of them being naked in front of each other.

While they were listening to music, Kelly knew she wanted to see what a thing on a man looked like, and Donnie was going to be the one to show her. "Donnie, would you like to do something different today?"

"Sure, like what should we do, Kelly?"

"If I show you mine, will you show me yours, like you wanted to do a month or so ago?"

"You mean it, or are you only teasing me," Donnie asked?

Without speaking, Kelly stood up, pulled her top off, then pushed her shorts and white laced trimmer underpants down over her legs, and stepped out of them. Donnie looked at his pretty friend, stood up, and soon was undressed, and as he stood in front of Kelly, his penis begins to get hard.

Kelly watched as his thing got hard, and it appeared to be at least four inches long she thought. They sat down on Donnieís bed, and Kelly had not idea that the way she was sitting on the bed, with her legs crossed one under the other, and her whole pubic area on display, would give her friend tremendous pleasure. Her eyes were looking at the young penis as it stuck straight up in the air, and Kelly reached over and took it in her hand.

Donnie cried out in complete surprise, "Kelly, oh Kelly, it is going to, augh... " Before Donnie could tell her something was going to happen, his excitement was so strong, he shot off as he felt the young girlís hand close around and squeezing his bobbing erection.

Kellyís eyes never left the squirting penis in her small hand, and she felt the warm liquid splash on her arm, and some on her legs. It seemed to squirt out four times, but in her excitement, Kelly couldnít be certain. The feeling of the slick warm fluid was unbelievable as Kelly felt it on her hand.

Catching some of it in her other hand, she rolled it around in her palm. Then Kelly placed both hands on the still quivering penis of her young friend, who she had provided with his first time to ejaculate. Both of the youngsters were surprised, but Kelly knew that the stuff on her hands, was the same stuff she had felt her father shot onto her tiny thingy.

Donnie had tried to apologize for the stuff getting on Kelly, and she told him she liked him doing it and wanted him to do some more. For the next few minutes they discussed how the stuff got out of Donnie, and Kelly was the more knowledgeable of the two about the matter. They had lain back on the bed, and Kelly had not released the strange appendage in her hand, but was moving her hand up-and-down on it, and had no idea why, except it seemed the logical thing to do with the again growing penis.

With no more than ten minutes passing from the time Donnie had cum for his first time, he was again erect, and Kelly was enjoying feeling it get hard in her hand. Kelly had enough knowledge about sex to know that the boy needed to be on top of the girl, or so she thought, to have sex, and she pulled her playmate on her. Parting her legs, she pulled Donnie on her and between her legs.

Using her hand, Kelly guided the hard four-inches of young manhood to the lipped thingy between her legs. Just when she had placed it at the entrance of her girlhood, Donnie felt the same excitement he had earlier and unleashed his second cum of his sexual life. Feeling it splash against her still to develop thingy, Kelly was disappointed, but also welcomed the warm splash of the creamy substance at the entrance of the small hole between her lipped sex.

Using her fingers, Kelly played in the slick viscous liquid as it ran all over her vulva. Unknown to her was the action was pushing some inside her tiny opening as she used her fingers to slip slightly between the puffy lips. This was something new for Kelly, as she had not put her finger inside her the time she played with her thingy, after feeling her fatherís penis probing and rubbing against her. As she was playing in the strange feeling wetness, she was finding that moving her finger on the tiny bump at the top of her slit, caused her additional pleasure.

Please wait while picture loads

Donnie lay on top of his young friend until Kelly told him, "Youíre getting heavy, you Duffus, and need to get off me." After they lay together for a few minutes, and spoke about what they had done, it dawned on Donnie that he had cum, or got his nuts, as his friends called what he had just done, twice. Only for Donnie, he had done it with a girl and he couldnít wait to tell his friends. When he mentioned to Kelly that he wanted to brag to his buddies about what they had done, and that he shot his nuts off, Kelly told him, "If you tell a single soul what we have done, we will never do it again, and I will hate you, and tell everyone you are lying."

For an hour they lay exploring each otherís body, and again Kelly found her young friend was stiff, and she pulled him on top of her. When Donnie was laying on her, she placed his thing at the small entrance of her thing. In his inexperience, Donnie was wiggling all around instead of moving back and forth, but finally got the tip of his hard penis in the edge of the eleven-year-old girlís vagina.

Donnie was still wiggling around but, somehow caused his young manhood to push almost the head between the lips of Kellyís vulva, and as he did, Kelly felt her body wanting more contact. Her round, marble hard hips rose up from the bed for more depth of his young penis between her loins, and when it struck her hymen, she pulled back quickly and cried out, "Donnie, you hurt me, stop!"

For Donnie the feeling of the warm interior of the girlís sex was more than he wanted to give up, and he knew if he pushed into Kellyís thing, he would be the first in his group to have sex. This was too good to pass up, and he tried to shove deeper inside Kellyís thingy. Again Kelly felt the pain and cried out, and asked Donnie, "No Donnie, it hurts pull out, no oh Donnie youíre hurting me, STOP!" When he didnít pull back, Kelly slapped him as hard as she could on the side of his face. This caused Donnie to move up away and from between the young shapely thighs of the eleven-year-old, and allowed Kelly to move out from under him.

Donnie sat up on the bed and tears came into his eyes, and he begins to cry over the hard slap he had received. No, one, not even once by his parents, had Donnie been struck. Now his friend had slapped him, for doing what, he thought, she wanted, and he desired, but was stopped when he was about to enter the garden of paradise as his friends called "doing it" and he was upset at being stopped.

"Donnie, you hurt me, and Iím made at you, why didnít you stop?" Then Kelly lay back on the bed, and pulling her legs back and wide open, asked Donnie, "Look at my thing and see why it hurt me, and be gentle, please Donnie, and Iím sorry I hit you?"

The view of the space between Kellyís legs was more than enough for Donnie to hold a grudge for being slapped. His fingers moved out slowly and touched the area around the slit, and pulling the small lips even wider than they opened on their own, he saw it was all pink and wet inside. It looked okay to Donnie, but he did see that it seemed to be grown over a little way inside, and he pushed his finger in Kellyís thingy, and when it struck against her hymen, she cried out and Donnie pulled his finger back out.

They again were exploring each otherís genitals, and Kelly had read an article about oral sex on a web site dealing with health and sex issues. The article had told how it could bring pleasure to a couple and that it was not a sex act that should be construed as improper or dirty. The article had told how a woman could please a man by taking his penis into her mouth and by licking with her tongue and moving her mouth up and down, could give her partner a relief almost as wonderfully as actual intercourse.

Kelly was an inquisitive young girl, and she had read the article several times, and had been fascinated to find that some health officials had indicated that this was one way for a girl to remain a virgin. Now Kelly determined was a time to find out exactly what it was like to perform oral sex on a boy.

Reaching down, she took Donnieís flaccid young penis in her hand. Kelly was fascinated that a penis could be soft and limp, then grow and become hard, especially it seemed when she held it in her hand. Leaning over, she moved her mouth down and allowed her tongue to lick the smooth round know on the end, with the tiny grove where the hole was that allowed his stuff to squirt out. As she licked on the young phallus, she felt it becoming stiff and getting bigger, and before long, it was fully enlarged and as Kelly licked up and down and around the end, it caused Donnie to bump his hips up and that shoved his penis into her mouth.

Kelly had not expected to take his penis into her mouth as soon as she was doing so, but she begins to lick and move her mouth up and down on the four-inch erection she held between her lips. The taste of the stuff was on it, but she found it was not good nor bad. When she moved her mouth downward, she soon had the complete penis inside her mouth.

Her mouth was sliding up and down the slender shaft, and she felt it grow bigger and start to quiver, and before she knew what to expect, Donnie, shot off a large load of his viscous juices into her mouth. It splashed at the back of her throat, and she was forced to swallow the liquid, and before she could withdraw her mouth, another shot of his cum landed in her mouth. Kelly was pulling her mouth from the squirting penis, but before she had done so, she was swallowing the second load of cream, as her actions to not gag, caused her to swallow all the cream in her mouth. As her mouth pulled away, three more small ejaculations sprayed onto her lips and down on her chest.

Kelly watched as Donnie lay with his eyes squeezed shut, and his breathing was deep and labored. She licked the dripping cream from her fingers and hand, and then off the end of his penis. Some had landed in his pubic hair and she licked it up as well.

After several minutes, Kelly told Donnie that she needed to go home, and got up and started to get dressed. Donnie looked at the girl and knew this was a special moment that would remain in his mind the rest of his life. Studying the face of his special friend, Donnie asked her, "Kelly, can I ask a couple of favors of you, like really special?"

"Sure, what do you want Donnie, and you must promise never to tell anyone what we have done, do you promise, cause if you do, I will do you a favor like you want, promise?"

"Kelly, can we do this again, like you - you know - like doing that with your mouth, and can I have your panties for a souvenir, please, I will never tell anyone what we have done?"

"Sure, if you want them, but donít let your mom find them or if she does tell her you found them on the street or something, promise?" Kelly watched Donnie nod his head in an affirmative manner, and she slowly pushed her panties of her body and handed them to Donnie. Thinking to herself, he must like me, cause he wants my panties, Kelly decided to see what it would be like to have Donnie kissing her between her legs.

Laying back on the bed with her feet hanging down over the edge, she asked Donnie, "Kiss me on my thing like I did for you, please Donnie, as I gave you my panties?"

Donnie moved down and kneeling between the shapely thighs of the eleven-year-old girl, placed his mouth directly on her hairless vulva. His lips kissed the smooth skin, and soon his tongue was licking inside the funny inner shaped flaps of skin, he had found when he looked at her thingy to see if he had hurt her.

Moving his tongue up and down the slit, he pushed it onto the prepuce covering her clitoris. His tongue caused the tiny button to become hard, and within moments, Kelly was becoming excited as she felt him flipping the small protrusion with his tongue. The feeling became stronger, and Kelly reached down and grabbed his head in her hands and pulled his face tight against her vagina. Donnie knew that she was most likely feeling like he did when she took his penis in her mouth, and he licked and kissed her tiny slot and the small button.

Kelly was feeling like she would explode even harder than she had when she rubbed on the sheet after being in the hot tub with her mother and father, especially with her father, and she pulled Donnieís face into her widely opened legs, and they started to shake from the intense feeling her sex was building up to. Then it hit her full force, her hips were causing her stomach and pelvic area to move up and down, and they jerked as they bumped into Donnieís face.

Then the explosion tore through her young loins, and she cried out in complete surrender, "YES, OH, DONNIE, DONNIE, YESES, ITíS - DONNNNNIIIIIEEEE!" For Kelly, her body shook with the release from the tongue and lips on her sex, her mind went blank, and her legs stood straight out from the edge of the bed. Her feet were moving in crazed jerking circles, and the muscles in the calves of her legs were like knots from the tightening they produced from the powerful orgasm Kelly experienced in her body of eleven years.

For the next several moments, Kelly held the face of the boy against her sex, and she sobbed out her tormented like pleasures as she told no one in particular, "I went off, I went off." Kelly repeated those three words over and over and finally, she shuddered, her legs dropped to the floor, and as she started to relax, a small stream of urine exited her body. It splashed against Donnieís mouth, but he didnít seem to notice, and the amount was likely no more than a tablespoon full of her yellow liquid. Kelly did not care that she had just let her urine out, and considered it part of her climax.

Rising from the bed, Kelly looked at her face in the mirror on the dresser in Donnieís bedroom, and saw her eyes were still slightly shut, and her face was drawn from the powerful orgasm she had experienced. How she knew or if it was simply female instincts, Kelly understood that her life would never be the same after the time with her father, rubbing on the sheet, and now with Donnie, and giving up her soul in sexual surrender.

Now Kelly lay in the bed next to her sister, and for some strange reason knew she was going to have something happen that shouldnít. If it was going to be good or bad, she couldnít determine, but she felt a fear pass across her body.

Kelly went to sleep with her finger in the edge of her thingy, and the next morning she was still on top of the sheets, and her finger was still inside the edge of her narrow opening. Brandy had wakened and as she got up from the bed, looked over at her sister, and found her with her middle finger tip inside her small sex.

Moving over to stand next to her sisterís bed, Brandy could not help but view the sensual act her sleeping sister was performing. Almost like her finger had a tick, it would wiggle like ever few seconds, and Brandy, who masturbated perhaps once or twice a month, knew her sister was doing so in her sleep. Viewing her young sister in such an intimate act, was causing Brandy to become excited. Thinking back, Brandy had lately been thinking about allowing her dates a little more than just a kiss.

When she would masturbate, in the past few months, Brandy thought and wondered what it would be like to let some boy French her, and feel her breast, perhaps inside her bra, and even stroke her sex, but only on the outside of her panties. Now she wondered if she should watch her young sister, or take a shower. Last night Brandy had felt the need to masturbate, but with Kelly in the next bed, she knew that was impossible.

Now her body was becoming excited at the sight of her sisterís nude body, even if it wasnít developed with breast and pubic hair, she looked so sweet. Brandy moved her hand down and started to play with the hair over her moms. The one thing Brandy was certain about, was that her mons was extra fatty and was very pronounced. Her labia were also thick, and looking at her sister, she knew Kelly was likely to develop the same way. Kellyís tiny raised nipples and the start of the small cones on her chest, which were no larger than a small coin, caused Brandy to move her finger over her clitoris.

Within moments, Brandy was rubbing her clit, and her hips were jerking back and forth as she was building to a climax, and from watching her sisterís nude body. How can I be turned on as I watch my sister stroking her tiny sex while she is asleep, Brandy asked herself? Then her peak of excitement was started to break across her body, and she was swaying as her fingers moved faster and faster over her clit. Her climax hit hard while viewing her eleven-year-old sister rubbing her own sex ever faster.

"Um, oh yes, yes, god yes," Brandy cried out as her climax struck her body hard. Her eyes shut tightly as she went off, and when she opened them, she saw Kelly was watching her, and evidently she had also gone off.

Neither girl said anything, then Kelly got out of bed, walked over and hugged her sister. For a moment, neither said anything, then Kelly told her sister, "Youíre soft and so fair, youíre like ivory." Then Kelly reached up and tweaked her sisterís right nipple. Brandy was surprised and reaching out, softly slapped Kellyís hip as she moved toward the bathroom. "Take a shower with me Big Sister, okay, Kelly asked?"

Brandy knew what the two had shared was a one time only thing, and she smiled and followed her young sister to the bathroom, and into the shower Kelly had started. The girls each washed the other, but it was not sexual in anyway, but rather a rite of passage and an acknowledgment of the otherís sexuality.

"Brandy, tell me the truth, have you had sex?"

For five minutes Brandy informed her sister that she was still a virgin, and had only recently considered letting some boy touch her, but not in he panties. When Kelly asked her how old she was when she started masturbating, Brandyís reply shocked Kelly. "I was around eight or nine, and I canít remember for sure." Then Brandy thought back and added to her reply, "I was eight, because it was the year you were born."

"Youíre still young, but have you gone all the way, Kelly?"

Telling her sister, "No," Kelly did not elaborate on the aspects of her actions with Donnie, and certainly not what she had done with their father. Kelly knew it would not be a good idea to inform her sister of her actions. One thing Kelly did know was that she wanted more contact with her father, but what that would be she couldnít say.

Just as they were rinsing off in the shower, Kelly moved so her mouth was near her sisterís left breast and she opened her mouth and took Brandyís nipple between her lips. Brandy did not attempt to stop her sister, nor did she encourage her, but simple allowed her to nurse at her breast until she stopped on her own after several seconds. Kelly then jumped, literally, from the tub-shower, and skipped into the bed area of the motel room, with a towel in her hand.

Brandy did not know what to say, but believed her sister was simply curious about her breast, and meant the act of oral contact on her nipple to be simply curiosity. As she was drying her body, Brandy tried to determine if the feelings she had as her young sister nursed at her breast was sexual, or simply some sort of non-sexual response. Brandy had felt her nipple harden to the sucking action of Kellyís lips and mouth as it closed and gentle suckled it until she had satisfied whatever had passed across her mind.

But for Brandy, it seemed like a charge of electric had traveled from her nipple and down to the juncture of her thighs. Thinking to herself, and speaking out loud without realizing it, Brandy asked, "If it felt like that for my sister to suck my nipple, what would itís like to let a boy do it, with his pent up desires to overwhelm my succulent body?" Brandy knew all to well, that the short sucking of her nipple by Kelly, had made her body respond in a way she had never known, and had attempted to hold in check. "Now do I want to keep some boy from touching me, and kissing my breast, and pushing his fingers inside my sex, I want that, but Iím afraid to start something as I might lose my virginity," Brandy again spoke out loud.

Her comments were heard by Kelly, and the younger sister wanted to know what sex was as much as her older sister did. Kelly knew here early attempts in allowing some action, had made her all the more ready, even at age eleven. While drying her body, she had visions of again straddling her fatherís lap, and easing her sex down onto his erect manhood. Her memory of how he had splashed his stuff on and slightly in her tiny sex, made her want more.

Dressing in another pair of short-shorts, and these had a slight slit on the side of each leg, she slipped them on without panties. She chose a tub-top that was so tight, that her tiny breast that were no more than a small round hill, even poked through the thin material of the top. She had a pair of sandals with a one-inch heel, and she slipped these on her feet. Looking in the mirror over the short motel dresser, Kelly could see the lycra like material of the shorts had pulled into her sex and had split the lips apart. Brandy will have a fit, but maybe she will wear something kind of revealing if I ask her nicely, Kelly thought.

Brandy walked into the room, stopping short as she saw how Kelly was dressed. "Kelly Lynn Stevenson, you canít be serious about wearing those shorts and top!" Looking between the girlís legs, saw how the shorts split her sex, and the top showed the points of her tiny breast. "You must change into something else, you - you - your thing is split and you canít have any panties on, god Kelly!" In shock, she asked, "Did mom know you bought those shorts?"

"Kind of, but Brandy, just this once, wear something really sexy, just once and if you donít like to do so after just one day, I will not dress like this the rest of our vacation together, please, Sis?"

"Kelly, I donít have anything sexy, nothing?"

"How about your old Levis, I saw you pack them, and let me cut them off and you can wear them as cutoffs, and tear off the sleeves of a T-shirt." "Better yet, wear your bright red camisole without a bra," Kelly said enthusiastically

"That is a negligee, and is for wearing under your clothing," Brandy told her sister.

"Please just this once, for me, just be sexy and show off your terrific body, just this once, please Brandy?" Kelly pleaded. Then Kelly pulled the oldest pair of levis that Brandy owned, and they were at least seven years old, faded, and thin from wearing them so long. Several times, Brandy had considered pitching them, as they fit her hips so tight, they about split her butt into.

Kelly soon had the scissors in her hand and was cutting the legs so they were even with the crotch of her Leviís cutoffs. Then she raveled the threads as she had a pair of hers, that her she wore when her parents werenít around. With a slight cut in the side of each leg, she handed the newly made short-shorts to her sister. "Okay, Sis, put them on with the camisole, and no bra or panties, today!"

Brandy could not believe the excitement her young sister was showing in fixing the shorts for her, and wanting her to dress in a revealing way. After a second to think about what she was being asked to do, Brandy realized she would be in the car most of the day, and except for eating and getting gas, she would not be seen.

Undressing in front of her sister, she unfastened her bra, and as she pulled it away from her breast, she could feel, and then see, how stiff and puffed out her nipples were in what had to be excitement of what she was going to do. Slipping down her panties, Brandy was now nude in front of her sister.

Kelly moved over and hugged her sister, and as she did, smiled at her and reached up and cupped her breast in her hand. "Boy, Brandy, when I get breast, I hope they look like yours, and they are so hard, are breasts always hard like yours?"

"Thanks, I think, and no, some girls have soft breast and some are hard, and some not so hard, you will likely have breast like mine, as mine are like moms."

As Kelly stepped back from her sister, she still held onto her breast, and as she let it free from her hand, rubbed her palm over the extremely hardened nipple. Brandy slipped on the red camisole, and then stepped into the cutoffs. Pulling them up her legs, she felt them fit between the lips of her sex without having panties on. Zipping up the shorts, then fastening the brass button at the top, she looked in the mirror at her image.

Her eyes saw what she knew everyone who saw her today would notice, that her sex was what her friends called, "Camel-toed," and looking closely, saw a few of her pubic hairs sticking out from the crotch of her newly created shorts. The camisole showed off the peakiness of her 34-C breast, and the nipples were easily seen sticking out in the material. My god, I must be crazy to dress like this, and Brandy thought that her friends dressed like this sometimes, and it was the style, but this was the first time she had ever allowed her body to be displayed.

Turning around, she looked in the mirror and saw the lower roll of her hips were on display in the shorts, and she remembered how she had envied her friends Donna and Sara when they wore their short-shorts. "Kelly, I hope we donít get rapped wearing these clothes, and are you certain youíre not embarrassed to have your sister so displayed for all the guys to ogle and assuredly give us both lecherous stares?"

"Brandy, youíre really sexy and beautiful at the same time, and I hope we make all the boys want us, and we can say were gay, if they give us any grief." Laughing as she spoke, Kelly told her sister, "Sometimes when Nellie and I are at the mall and a bunch of boys gets on our case, we tell them we do each other, not with some guy with pimples."

"Well, letís get the stuff in the car, and drive off into the sunset, after we eat, but letís eat somewhere besides where we did last night, as those guys might be there, "Brandy said.

"No, that would be neat, but you are wearing the sexy outfit, so you pick the spot to eat," Kelly replied to Brandyís comment.

Getting into the car, Brandy put the top down then drove over to the restaurant where they had eaten last night, and decided to try out her new image on the boys if they were in the restaurant. Pulling into the parking space near the door of the restaurant, Brandy saw three school buses, and knew the teams were likely already eating. "Will sex pot, lets go, and shake our booties," Brandy laughingly told her sister?

Inside the restaurant they were seated by the male cashier, and he greeted them with a look of sexual energy, and likely would have enjoyed eating breakfast with the hot looking teen girls. They were soon seated and the booth they were in was next to the tables that had been placed end-top-end for them to eat on. The waitress told them they could order breakfast from the menu or the buffet line, and all you can eat for $5.99. She smiled and asked them, "You guys sisters, you look hot, wish I could dress like that while Iím working?"

Kelly told Shanta that they were sisters and on their way to Florida, for three weeks vacation, "Without our parents!"

Walking through the buffet line, they knew the boys were watching them and as they returned with their food to their table, the one boy told them, "You two are tough, and great legs, and your butts are beautiful, want to get married?"

"Youíre crazy, but you would have to marry both of us," Kelly smiled and replied to his comment.

"DEAL - BOTH WOULD BE THE WAY TO GO," The blonde haired boy that Kelly found attractive last night replied.

Deciding to be a part of the fun, Brandy winked at the boy, then reached out her hand and patted his should and said he was likely too much of a man for these two little girls. When she felt her buttocks patted as she passed his chair, she at first was angry, then decided she had led him on, and was thinking that he was the first boy to ever feel her hips, and he didnít even know he was the first. That was his punishment she decided.

As Brandy and Kelly ate, the blonde and another boy with dark hair cut in a flat top, came over and sat with them. The boys simply carried their plates over and one sat next to each of the sisters. Kelly was somewhat disappointed that the blonde boy, Doug sat with Brandy, but she soon found that Mike was really charming and he told her he was nineteen. When he asked her how old she was, Kelly replied, "Old enough to eat you up, handsome." Then she realized what that comment could mean and turned red in the face.

"I would certainly enjoy that, Cupcake, and you are really sexy but how old are you really," and to her surprise, Kelly felt Mike, move his hand onto her thigh. Kelly knew that it was wrong for the boy to touch her in such a manner, but she was excited to be with a boy eight years older who found her cute and desirable.

Using a Mae West accent, Kelly replied, "Old enough Big Boy, so why donít you stop up and see me sometime?" As she spoke, she moved her hand over and decided to copy his hand on her leg by placing hers on his. When she moved her hand, she missed judged, or so she assumed, and her hand landed on the penis that was pushing against the terry cloth shorts he was wearing. Instead of jerking her hand away, Kelly gripped the penis she found inside the shorts, and was amazed at how large it seemed, as she only had held one and that was Donnieís.

"Find what your looking for, Miss West," Mike asked as he indicated he recognized whom Kelly was imitating with her accent?

"Did you," Kelly answered? As she spoke, felt Mike move his fingers to the crotch of her shorts, and felt he stretching of the material, as his fingers curled inside her shorts, and touch her hairless sex.

"You shave it off, youíre a baldy, damn that is neat!" Mike tried to move his finger deeper into the hairless slit between Kellyís young legs, but the material was so tight, he was unable to work his finger into the virgin opening.

Kelly was determined to find out how big Mikeís penis was, and she moved all the way over in the booth so she could not be seen touching him. Mike enjoyed the foreplay, and scooted over next to Kelly on the booth seat. Brandy was watching the two across from her, but had no idea what was taking place between her sister and the teenage boy.

With a little effort, and knowing no one could see what she was doing, Kelly pulled the elastic waist band of Mikeís shorts out and slipped her hand down inside his shorts. Her hand was soon gripping the large penis in her hand and she found she could not reach all the way around the shaft. It was large and long, and extremely hard, and Kelly was soon stoking it as best she could. Within five minutes, she felt Mike tense up, and she pulled it up so she could grip and stroke it even harder and faster. Using her finger, she teased the end, and ran her fake finger nail in the crease at the end, and tried to push her finger nail into the hole.

Mike had given up and trying to move his finger inside the hairless vagina of the pretty girl next to him, and was enjoying the jack-off he was receiving. Then he knew he was going to go off, and realized if he did, his clothes would be drenched in his cum. Just as the thought struck him, Kelly knew from her time with Donnie, that she was about to make his stuff squirt. Her mind still found it hard to believe how big his penis was, and then she moved her fist faster and gripped him tight. In just four more strokes, Mike tensed up, then his cock erupted a massive load of cum. This was the first time he had cum in almost two weeks, and he must have built up a huge amount of sperm.

Kelly moved her fist faster and harder up and down the squirting penis in her hand, and she counted seven times that it shot the cream out from the end. After his penis was done squirting, Kelly squeezed the dribbling penis until there was no more cum left inside his erection. Pulling her hand from inside Mikeís shorts, she wiped her cum covered hand on the front of his shorts. As she did, Kelly could feel how wet they were, and she smiled thinking she had made him cum so much. Kelly did not consider how his shorts were soaked with his cum, and she innocently asked him, "Mike can I get up so I can get some fruit from the buffet?"

Mike picked up her napkin, and using it, he tried to cover his shorts, but both Brandy and Doug looked, they could see how his shorts were wet. Doug knew what had happened, and the aroma of cum, was passing under his nose.

Laughing at his friend, Doug asked, "Got your nuts didnít you, quarterback, and it looks like you got them good!"

Brandy at first did not catch the implication of the comment, then she knew what Doug meant. Looking at her sister, she saw that she had not wiped all the male juice from her hand. God, Brandy thought, did my sister really give Mike a hand job?

When Kelly returned to the table with a bowl of fruit, she had Mike stand so she could get in the seat, and as she did, she sat with her hips slightly twisted toward him, as she wanted him to touch between her legs. Mike reached over and again had his hand on Kellyís leg, and she took her napkin and laid it over his hand and her crotch, so no one could see what he was doing.

This time when Mike pulled the legs of the shorts to one side, he was able to slip three fingers inside the leg band, and his middle finger soon was probing the tight slit of the girl next to him. After three or four minute, as Kelly ate her fruit, Mike finally eased his finger into the narrow hole in the center of the hairless labia. He shoved deep, and it hurt Kelly, but she could not cry out or Brandy might figure out what she and Mike were doing.

As she put a bite of the melon in her mouth, she leaned over and asked Mike to take a bite from her fork. She whispered, "Rub the top, it hurts when you push up inside, guess that makes the shorts uncomfortable." Within moments of his experienced fingers stroking her clitoris, Kelly felt her body building toward a release. In her young mind was the image of her father as she had rubbed her thing on his, and in another minute, Kelly, sobbed out, "Oh, yeah." Kelly knew that the sound was of passion, but she attempted to cover up her climatic expression by saying, "Yeah, this is the best melon."

Brandy wasnít certain what had happened but she had a good idea, then she thought, no way, my sister wouldnít let a guy feel her up in a restaurant.

After another ten minutes, Brandy said they needed to hit the road, and was glad the guys stopped and set with them while they ate breakfast. Doug by now had known what was taking place between his buddy Mike, and the cute girl Kelly. He wanted to feel the flesh of the very sexy girl next to him, and he moved his hand onto her leg.

Brandy wasnít certain if she should slap him or dig her nails into his hand as she moved her fingers on his hand. Then a strange feeling passed through her body, and she realized that her leg was being felt up by a boy for the first time in her life. Thinking she would let him touch her leg for a moment, then move to get up from the booth, Brandy felt his hand move her legs apart, and she could feel his fingers were stroking the lips of her sex, on the outside, of the small amount of material that Kelly had left for the crotch.

When she felt Doug, catch a few of her pubes between his fingers, and pull them lightly, she scooted forward on the seat, allowing her legs to open slightly. Doug tried to get his finger inside the legs of the cutoffs, but they were too tight. He moved his fingers so they could pull and caress the labia of Brandyís sex. Finally he was able to worm his finger inside the leg band about an inch, and he found the slit was wet and for a few minutes he enjoyed the feeling of Brandy getting wetter and wetter between the lips of her pussy.

Now Brandy was becoming aroused and scarred, as she felt the first boy in her life touching the inner part of her virgin sex. Her first reaction was to stop, then she wanted more, but as she felt her body starting to squirm from the stimulation on the underside of her clitoris, she gently moved Dougís hand from her body.

The guys wanted to exchange phone numbers and addresses, but Brandy said they should just have their memories. Kelly said that maybe they should each write a note on the back of their place mats, which they each decided to do.

Kelly wrote, "Mike, you would be a wonderful person to know, and if possible tonight, I would come to you and give myself to you, if you would enjoy being the first with a girl of eleven." Then she added, "It was wonderful how big you were, and when you went off, I got wet from just feeling you go off." "Before I forgot, you made me cum when you fingered me, Kelly."

Mike wrote a couple of words, "You got me off really good, and would love to have shot my cum in your bald pussy, till again, Mike."

The wordsí Brandy wrote were straight from the heart. "Doug, Iím nineteen and you are the first guy to ever feel my virgin sex, it was wonderful, Love and Kisses forever, Brandy."

Thinking for a moment, Doug wrote, "I would love to fuck your cunt, how many guys have shot cum up it?"

They each folded their notes, and promised not to read them for another ten minutes. The sisters walked from the booth, and before they did, Brandy, saw there was no doubt that Kelly assuredly gave Mike a hand job. After paying their bill, they left quickly for the car, and pulled from the parking lot.

Brandy drove just a short distance from the restaurant, and stopping the car, unwrapped the note Doug had written her. "The asshole, that asshole," Brandy screamed out as she read the vulgar note Doug had written. Thinking to herself that is what happens when you let a guy play with your body, never again!

Kelly was near tears and telling her sister, listen to what Mike wrote, and after reading it, asked Brandy if she could read her note from Doug. "Sure, but yours is better than mine."

They hit the interstate, and setting the car on cruise control, were again headed for Florida. Each of the sisters was thinking of what they had just experienced. Brandy thought she might become a real tease and she just might wear something like she had on now, the total time they were in Florida. Hell I just might start going without panties, and let a guy get his hand under my dress, and then when he touches my sex, make him stop after building him up to thinking he was going to score.

Mike read his note, and over and over he felt like he was a child molester, "Damn, Doug, she was only eleven, and I thought she shaved her pussy and that was why it didnít have any hair on it." Thinking more, he said, "I thought she just had small tits, like Vicki, you know the cheerleader. But hell, an eleven-year-old - hell that is how old my sister is, damn doesnít even let me think she is having sex."

Yet Kelly had firmly decided to have sex, and if it was possible it would be with the man who first awakened her young body to the feeling of desire, her own father. She remembered when she sat on the edge of the hot-tub, and held her legs so her dad could look between them. When she found her parents in the tub, she knew that they were doing it when she walked into their private room. Mike had fired her interest to feel how large her fathersí penis was, and when she made Mike cum, she could not believe how much he squirted.

They pulled into a restaurant and ate lunch in Georgia, and as they entered the truck stop, they could feel the eyes of every trucker looking at their bodies. They walked over to a booth and sat down, and when the older waitress brought them their water and menus, she looked at them and frowned. Brandy thought, okay, for a woman who was likely her motherís age, but had another fifteen pounds more weight, and breast that must have been 38 D-cups, she would forgo any tip. Then we will see how snooty she can be.

While eating, two large men, both around their mid-thirties, were watching them intently. One was a large white male, who must weigh close to 220 pounds, and six-feet-seven-inches tall, and his forearms were huge. He was wearing a golf shirt, and it fit him so tightly, you could see his muscles roll as he breathed. His eyes were like cold steel, they were so shinny, and Kelly wondered what he did, as he was so large. Maybe his a pro-football player, she imagined, and could feel his eyes looking at the center of her tight shorts. For a moment she felt like he could see inside her clothes and know she was not wearing panties, and could see her tiny slit.

The other man was equally as large, but at least two inches taller, and he was a black man with arms even larger than his friend. He was wearing a pair of club shorts, and his legs with almost as thick as Brandyís body. Brandy could see the muscles in his arms and legs were like rippling as he moved in the chair where he was seated, and he was facing the booth where she and her sister were seated.

Looking at the man, she saw he smiled and nodded his head at her, and she was certain he had winked at the same time. "Kelly, those two men at the table across from us are watching us, and they must think we are cute, and they are like giants."

"Yeah, the white guy keeps looking at the crotch of my shorts, and I swear his eyes are burning a hole in them, and he gives me goose bumps, and the black guy is watching you, Brandy."

"I know, and he is very large and his arms and legs are all muscle, what do you think they do?"

"Football players, and maybe with the Atlanta team, or at least some football team, should we ask them to join us, Brandy?"

"No way, they are too old and way too big for you and me, but they could be fun."

During the rest of their meal they spoke about the men, and a couple of times, Kelly felt like her insides were melting as she would look and see the large white man was starring at the middle of her legs, and a couple of times at her tiny little nipples.

After eating, they pulled the car up to the gas pumps and were filling the tank when a deep voice caught Brandy off guard, "Where you heading pretty lady?"

Looking up and around, Brandy saw the black man was filling the tank on his RV that was like a tour bus. Not wanting to be rude, and knowing the bus was likely worth a half million dollars, as it looked like one her fatherís friend George owned, "Florida, down on the intercostal, West of Ft. Lauderdale, with my sister."

"Thatís where my friend Ted and I are headed, and plan on playing some golf and deep sea fishing for a week or so." Then he smiled and said, "Iím Marcus, where are you two spending the night?"

"We want to be near the Georgia-Florida border when we stop around six this evening, maybe we can speak again, if youíd wish." Then Brandy told Marcus, "Iím Brandy, and my sister is Kelly, and by the way my fatherís friend has a RV coach like yours."

"Best toy I ever bought, and it is only a month old, so Ted and I decided to take it for a ride and a vacation." "By the way, we will treat you, two young ladies, to dinner tonight, if you would like, just follow us down the highway."

"Might be fun, and I have to ask, does yours have the door that works on a switch to open and close it between the galley and the head?"

"Sure does, and that makes me feel lazy sometimes, anyway hope to see you for dinner."

During the drive down the interstate, Brandy related the conversation between her and Marcus, and when she told Kelly they were invited to eat in the RV, Kelly felt a cold feeling pass across her body, and she wondered if tonight would be the night she first had sex, even if it wasnít her fantasy of having sex with her father. "Brandy, the white guy is Ted, right, and did Marcus say if he liked me?"

"Kelly, donít let your imagination run away with your brain, they are old enough to be your dad, and big enough to crush you if you let him get on top of you for you know what," Brandy said and laughed at the comment she made to her young sister.

However, Brandy was also wondering why the two men would be interested in them, if it wasnít for sex, or some sinister thing. To herself, Brandy thought what it would be like to have the large black man against her ivory skin, and if things went that far, should she tell him she is a virgin? No, she reasoned she would let him discover that as he took her for her first time. I must be a nut, thinking of having sex, and with a black man, my mom would kill me, and I must forget such a thought before I get in trouble over my head.

It was nearly six-thirty when they pulled in behind the large RV coach, and saw it was parked at the far end of the roadside park. As they sat in the car, they watched Ted and Marcus walk from the RV to their car. Marcus looked at the girls, smiled and asked, "Are you going to join us for dinner tonight, because we have four large steaks thawing and we need to stop for some beer down the road, and there is a large lake about five miles from here, so if you wish to join us, we would enjoy your company."

"Kelly, would you like that," Brandy asked her sister?

"Sure, sounds like fun, but we donít drink, or I donít, do you Brandy?"

"No, but I have drunk a beer with dad a few times, so I might have just one," Brandy replied. "So do I follow you or what?"

"Sure enough, just pull in behind us when we stop for beer and then follow us to the lake where we can picnic, and watch the birds and sunset," Marcus replied.

About a half hour later, they followed the Rv to the large lake, and saw several other RVs and tents pitched along the lake and even in the large grass area which was limited to tents. Marcus pulled the large motor coach to the far end of the park, backed around so the curb side was facing the lake, and pushing a couple of snaps, the awning rolled out and created a sheltered area alongside the coach. Ted, opened a compartment on the side of the coach, and took out a rolled up green indoor-outdoor carpet, and spread it out under the awning. Marcus opened another compartment on the side of the coach and it contained a music system, and he was soon playing some hip-hop music.

"Come inside and take a tour of my little home on wheels, and see what you think," Marcus said, and led them inside.

"WOW, THIS IS SOMETHING, LIKE WILD," Kelly said as she looked at the leather sofa, and the table and chairs, and then the kitchen. They walked into the head, and then the bedroom, and even Brandy could not believe the beautiful decor of the bedroom, with a queen size bed, and a TV mounted in the ceiling.

"OK, do we eat inside or outside, you call it girls, and we can grill the steaks outside if you wish." Then Marcus reached in the refrigerator and took out two beers, after opening them, he asked, "Would you girls like at least one beer?"

"Sure, Iíll have one," Brandy replied, and when Kelly said she would also have a beer, Brandy was about to say no, but decided one beer would not be a problem. After all, their parents let them have wine at times for dinner, so a beer shouldnít be a problem.

Ted and Marcus each carried out some of the food, and the Brandy and Kelly carried out the beers for themselves and the guys. Marcus opened up a compartment and took out a propane grill, and soon had the steaks cooking, while Ted placed salad on plates for each of them.

While the steaks were cooking, they sat on folding chairs and looked out at the water, and saw several large birds, some were cranes, and a flock of ducks flew by and then returned to land on the water about fifty feet from shore.

While eating the steaks and salad, Marcus got each of them another beer. After they had eaten, he brought out a bottle of French champagne. Brandy knew it was an expensive bottle and cost nearly a hundred dollars, as her father had ordered it for them at the country club on special occasions.

Brandy watched as Kelly was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and she was feeling it start to impact her. Before much longer, it was dark, and Brandy knew that things were progressing more than she had planned. Yet the afternoon, and now the evening was pleasant and for her first time to be around a black man on a personal basis, Brandy found Marcus was an enjoyable and highly educated man. He had told her he had majored in chemistry in college, had been an All American running back, and played in the pros for nine years, and would be playing again this coming fall, and as he laughed for another five years or so, he hoped.

Ted was a college roommate, and they had both been drafted by the same team and still played together. Hearing that Ted was an offensive end, Kelly asked what made him offensive, and they all laughed at her joke.

Before long, the night had surrounded the four of them, and Brandy looked over at her young sister and saw she was seated on Tedís lap. Kelly had her arms around his thick neck, and she had her face nestled in the area of his thick neck and chest. Looking, Brandy could see that Ted was moving his hands over her legs, and up her back and back to her legs, and yet he wasnít touching her between her legs.

"Brandy, why donít you follow your sisterís lead, and set on my lap?"

"That would be nice, and you can keep me warm in your large arms," she responded.

Moving onto Marcusí lap, she felt his large manhood under her hips, and she knew a brief moment of fear, then she told Marcus, "Have Ted come over here with Kelly, as I must tell the two of you something."

"Ted, come over here with the pretty girl, as Brandy wants to tell us something, okay Buddy?"

When Ted came over and sat down on the ground in front of her and Marcus, Brandy looked at the two men, then told them, "We knew what you two likely wanted with us, and yet we came, knowing that things could happen." Pausing for a moment, then Brandy finished her comment, "We are both virgins, and Iím nineteen, but Kelly is only eleven, so if you wish to continue the evening, we are willing, and you will never have trouble with us because of her age, as she told me she loved the looks of Ted, and she has never had sex, but engaged in foreplay a little, so the decision is yours."

"OH shit," Ted said, and then he looked at the girl in his arms and asked her, "Youíre only eleven, and you want to have sex, and not get me in jail for the rest of my life?"

Moving her mouth up, she kissed Ted and hugged him in her small arms, then pulled her mouth from his, saying, "Just be gentle, as you are big."

"What say we all go inside and before we do, you should put your top up, Brandy."

They cleaned up the area outside, putting things away, then the entered the large coach, and with a few flips of some switches, Marcus made the interior of the coach into a romantic setting with track lights, and lights under the edge of the furniture.

Brandies stood up, and slowly began to remove the red camisole, and the cutoff shorts. When she removed them, Marcus could not get over the loveliness of the ivory skinned girl. Her breast stuck straight out from her chest and the hair over her mons were tight curls that covered her sex with what was certainly hidden delight.

Kelly and Ted were setting on the opposite tan leather sofa, and Kelly had curled up on his lap, and had removed her top. When Ted asked her if she was really only eleven, she determined if he saw she no breast, he would believe her. "Look at my tiny little nipples, and you can see they have only started to grow on my chest, so does that show you Iím only, eleven?"

"Iíve never, seven a girl your age nudes, but your little nips are something I want to kiss, suck and enjoy, is that all right with you, Kelly?"

"Ted, I-I, donít have hair yet, you know down their like Brandy." With a quite whispering sound to her voice Kelly continued, "I know what you will do, well, I kind of know, but I hope you like my thing with no hair around it, like older girls, and promise you wonít laugh at me?" Then Kelly told Ted about Mike, and Mike asking her if she shaved it when he felt her up in the restaurant. Ted rose from the sofa, pushed a button and it unfolded into a bed.

Ted obtained sheets from the linen closet near the head, and while he was spreading out the sheet, Brandy walked over and hugged Kelly to her. "Are you all right with this, and wish to continue going through with having sex?" Brandy walked her young sister over to the end of the RV, and said, "Kelly, it isnít too late to change your mind, and I can tell you I am scarred almost to death of doing it, and you know more about sex, than I do, donít you?"

"Brandy, Iím kind of afraid, but my fear is silly, and I wonder if Ted will like me when he sees I donít have hair down there, although he said he couldnít wait to see me nude."

Looking her young sister, she asked Kelly, "What did Ted think when he saw you little breast were just starting to pop out on your chest about an inch?" Then Brandy asked her sister, "Kelly, can I touch yours, they are so perfect, and I canít remember mine being like yours, but Iím certain they were?" Without waiting for an answer, Brandy moved her hand up and cupped her sisterís left breast, then moved her hand over then and enjoyed feeling the tiny nipples harden. "Kelly, they are so pretty, you can believe Ted will love them."

After telling Brandy what Ted had said about her breast, Kelly kissed her sister on the cheek, and whispered, "Guess we will both loose our cherries together, and Iím only a little scarred that it will hurt." Then she asked Brandy, "Are you afraid, should we be in the bed together, what do you think?"

"No, you stay out her with Ted, and I will be in the bedroom with Marcus." Then Brandy told her sister, "They say blacks are bigger down there, and Kelly that DOES SCARE ME, and I want to know if you have done it before, be honest?"

"No, I never have, but I will tell you about dad and me in the hot tub, and mom was there, but we didnít have sex." Then she decided not to tell her about Donnie and her trying to do it, and it hurt so much she made him stop when he attempted to shove his thing up in her.

Stepping away from Kelly, Brandy moved back to where Marcus was seated in the large leather chair, and sat on his lap. Kelly watched as her sister was being kissed by a black man, and something in her sex tingled, as she wondered what it would have been like if she had ended up with the handsome and large black man?

Standing next to the sofa bed, she helped Ted smooth out the sheet, then she saw him place two towels down on the bed, and one in the middle. OH, she thought, that is where I will lay, and she knew that she would likely bleed when she had sex for the first time. Kelly felt her tummy get tight with fear, and wondered if she could go through with having sex at eleven.

Ted took her in his arms and kissed her lips and his hands played over her young breast, and he felt the nipples respond, just as an older female breast and nipples would. Then she just noticed, although she had seen both of the men had removed their clothes while she and Brandy were speaking together. She could see his penis was twice the size of Mikes, and larger than her fatherís manhood.

Kelly looked down as Ted kneeled in front of her and removed the lycra shorts down her lanky legs. Kelly was five-six, and her legs were almost cylindrical in shape from her hips to her ankles, and were no more than an inch or two in size difference from the top to the bottom. They were perfectly shaped, and the texture of the skin had the smooth and firmness that only a young or adolescent girlís body has, especially before the body fat increased in the upper thighs and even on a preteen girlís calves.

Please wait while picture loads

Ted looked at the hairless vulva of the preteen girl in front of him, and seeing her small slit between her legs, he wondered if he could actually enter her sex. Would her sex stretch open enough to allow his thick and long penis to enter her small puffy lips that guarded her inner girlhood, her sexual core?

Never had Ted realized what a preteen girlís hairless sex would look like, and he had seen a great deal where older girls and woman shaved them completely. Kellyís was two small fatty labia, which showed her prepuce peeking out from between the lovely fat tissues on each side of her slit.

Under the prepuce, Ted could see a slight strip of skin that he knew was too lower part of her hymen covering and the top of the urethra. Moving her legs apart, Ted could see an extremely small parting on the lower part of her labia, and the slit showed a tiny hole like opening, and he knew his cock would need to create discomfort and assuredly pain, when he penetrated her virgin body.

Ted was amazed to see how Kellyís labia ended below the slit of her girlhood, and then he saw the tiny amount of taint, and noticed it didnít reach more than an inch, or less, from her female opening, to her anus. "Taint," Ted heard himself say, and Kelly asked, "What do you mean, taint?"

Marcus heard the comment from both of the two, and busted up laughing. Looking at Brandy he asked her, "Do you know what taint is, Sweet One?"

"No, what is it, both Brandy and Kelly asked, almost in unison?"

Marcus laughed even louder, and said, "Itís that small strip of skin between the pussy and ass, it ainít pussy, and it ainít ass!"

"You are terrible, both of you," Brandy replied, then she too had to laugh.

Ted moved his mouth to the mons of the preteen, and kissed the small fatty area over the sex of the young girl, then he stood up and pulled her into a setting position with him on their bed.

Kelly watched as Marcus was slowing removing the red blouse from her sister, and then he begins to remove her shorts. When Brandy was nude, both Marcus and Ted were stunned to see the body of such a lovely young girl, and could not below her flawless ivory colored skin. Even Kelly looked on in awe, and she saw the stark contrast between the fair skin of her sister, and Marcusí dark, and shinny brown skin.

Both sisters were nude, and Marcus was kissing and sucking the perk breast and nipples of Brandy, then he moved down onto the floor and began oral sex on the lovely girl who was feeling a manís mouth and tongue on her sex. Within a few moments, Brandy was breathing deep and sharp through her mouth, then she moaned out. "Um, ummmm, ohhhh, augh, yessssss," and as her legs quivered and he heels bounced up and down, striking the floor, Brandy climaxed in less than a minute of oral titillating of a tongue on her virgin clitoris.

"My god, oh my god, that is so good, oh Kelly, ohhhhhh," Brandy uttered to let her sister know she was beyond any act of modestly and simply wished for her sister to realize how wonderful the sexual experiences she just shared were, and had climaxed twice, one after the other.

Kelly looked on as Marcus moved up over her sister, and pushed her legs open with his huge and over thick muscular thighs. While she watched a man move to take her sister in a sexual way, she felt Ted move her down onto the sofa bed. She continued watching her sister and a man on her, and when she felt Ted uses his hand to place the thick head of his penis against her tiny slit, she cried out in sudden fear and desire, both at the same time.

Ted worked his thick penis up and down in the tiny slot between the young girlís legs, and finally was able to part the tiny hole, between her labia, enough to slip the end of his manhood inside. The feeling of tightness was unbelievable to the man, and Kelly was about to become a woman, as Ted, the man, between her lanky legs, shoved forward, and he felt his erection slip in past the head.

The sensation of the young tight sex around the start of his shaft was unlike any sex he had ever felt in his life. No female opening had ever gripped him as the young girlís sex he was attempting to enter, had squeezed his penis so tight.

Kelly was watching her sister, and she could see Brandyís eyes shut quickly, and her mouth opened in a perfect circle, and then she felt Ted pushing into her own body. Kelly watched her sisterís face, and felt her own body being split into, and as Brandy screamed out, "My god, it hurts, oh my god, take it out! No more, it hurts and burns, STOP, NO MORE, IT HURTS!" Brandy cried out as she felt the ten inches of thick black cock tare her virginity apart in one brutal thrust, then as Marcus did not enter her to his total length, he pulled back and drove into the ivory skinned nineteen-year-old-virgin.

As Marcus took Brandy, Kelly felt her own sex being pried open with an intense amount of pressure, and then she knew the feeling of a manís firm penis striking against her cherry. "NO, HELP ME, TAKE IT OUT - NO MORE - AUGH GOD IT IS KILLING ME, HELP ME - BRANDY H E L P M E - NOOOOOO, UGH," Then Kelly felt her virginity torn into by the thick head of the nine-inch cock, and realized she and Brandy had cried out at the same time, and both she and Brandy knew they had lost their virginity at the same instance.

Girls both cried and asked their respective partner to stop, and tear flowed from the eyes of both girls, and they felt their bodies being taken with both lust and pleasure by the two men they were accommodating. The young girls were beyond the point of objecting to the stripping of the cherries, but they knew the tearing and burning sensations of the never penetrated sex. They moved their arms around the strong and large bodies of the men between their thighs.

Kelly was in shock as she felt the hard male thing striking and going back and forth in her eleven-year-old body. Yet she understood the feelings more than her older sister, as she remembers the climax she had received from her father. Thinking to herself, she had strongly considered allowing her father, to be her first, now that could never be. But the thought of her father, caused her to respond almost immediately to the moving in and out of her sex by the large penis Ted was feeding into her quickly responding body.

Ted felt the change in the girl under him, and assumed incorrectly, that the pleasure she was giving him back was from his taking her. Kelly kept thinking of her father, and what it would be like to have him make love to her. Her small round globes of hips, were now bouncing up and down under the man above her. "Ayeeee, Iím doing it, Iím cummmminnnng," Kelly cried out from her first penetrating act of intercourse. She felt Ted jam his thick manhood deep into her, and she knew he was giving her his own climatic cream.

Brandy was still in tears from the large manhood that was driving in and out of her ruptured vagina, and she begged her ravisher to hurry, get it over with, I canít take it much longer, oh Marcus, please hurry. Then she heard her young sister cry out that she was climaxing, and her body arched up from the floor, and as she did, Marcus, moved his pubic bone against the top of her mons. The bone at the top of her sex, and was being pressed by Marcus body, and pressing against the engorged and blood-filled clitoris at the top of her sex, and Brandy felt a quick change in her body.

The pain was changing to one of need, and her hips were soon raised completely from the floor, and her legs were parted more, allowing the man between her thighs to enter her more fully. Then it happened, and her body was building to climax from her first time to have intercourse. Brandy wrapped her arms around the large back of the black man laying over her body. Her lips sought out the man who was given her pleasure and not pain, then she was at the breaking point, and she cried out her release.

"MARCUS, YES, OH YESES, I FEEL - SO GOOD, OH WHAT IS HAPPENING, IíM READY, OH MARCUS, NOW, PLEASE DARLING - NOW," Then Brandy gave down her virgin climax, and she felt the black penis in her body quiver as he shot his semen into her bleeding vagina.

Within a moment of each other, the sisters lost their virginity, and now they lay under the men who had ravished their young bodies, and as they semen and blood eased from the sore and torn open sex between their respective legs, the turned their heads toward the other. Both girls commenced crying and tears ran from their eyes.

Marcus and Ted moved off the girls and helped them to set up, and Marcus picked Brandy up from the floor, and helped to move over to where Kelly was now seated on the edge of the sofa bed.

Ted had seen the blood on the towel he had placed under Kelly before they lay down, and noted the amount of blood from her bleeding sex, and how it had kept the sofa from being stained. Looking to where Brandy was being picked up by Marcus, he saw where her blood and Marcusí semen had ran from the nineteen-year-old girlís sex, and it was a large red spot on the throw rug covering the RV marble floor. Both girlís saw the evidence of their lost cherries, and both commenced crying, as most girls do immediately after having sex for the first time.

Their bodies were sore, and blood was on their legs and Brandyís maiden hair was soaked in red, and the thick cream from Marcus. The girls looked at the men, and noted the blood on their shrunken penises, and legs, and found it funny that what had been so hard and pointing from their bodies earlier, were now handing down in a flaccid state.

Kelly, the more bold of the two sisters, asked, "Do you think I could shower or something?"

"Sure, and you know something, maybe we can all get into the shower at the same time," Marcus replied. The shower in the RV was large, and three sides were glass, with flowers and birds sandblasted in beautiful patterns. The shower allowed all four of them in at the same time, but it was crowded, but Ted and Marcus found it gave them the chance to touch each of the girls.

As usual, Kelly was bold, and reached out and took both penises in her hands. "If you guys can crop a feel, so can I." Brandy watched as her sister held the sex organs of both men in her tiny hands, then she felt both men playing with her large C-cup breast.

Brandy looked as if she might pass out when she saw her sister kneel down and start kissing and taking Marcus, exceptionally black manhood into her mouth. How did a girl of eleven know about oral sex, then she knew that Kelly had been more active than she had admitted to being? Did she and dad have oral sex, Brandy asked herself?"

Marcus knew the girl had very little experience in sucking a man, but she knew how, and he was erect within a few minutes. He opened the shower door, and led the girl of eleven out of the shower and into the RV bed room. Turning back the comforter, he through a double folded towel onto the sheets, and lay Kelly on them. Moving onto the bed, he first sucked at the inch high breast of the young girl. His mouth closed around the pink nipples that were actually the aroules and the nipples combined, and was a puffy little point on the top of the circular developing breast.

Kelly did not object and was soon hugging the head of the large man, and running her hands across the face and telling him how wonder he felt when he nursed on her. Then she felt him moving down and when his tongue sneaked out and licked her sore and torn open thing, and she uttered a cry. If the cry was a protest or one of delight, Marcus didnít know, but he continued licking the girlís sex, and he knew the taste in his mouth was her virgin blood and his friendís semen. He was past the point of caring, and he performed oral sex on the younger sister, until he felt her hips moving up and down, and her pelvic area arching up and down in time to his licking her clit and her seeping slit.

Kelly cried out she was going to do it, and as she did, Marcus moved up between her lanky legs, and using his hand positioned his large ten inches of black manhood at the still blood and semen seeping opening, between her legs. Her body drew back in alarm as she felt the large black penis, try to part her narrow, and just recently deflowered vagina, and Kelly thought the penis was assuredly as large around as a bottle of water, if not thicker than even that description she had come into her mind.

Her moans and cries as the large penis was worked into her sex, caused her to move her hips and legs to accommodate the massive thick black phallus. She remembered how her sister had sobbed out as it had been worked into her virgin opening, and she knew why Brandy had cried out.

Now Kelly was feeling her sex being stretched so far apart, she wondered if the skin would be ripe. After several attempts, Marcus was able to shove half of the large organ into the bleeding preteen vulva. With study and firm strokes back and forth in the tightly gripping sex of the girl of elevenís sex, the small cavity of Kelly finally had the ten inches buried completely inside her young body.

Marcus was as gentle as possible as he moved his penis deep, then withdrew the black object out until only the tip of the head, was still encased in the entrance of the small puffy labia. Then he would shove back into the girl, and when he finally felt her hips start to move with his stoking her sex, he became more forceful.

Kelly was sobbing and crying out for him to stop, then begging him to never stop doing it to her. The sensation in her young sex was beginning to overwhelm her until she started to feel the start of climax building in her still to fully develop sex. Within moments, both she and Marcus were heaving their groins against the other, then Kelly cried out her release, and Marcus grunted as his semen shot into the girl of eleven. For several minutesí Kelly lay under the large man, until she found his weight was being to crush her small body.

Brandy and Ted had stayed in the shower for a few minutes after Marcus and Kelly had gotten out, but when Brandy heard her sister crying out, she asked Ted, "I want to see if Kelly is okay," And she opened the shower and stepped out, followed by Ted. Walking into the bed room of the RV, Brandy could not get the image of the large man on top of her young sister, and how his large thighs and hips had her legs parted to allow him into her. She could see expression after an expression pass across Kellyís face, and they matched the utterances from her pain and pleasure filled voice.

When she heard Kelly asking Marcus for more stroking of the large penis into her body, Brandy moved down where she could observe the large black object moving in and out of her young sisterís tiny female opening. Kelly had pulled her legs back, and was resting her feet on the bed, in her attempt to ease some of the pressure of her sex being probed by the large penis.

Kelly, by opening her legs, and having them pulled back, permitted Brandy to view the sex act between Marcus and her young sister, and she was in disbelief at how the lips of her sisters sex, were pulled outward when the black penis pulled back from her sex. The in and out movement, and the rising and setting of Kellyís hips, allowed Brandy to understand, what her own sex looked like when Marcus had done her.

Ted becomes erect, and eased both himself and Brandy flat on the bed, and he was soon moving his penis in and out the grasping sex of the nineteen-year-old. The feel of the full body of the older sister was so different from the yet, to develop girl, of eleven.

Feeling the firm breast under his chest, and the sleek legs of the ivory skinned Brandy, and the wetness of her gripping sex, brought Ted off in five minutes. When he felt his ejaculation moving from his penis, he shoved with all his strength to ensure his sperm filled semen was lodged deep in the clinging young girlís moist vaginal canal of her cervix that opened to the uterus.

After both Brandy and Kelly had been taken the second time, they lay on the backs between the two men, and hold the otherís hand, she listened to the labor breathing of the two men. After a short time, Marcus turned onto his side, and moved his arm under Kellyís neck and hugged her in a gentle embrace. Ted saw the action and repeated it with Brandy, who was touched by his actions, and not knowing it was a result of Marcus doing the same to Kelly, reached her hand up and caught his hand in hers.

Neither of the four made any comments, and lay in an exhaustive state, and within a few minutes fell asleep in the need to rest from the emotional and pleasure of the sex they had shared. Kelly and Brandy did not seem to consider that the man who was hugging them, as they were passing into the state of sleep, was not the man who had taken their girlhood and made them women.

Marcus woke the next morning shortly after six-thirty, and needed to use the bath, and as he walked into the head, he saw that he was again wearing the virgin blood of the girl of eleven, Kelly. After washing off and urinating, he walked into the galley and placing dishes and silverware on the table. Getting the eggs, ham and orange juice from the side-by-side refrigerator-freezer, Marcus began cooking for the four of them. Scrambling the eggs in the large skillet, and as they cooked, he had started coffee, and toast.

Kelly awoke to the smell of the food cooking and got off the bed. As she moved her legs, she knew a tenderness she had never felt in her young body. Her sex stung, and it felt raw and as she urinated, it seemed to burn around the entrance when the urine ran across her puffed up sex. Her legs were covered with blood and semen, and she washed off, and then walked out into the galley where she found Marcus fixing breakfast.

"Good morning, Pretty One," Marcus said in greeting the younger sister, and whom he had taken before drifting off to a sound sleep for at least seven hours. "Ready for something to eat, and guess we should wake up the other two sleepyheads, want to get them up?"

Kelly looked at the nude body of the large black pro football play, and she saw the massive hanging penis that had taken her before she fell asleep. It is huge, and it is not erect, and yet he was in my tiny opening, and I feel it this morning. Then she told Marcus, "First, I need a hug, and I hope you liked me, even if I am only eleven, did you, Marcus, and be honest?"

"Had I known what it would be like to make love to you, I would have wanted you first." As he hugged the preteen, he added, "Donít repeat that, please, but your body is somewhere between a child, and a young woman, and the combination is lethal, and that is the truth."

While they were standing, and the large man held the small girl in his massive arms, Kelly felt a deep relaxation of her body, and she felt safe in the adult man who had penetrated her body in a sexual way. Her body was becoming excited, and her pubic area was starting to press against the massive leg of the black man.

Marcus to felt some form of relaxation as he held the young girl, and when she pressed her sex against his leg, his penis begins to grow. It was fully erect within moments, and it nudged its way between the small legs of Kelly. Reaching down, Marcus patted the small round balls of her hips, and told Kelly, "Get them up, before we do something that will cause me to burn breakfast."

Stepping from Marcusí grip, Kelly looked at him, smiled, and said, "Later big boy, and your thing are cute when it looks like that," And laughing as she left the galley, said, "Later, and I mean that." Then Kelly walked into the bed room of the RV, and saw that her sister, Brandy, and Ted, who had gotten her virginity, were making love, and she watched for a moment, and as they had no idea she was watching them, Kelly reached out and slapped her hand on Tedís buttock. "Hurry up, and breakfast is ready."

After eating, and then sipping their coffee, they all decided to spend another night together, and at Kellyís suggestion, she would ride in the RV with Marcus, and Ted would ride with Brandy in the convertible. Around nine in the morning, they were on the road, and around five the next afternoon, they pulled up into a RV park near mouse country, as Kelly called it.

The four of them went out to eat, and people watched them as they were so diverse in their ages, and with Marcus being black, they got some stares, but mostly people recognized Marcus and Ted, and didnít approach them, but respected their privacy. Kelly had dressed so she looked older, and her top was loose enough that it did not show her actual breast size.

Driving into a parking lot, which had a liquor store, Ted went inside and purchased more liquor, including Johnny Walker Blue Label, and two bottles of red wine. They drove back to the RV, and Marcus had rented space in the wooded area that did not have hookups, but his unit was so self contained, it was not a problem, and it provided them with no neighbors within fifty feet.

They had decided that Kelly and Brandy would be Tedís sisters, and Marcus said he could be their slave and bus driver, just like in the "Old South."

That evening they sat outside the coach for only a short time, as the bugs were driving everyone in the park crazy. They went inside and played cards, and sipped the wine while watching a movie on television.

At the beginning, the girls were on one sofa, and the men on the other. When Ted got up to fix himself another glass of wine, Kelly got up from where she was seated, and walked across the aisle, and lay on the sofa with her head on Marcusí lap.

No words were spoken, but the atmosphere in the RV reflected the agreement that all four enjoyed the idea of who were partners. The next two hours were spent watching television, and speaking about the upcoming football season. Then Kelly got up from the sofa, and taking Marcus hand in her own, spoke as if to all, and said, "Iím ready for bed."

In the bedroom of the coach, Marcus undressed the preteen age beauty, and then himself. He helped Kelly, lay back on the large bed, and then he was nursing at her puffy nipples, and then kissing and licking her vagina. Kelly soon found her body responding to the oral stimulation in a different way than she had before from oral sex. Her orgasm did not peak, but she stayed at the crest of her climax, unknowing that Marcus was playing her body so she wouldnít go-off.

After another couple of minutes, Marcus moved his large body up over the quaking girl, and felt her hips moving up for contact with his large black phallus. Taking his time, Marcus eased his erection inside the hairless sex of the preteen, and he listened as his young sex partner, moaned and asked him to take her. Marcus took his time, and he knew that Kelly was trying for her release that he had built for her with his tongue and lips, but would stop short of giving her the licking on her sex that would let her come.

"Marcus, do it, donít stop, oh let me feel you in me, Marcus, now, yes, oh yes, push it in like that, it is so good," Kelly was telling her lover, and she repeated her comments, and then she felt her climax hit her hard.

"YES, YES, NOW, IíM CUMING - MARCUS, DO ME, HARDER, OH YEAHHHHHH," Kelly cried out her release.

Marcus felt the young girlís body shaking as she reached the top of her orgasm, then as it tapered off, and her lanky legs moved up around his wide hips and back. He pushed his pubic bone against that of his sexual partner, and rubbed himself against the gripping sex of the girl. Never had he felt a woman climax and move as the young girl under him was doing. Her body had enough strength to raise him with her as she shook and cried out over and over, "Marcus, Marcus, Marcus."

After climaxing so strong, Kelly curled up and lay over the large body of the black man she had found so loving and could give her the strong sex that brought her, yet to be fully developed body, a hard pounding sex that she enjoyed. Both she and Marcus went to sleep, and woke up in the same position the next morning at seven.

Brandy and Ted had made the sofa into a bed, and they found the rhythm for a sexual joining that gave both of them tremendous pleasure. After climaxing quickly, Brandy lay under Ted as he rode her for at least another ten minutes. Once they had rested, and Brandy had decided to suck on Ted for a while, she found the smooth penis in her mouth a pleasant sensation, and when Ted pushed her mouth from his erect manhood, she asked, "Donít you like it, am I not doing it right?"

"Youíre doing wonderfully, but Brandy, I would love to take you anally, would you allow me to be the first with you like that," Ted asked?

"Iím afraid it will hurt too much," Then Brandy knew this was something that Ted wanted with her, and she could hear his desire for that sexual closeness in his voice, and replied in a soft voice, "Be gentle, please?"

Never could Brandy have thought she would allow a man to enter her anus, and now she was sobbing out her feelings as the large penis was sliding in and out of her neither opening.

"OH, Ted, it feels good and hurts all at once, and I love feeling you bump against my hips, but hurry, I canít take much more, ohhhh, hurry!" Brandy felt like she was going to expel her body waste if Ted continued to stroke back and forth in her anus. "Ted, I feel like I have to go, please let me go to the bathroom, oh wait, donít pull out, you will need to keep it in me, and walk with me to the toilet, HURRY, TED! HELP ME MOVE! FASTER!"

Ted moved behind Brandy as she walked bent over to the bath, and she sat down on the toilet. Immediately her body functions took over and she expelled instantly. Brandy held onto Tedís hand the total time she was using the toilet. The sensations from having to go, from the action the anal sex gave her, Brandy could not describe, but she was not embarrassed to have Ted with her as she used the toilet.

After she was done, which seemed to never want to end, and her anus seemed full and wanted the penis back inside, they showered together. Brandy asked Ted, did me in the back again, and with that, she leaned forward and placed her hands on the shower wall. Ted eased up into her dark back opening, and this time he took her slow and when he went off, Brandy sobbed, "Ted, I love you!"

The next morning, Ted and Brandy walked into the bedroom as Kelly and Marcus were making love. They moved onto the bed, and soon were also having sex. After both couples were done, Kelly, always the bold one, said, "One last time with the man who got our cherries, what do you think, Brandy?"

Switching partners, the two men were soon pounding out their lust with the girl whose virginity they each had taken. For Brandy and Kelly, they cried out their sexual sounds and enjoyed knowing the penis was again in them that had taken their innocence.

The girls showered, dressed in their short skirts, and belly blouses, and after kissing the two men goodbye, Ted and Marcus put their bags in the trunk of the convertible, each felt up both girls. Kelly was almost ready to have Marcus do her one last time as she felt his fingers move under the thong panty she was wearing and stroke her hairless vulva.

They spent two days at mouse country, and them finally reached their parentís Florida home. Unpacking, they decided to call home, as they found a message from Jud, and he said to call immediately.

The call home was nothing important, but Jud, when he answered the phone, said, "Mom was concerned as she hadnít heard from you since you went to the park, the day before yesterday." After speaking with all of the family, Brandy and Kelly drove over to the large mall, and shopped, and then sat in the food court having a bite of food, and a soft drink.

"Brandy, was what we did bad, especially with Marcus, cause I liked him, and he was fun, even if he was older?"

Looking at her younger sister, Brandy knew her sister was likely concerned about the lose of her virginity, the same as she. Now that she had allowed a man to have her sexually, she told Kelly, "No, and Iím glad we were together our first time."

For the next three weeks, the sisters enjoyed laying out in the sun, shopping, eating out, and most of all, the phone calls from Marcus and Ted.

The men were on their way back North, and were on the Florida Turnpike, and decided to call the girls on their cell phones. Marcus told Kelly that he and Ted would be spending a couple of days at the lake in Georgia. The sisters told them they were headed that way and would be theirs the next evening, and Kelly laughingly asked Marcus, "You only want to talk to us, and not do anything bad, right?"

The next evening the four of them enjoyed a night of wild sex, and switched partners twice. Ted wanted to take Brandy in here rear opening, but she was afraid to let him, after what she felt and happened the last time. They spoke about it, and Marcus asked Brandy to ride him as he lay on his back, at the edge of the bed with his feet hanging over the edge onto the floor. When she was setting over his groin, with his large penis inside her sex, Ted moved up behind her.

Pressing his hand on the center of Brandyís back, he was able to have her lean forward, and this caused her hips to part as she lay on Marcus with her legs down each side of his. Ted slowly entered her anus, and took slow and gentle moves, until he felt the head of his manhood, part the tightly gripping sphincter of the leggy teenage woman.

Looking down at the smooth tanned back and hips of the overly attractive nineteen-year-old, who was giving him, her anal opening. Ted loved the ivory strip of skin between the perfect set of hips which had not tanned, when she sunbathed nude at her parentís Florida home. The pink skin surrounding her anus, and the slit that ran from it and down to her sex, was truly a lovely thing to see, in Tedís mind.

Brandy could not believe the feelings in her body as she had the two large erections in her front and rear openings. Her cries and pleadings for them to take her, but to hurry made the two large men ejaculate in her young body, almost at the same time.

"Ted, take it out, I have to go, like the last time, oh god, it is coming and I canít help it, oh Iím going to do it again," And Brandy again was forced to let Ted move behind her to the bath? This time she started to expel, before Ted pulled completely out of her, and some ended up on his body. Brandy understood that she was fortunate enough to be with someone like Ted, and to be at the toilet when she could no longer hold her body functions in check.

Kelly had watched the action between her sister and the two men, and did not know that her sister had allowed Ted to previously do ii in her rear. "Marcus, do me like that, but go easy, okay?"

Marcus moved off the bed, and had Kelly kneel at the edge of the bed, and he stood behind Kelly and taking the round hips of the preteen in his hands, pulled the ball-shaped hips open to his inspection. The view of the small pink anus and its wrinkled and puckered skin that held her body functions in check, caused the large black penis to become even stiffer.

"Youíre sure you want to do this, you look awfully small, and tight, and it will likely hurt like hell, especially until I get it buried up your butt?" Marcus asked the preteen girl.

"OH, Marcus, be gentle it is splitting me, augh, easy, please be easy, not so fast, augh it burns, and it is... AUGH! IT IS SO BIG AND OH NO... I CANíT TAKE IT! AUGH!" Kelly cried out as the large penis pushed past the sphincter, and entered deep up her anus and into the reaches of her bowels.

Never had Kelly felt anything like the probing her anus was receiving, and when she felt her hips being pounded against by the strong upper thighs and groin of the large black football back, she simply fell forward, and unable to move, she cried out over and over, from the pain and pleasure her tiny anus received during the next ten minutes.

Brandy and Ted entered the bedroom of the RV after their shower and sex, and seeing her young sister being sodomized, caused Brandy to wonder what life would hold for her sister. Ted was so wrought up seeing the preteen girl, and his friend engaged in anal sex, and listening as she simply uttered sounds with no meaning, but yet her hips bounced back to take the black penis over and over up her back opening. There was no different in the sounds of her utterances as Marcus ejaculated his semen up into the small rectum that he was sodomizing.

After Marcus had pulled from the anus of the young girl, Brandy and Ted watched in awe as her tiny anus stayed open in a circle for several moments, the view of her inner opening was dark, and seemed to close only after the thick white semen started to flow out from the open hole.

The next morning, they went out for breakfast and enjoyed the knowledge that they had shared something that most couples never enjoy. Kelly caused the others to laugh when she commented when walking from the convertible to the restaurant, "Donít walk so fast, my butt is really sore, and I feel like it has been rammed by a black bull, not that kind, you idiots," Kelly laughingly said as she realized her comment could mean Marcus.

They spent the day swimming in the lake, enjoyed a cookout of steaks that evening, and sat along the shore of the lake watching the sun set, and the stars come out. Entering the RV, Ted asked Marcus if he and Brandy could use the bed room. After hearing Marcus tell them to keep it all night, he pushed the button and the sofa he and Kelly were on, opened and the two of them made it up into a bed.

Brandy and Ted had finished making love, and as she was lying in Tedís arms, she listened as he told her, "If you werenít so young, I would ask you to marry me, as I have fallen in love with you, Brandy."

"Ted, youíre only thirty-three, and Iím only six weeks from being twenty, so that is only thirteen-year difference in our ages." Smiling at the handsome man who was holding her in his massive arms, Brandy whispered, "Ask me, and I will say yes and tomorrow we will see if we can be married in Atlanta, or we can return to Florida and be married."

"Marry me, you beautiful woman, and share your love with me for the rest of my life, Miss Brandy?"

"Yes, I would love to be your wife, but where will we live, as you play football out West?"

"We will live wherever my charming woman desires, but I want you with me, no matter what." Then Ted asked her, "Brandy, what about your parents and you're still in college, and your sister?"

"My parents will scream, cry, and my brothers will haunt you for your football playing, and I can complete college wherever, we are, and Kelly will likely want to be a part of the honeymoon."

"This has been a crazy relationship, and I hope you have no regrets about what the four of us have shared," Ted said to Brandy.

Looking in the eyes of the man who just asked her to be his wife, she smiled, then said, "No, and who knows, perhaps when you meet my family, Kelly will be in love with other than the first man who showed her the art of love and sex, and captured her virginity, as your best friend did mine, understand, " Brandy answered Ted.

They walked out to where Marcus and Kelly were enjoying each other sexually, and Ted and Brandy stood holding each other, and watching the coupling of the large black man and the lanky legged preteen girl. Whispering to Ted, Brandy told him, "I firmly believe she was born for sex, look at how she moves up to take Marcus into her body."

After the couples were done having sex, Brandy said, "Listen up, tomorrow Ted and I are going to be married, and we want to be married in Atlanta!"

They were married two days later, and after one more night together, Kelly cried the following morning as she kissed Marcus goodbye. Ted transferred his things into Kellyís car, and he drove for the next ten hours, reaching Kentucky, near the Ohio border, and pulled into a motel and got a room for the night. The room had two beds, but when Kelly crawled into bed with the honeymooners, she lay and watched then enjoyed the sexual act as a married couple.

The next afternoon, they pulled into her parent's home, and San and Norah were waiting to greet the married couple, as Brandy had called her parents after she was married. The parents both had a concerned look on their faces, but still smiled. They hugged their daughters, and when Sam shook his new son-in-lawís hand, he told him, "Ted, I recognize you, and know your considered one of the finest gentlemen on the playing field, and please donít forget you have my daughterís happiness in your hands.

The three boys were full of questions with the meeting of their brother-in-law, and they were soon as enraptured with Ted, as their sister. For a week the family was having parties and cookouts for the new couple, and then the boys took off with their mother for two weeks in Florida.

For the first time in weeks, Sam was finally able to relax, as his youngest daughter was home and his eldest daughter was in Denver. After speaking on the phone with his wife in Florida, Sam went to his room and turned on the Jacuzzi hot tub, and eased himself into the soothing water as it flowed across her body.

He was leaning back in the water, resting on the curved seat of the tub, and was jolted away by his daughterís hand touching his face. "Kelly, are you trying to give me a heart attack, what is you doing in her with me?"

"Daddy, Iím lonesome with Brandy gone, and mom and the boys as well, so I want to set in the water with you." Ted watched in the knowledge of what had occurred the last time his daughter had been in the tub with him, and that he had ejaculated his semen against his preteen daughterís vagina. Kelly moved over and straddled her father as she had the last time she was in the tub with her dad and mom.

"Kelly, you shouldnít be here, youíre nude, and your mother isnít here with me this time."

"I know daddy, and it will be all right, and hold me in your arms." After moving to where she had her sex resting on her fatherís rising to a full erection, manhood, Kelly moved her hips around and knew that her father was becoming excited. Her experience during the past few weeks told her what and how to capture her fatherís penis in her yearning sex.

Kelly wanted to be penetrated, and she wanted her father more than anything. She moved her hips up, and feeling the bulb of her fatherís penis nestle inside the lips of her young incestuous sex, she commenced moving up and down on the hard erection that was in three strokes buried completely up into her adjusting preteen sex opening.

"Kelly, oh Kelly, we shouldnít do this, I..."

"Hush daddy, I want you, and you me, as well, and I have waited for you to be my first, since the nights I asked you to let me go to Florida," Kelly said to her father.

Sam could not believe how easy he was able to enter his daughterís sex, but he had no doubt he was Kellyís first, after all, she had been with her sister during the trip to Florida? Then he wondered as to what was the real story of the trip, and what had really happened during the girls going to Florida, and his eldest getting married?

Kelly moved her body as if she had been having sex for years, and she moved her body up and down on the hard erection of her father. "Daddy, Iím so happy youíre my first, and hope you enjoy being my first man, and - - - daddy, something is happening, oh daddy - - " Kelly cried out her release and her father shot his semen up inside his preteen daughterís moments after his daughter gave down her own liquids.

For the next two weeks, San enjoyed his daughter in as many carnal delights that the two of them could conjure up. When San heard his daughter, ask him about anal sex, he could not believe that an eleven-year-old could know about back door sex, but he soon was deep inside her puckering rear opening, and when he went off, she cried out, "Marcus!"

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