Culvert's Point
(MF, wife, fantasy)
By Lori Helm (

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"Well, here I am," I thought to myself. I didn't know why I came to this remote little beach. "Now what?" I heard myself say aloud.

The day had been a really hectic one. Stress at home, stress at work, stress, stress, stress. I thought for sure I would crack. I knew I had to get away, even if only for a little while. My boss almost fired me for a co-workers error. Thank god she had the balls to step forward and take the blame. Unfortunately for her - she was the one who was fired.

The kids were like monkeys in a cage today!! They were climbing all over everything, including me. Then no one liked what was fixed for dinner, no one got the right glass, no one ate - everyone yelled. Such a peaceful meal!

And Kevin was his normal miserable self. Married that guy for the wrong reason. Biggest mistake of my life. Now I'm living in hell because of two stupid words - "I do"!!! Those three letters can really fuck you over.

Mid-dinner I'd had enough - I grabbed the van keys and took off. As I rushed out the door I announced "Need a break - I'll be back." And now I was here.

"A van," I thought and sighed. How rooted! How boring! I could just picture myself in a black '66 vette convertible, 5 speed, shifting my heart out. It sure would have helped release some steam. Instead, I have the van. I just got in and drove and I ended up here at Culvert's Point. I was so out-of-it, I don't even remember the drive here.

I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with the cool evening air. It's crisp and refreshing right after dusk. The smell is so clean here. Helps clear the mind and calm the soul. One breath and I'm feeling better already.

Still thinking about Kevin. He is such a jerk. Nothing pleases that man. Not sports, not sex, nothing! I've never known a man with such a low sex drive. Before him I thought all men had hard ones all the time. Boy was I wrong. Not only is his sex drive low, he is a boring lover. He doesn't seem to know who I am - inside or out. He won't take the time to learn either! "Oh what a mess I've gotten myself into!"

Knowing nothing would ever change for the better, I sighed once more and leaned back on my elbows tilting my head towards the moon. It was quite dark now but the moon and stars kept the Point rather well lit. It was a beautiful full moon. So round and bright I could almost reach out and touch it.

My long blonde hair spread like a fan on the warm sand behind me. God this felt so good to be quiet and peaceful. All I needed now was a gorgeous man to share this time with. A man who instinctively would know how to please me. A man I could loose myself with.

Flashes of fictitious men flowed through my mind. A cool breeze was blowing the silk of my blouse, rubbing teasingly on my nipples make them hard. They could clearly be seen through the ivory fabric in the moonlight. The breeze, the moon, my imagination were getting the best of me and I could feel tingles and wetness flowing from my pussy. A moan escaped my lips as I ran my nails along my thigh slowly moving towards the center of my passion.

Slowly I rose with a strong desire to feel the waves and ocean engulf my body. I retrieved the "emergency" blanket from the van and lay it on the sand. I released my hair from its clip so that all of it was flowing around me in the gentle breeze. I kicked off my shoes and began removing my blouse, skirt, stockings, garter belt and bra.

I teased myself knowing how hot I was getting. I circled my nipples with my wet fingertips, throwing my head back, another moan flowing from my parted lips. Before removing my panties, I pulled them tight in between my ass cheeks and between my pussy lips - oh it felt so good.

My orgasm was quickly approaching and I knew the cool water would help prolong my ecstasy. With my soaked panties tossed aside, I trotted down to the waters edge. I love how it feels when my breasts jiggle when I run.

I reached the waters edge and slowly and sensually felt the foamy water surround me, climbing up my body like an experienced lover. "If only there was a man to share it all with..." the thought escaped my lips. I sighed and emerged myself in the water taking my time before coming back up. I felt so free just floating under the water, my hair spread about my body like a mermaid. It was shining gold in the moonlight.

Suddenly and without warning I felt something grab me from the water and pull me completely out from the waist up. I gasped for breath and flailed my arms instinctively making my full breasts jiggle. My eyes were trying to adjust, I trying to understand what was going on. Another hand firmly grasped my free arm and held tight.

I was in a state of panic. My hair was whipping wildly about, causing little stinging sensations all over my face and upper torso. It felt as though time were moving at a very slowed speed, I couldn't get a feel for what was happening to me.

The stranger gave me a hard shake, causing my hair to move away from my face and stop my squirming. I could finally see! He was absolutely gorgeous! "How can I be thinking this?!" My mind raced. He stood about six feet tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His arms and abdomen were taut and well defined. He had golden brown hair and dark eyes. A wave of emotion came over me and I thought I would faint. Sensing this, he held my arms tighter and pulled me close to him. He led me from the water.

"Are you okay?" he was checking me over for signs of injury, finding none. "I thought you were drowning!" he exclaimed.

I could feel his warm body though we were no longer touching but for his hands still on my arms. I quickly scanned his body - trying to understand what was going on. I'd been completely alone only a few moments before. His jeans were soaked and clinging to his well formed body in all the right places. The shape of his manhood clearly silhouetted in the moonlight.

What a sight it was to behold! It had to be a least five or six inches long and it wasn't even hard yet!! And oh, it looked so thick... my mind wandered leaving my eyes to linger. Unknowingly I licked my lips and parted them. I rose my face to him with gleaming half open emerald green eyes. It felt as though hormones were just swimming all around and through my body. I needed to lie down before my legs gave way and I fell down.

He helped lower me onto the blanket and grabbed his tee shirt to help dry me. He gently wiped the water from my face and neck and moved to my breasts before realizing what he was doing. I began to purr and he quickly pulled his hand away. I rolled my head towards him waiting to see what he would do.

His eyes followed the curves of my body. I heard him gasp when he saw my shaved pussy. I spread my legs slightly apart so he could have a better look. His face blushed and his eyes quickly darted away. A gorgeous man, I'm completely naked, he's half naked with a raging hard on and he looks away!

I sat up abruptly and feigned embarrassment by partially covering my breasts with his shirt. I made sure to leave one erect nipple in the open. "I wasn't drowning!" I managed to sputter. "How did you know I was here?! Were you watching me!? How long have you been here?! I can't believe you were peeping at me!" It all just rambled out in one long breath.

He turned back to me with his brows narrowed and a frown. "I wasn't spying!" was all he managed to say. He glanced at my bare nipple, his frown softening, his brown eyes sparking like a star. His eyes rose to meet mine for a brief moment and he turned again. I could feel my juices beginning to flow again. My pussy ached for him, for that fat cock I had seen a few minutes before.

I heard him whisper. "I'm sorry," as he started to rise. I rose with him and put my hand on his chest, with the tee shirt in the other, I extended it to him. "I guess you'll want this back" I said to him then seductively licked my lower lip. The cool wind was rapidly drying my long hair and causing it to flutter. The fluttering sensation was making me even more turned on. "It's okay, I guess I should thank you" I said softly. I was quickly becoming disappointed at the thought that this man was going to depart.

"It was nothing," he said as he reached for his shirt, our fingertips brushing. I didn't release my hold on it, causing him to stop in his tracks. I traced the muscles of his stomach down to the waist of his pants with my free hand. Then I dipped my finger into the waistband feeling for his cock head. It was hard, wet and dripping with pre-cum. I licked my finger and began to purr again feeling the wetness between my legs. I needed and wanted this man. It was obvious he wanted me.

I released my hold on the shirt and undid his button-fly jeans. I expected his erection to flop into my waiting hand, instead it stood almost straight up! Oh and it was beautiful shining in the light of the moon and stars. It was a bronze color, thick, and round. It's length hadn't grown too much from is half-erect state earlier, but it was so fat, I couldn't touch my fingers of one hand around it.

I lowered to my knees and began to tongue his hard shaft moving my hand trailing my tongue. I used my other hand to massage his balls. Large, tight balls they were. I felt as though I'd died and gone to heaven.

A deep-throated moan came from him and sent jolts of electricity down my spine straight to my pussy and back up to my nipples. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, he lowered us both down to the blanket.

He kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth with his tongue. I began to suck it rhythmically as though it were his dick. His hands and fingers were exploring the rest of my body. He reached between my legs and teasingly stroked the insides of my thighs just up to my pussy. I arched my back encouraging him to massage my clit. Instead, he kept up his erratic teasing of my pubic area and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard then released it and gave a light bite. Electricity shot to my cunt and I thought I might cum. I bucked towards his hand and moaned loudly, wanting him, needing him.

I continued to stroke his engorged cock and balls with my hands trying to move him around so I could ride him. He wouldn't budge. He began a tongue exploration from my breasts down. So slowly and teasingly-mounting the pleasure. He reached my belly button and dipped his tongue inside. I shivered. He continued and finally reached my wet, swollen cunt. I was so ready! "Fuck me," I pleaded.

He spread my legs further and knelt between them looking at me with a sexy half smile licking his lips. He lowered his head and stuck his fat tongue in my pussy hole. I ground my mound into his face. He began to flick his tongue on my clit hard an fast.

My fingers were entwined in his hair, riding his tongue... Gently I pulled him up my body wanting him to enter me. He grabbed his shaft and rubbed his swollen head on my clit. I arched my back and he took my nipple in his mouth teasing it so that it almost hurt. I kissed him full on the mouth, circling the inside, sensitive parts of his lips with my tongue. I felt the moan rise from his throat.

I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock trying to position him, I couldn't wait another second!! "Please, fuck me," I begged.

Suddenly the world spun and I found myself on top, straddling this gorgeous man and his massive cock. I leaned forward and kissed him once more. I teased him with my nipples up and down his chest. I put one breast in his mouth and he sucked eagerly. Slowly I arose and spread my pussy lips for him to see. He licked his lips and his cock twitched in anticipation.

I lowered myself so that his cock head was just inside my pussy. I could feel him thrusting forward trying to get in further. I held my ground for a few seconds and quickly descended the length of his shaft. He gasped and a deep moan rolled out. He put his hands about my waist and we began a rhythmic dance meeting each other's thrust. Jolts pulsed through me every time my clit made contact with him.

I knew we would both cum soon. Abruptly I stopped thrusting, held him tightly in my cunt for a few seconds then slowly descended upon him again. We both moaned in unison. We could take no more.

I felt the waves of orgasm overtake me as I squealed aloud. I could feel my pussy tighten around his cock. Almost immediately I could feel the pulsing in his cock as he shot his load inside of me. It seemed like forever before we both settled down.

I leaned forward and rested upon his chest - listening to his heart pound. It felt as though our hearts beat as one. After a long while, he drew his semi-erect cock from me and we lay side-by-side running our fingers over each other's bodies, tickling, exploring, teasing, caressing.

We've met once or twice a week since then at various places. But our "get-togethers" at Culvert Point are still my favorite...


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