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Banana Split
(MF, food, rom)
By Anonymous Author

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She lies back, legs spread. I get out a banana, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and some cherries. The banana needs to be just barely ripe, almost still green, to be firm enough.

I finger her cunt until she's nice and wet, and then peel and slowly push in the banana, about halfway. I take a cherry and nestle it between her cunt lips and her clit on top of the banana. I then scoop out several fingers-full of whipped cream and apply it in a mound on top of her box, making sure to bump and jiggle the banana and cherry in the process.

I then put smaller scoops on her nipples and in her belly button. Now for the chocolate syrup. I spread little trails on her tits, crisscrossing her nipples. Then a line from each nipple to her belly button, and from there to her cool-whip covered snatch, where I draw more crossing trails. Finally, more cherries to top off the piles on her cunt and navel.

The banana split's done. Time to eat!!

I start with her right nipple, slowly licking around in the chocolate and whipped cream, until it's mostly clean, but still sticky and sweet. There's plenty on my face, too. I move up and give her a kiss on both cheeks, rubbing some of the stickiness off on her face, but pulling back when she tries to get a lip-to-lip kiss.

I move down to her cunt, take the exposed end of the banana in my mouth, and begin to sink my teeth into it, biting off only a little bit, moving and gyrating my face as I do so, causing the banana to move, push, and pull in her pussy. She moans and tries to thrust at the banana, but I finish biting of the little chunk and swallow it, pulling back.

I move up to her other nipple, and repeat the whole process: licking it mostly clean, kissing and rubbing her cheeks, and one more bite off the banana, shaking and wiggling it. Then to her belly button, where with my tongue I push the cherry down into the whipped cream until it is buried in her little hollow.

I lick off the chocolate syrup and whipped cream, this time until she is completely clean, except for the cherry still in her navel. I pucker my lips and kiss the cherry, pushing it down as far as I can into her belly button, and suddenly suck it through my lips and into my mouth. I move up to her face and kiss her on the mouth for the first time, but when she opens her mouth to receive my tongue, all she gets is the cherry and then I am gone again. I return to her navel and lick the remaining goodies from inside it.

Now I focus once again on her box. I eat the first cherry off the top, looking up at her while I chew. Then I play in the whipped cream and chocolate syrup with my face, all the while slowly stroking the insides of her thighs with the tips of my fingers. I spread the stuff around with my face, and every time I get too much on me I move up to her mouth and make her lick my face clean.

I never allow her a satisfying kiss.

When most of the cool whip and chocolate syrup are gone, and I can see the cherry and banana plainly and smell her natural scent over the remaining hints of cool whip and chocolate, I once again take the banana in my teeth and bite off another piece, wiggling and moving it.

I do this in little bites until there isn't much left sticking out, just enough to get a grip on. (I don't want to lose it.) I position the tip of my tongue on the cherry and wiggle it around, pushing it up into her already sensitive clit, then sucking the cherry into my mouth and blowing some cool breath on her hot button before backing away yet again.

I eat the cherry and return to the banana. I wiggle it around with my teeth, moving back and forth between that and licking, sucking, and nibbling on her clit until she can hardly get her breath and is ready to come.

Then with a quick bite and jerk, I grab the banana in my teeth and pull it out. She tries to follow it back, to keep it in her, but it was unexpected and I get away. I pin her arms down, and crouch over her chest, straddling her, my hard dick laying on her stomach, the banana in my mouth, coated with her juices and pointed at her mouth like a cock loaded with cum.

She knows what to do. She starts to suck on the cunt-juice coated banana, which I hang on to for a while but finally let go of so it can slip all the way into her mouth. She swallows it, enjoying the feeling as it slides down her throat. I'm not even sure she chewed. She has finally earned her orgasm.

I slip into her. It doesn't take long. This is a good thing, because I'm extremely ready myself.

She comes for a long time, probably twenty strokes, but I manage to hold back. When she's through, I pull out, remove the condom, and roll over on my back, with my dick fairly bouncing with anticipation as it points straight up in the air.

I point to the toppings and another banana on the table and say to her, "Your turn."

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