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Baby (FF, control, 1st-lesbian-expr)
by Sweatmeats
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When I graduated from high school and got my first job, my parents told me I had to move out on my own, as they wanted to be alone. I found an apartment, but lived in continual fear. I am very small and very nervous, Iím four feet eleven inches tall and only weigh ninety-two pounds. I like my red hair and I think I have a nice ass and my legs are one of my best features, but am scared to death to go out on dates. Consequently, I spend a lot of time in my apartment.

One night, I heard somebody trying to break in. I went ballistic but had enough sense to call 911. The police came, it turned out it was a man from the building, drunk and at the wrong floor, he was trying to open my door.

Even after I found out who it was, I was still so scared, I couldnít stop shaking or sobbing. The lady from across the hall, Amy, had come out to see what was going on and when she saw what a state I was in, she put her arm around me to consoled me.

Amy told the police she would take care of me and I was overjoyed. She took me over to her apartment and closed the door. She picked me up like a baby and sat on the couch with me in her arms. She was rubbing my arms and she kissed me on the forehead, telling me everything was going to be fine. I felt safe.

Then she kissed me on my lips and told me not to worry, that she was going to take good care of me. I was still shaking a little from the shock I'd gone through earlier. Amy told me not to worry, that she had something that would make me feel a much better.

That's when she took her tit out of her blouse and offered the nipple to me. She had big tits, thirty-six DD, with long nipples and pushed my head down to her tits. Amy told me to suckle on her tit and that if I did I would feel much better.

I was afraid she would get mad at me if I didnít do as she suggested, so I took her big nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it. She was right, it felt so good sucking on her nipple like that. I closed my eyes and sucked away.

While I was sucking Amyís tit, she moved to take her blouse off, so I could have better access to her tits, all the while she made cooing soothing sounds. After a time I was in total bliss, I had forgotten all about what had happened in the hall and I was so content just snuggling up to Amy and sucking on her wonderfully big nipples.

Finally Amy mentioned that I must be uncomfortable scrunched up in her lap, and she started undressing me. Suddenly I was afraid again. I did want her to be mad with me, so I let her undress me.

After a while I was totally naked, holding onto Amy, still sucking on her mammoth tits for all I was worth and happy as a clam. I was safe, secure, warm and protected. I enjoyed the contact of bare skin as I nuzzled Amy's erect nipples, it was wonderfully soothing.

So when Amy pushed my legs apart and began rubbing the inner part of my thighs, I just sighed, contentedly. Her hand felt nice down there rubbing my thigh. Soon my pussy got wet and I really hoped Amy wouldn't notice, I was embarrassed and didn't want her to think I was perverted or anything.

Then Amy touched my pussy with her finger and said, much to my delight, ďOh what a good little girl my baby is, her little pussy is nice and wet for her Mommy.Ē

Then Amy stroked my pussy as I continued to suck on her tit. I kept getting hotter and hotter as Amy fondled me and when she put her finger inside my pussy, I came with a shiver of delight, prompting Amy to say, ďOh what a good baby I have, my little baby came for her Mommy, what a good baby you are.Ē

I was in heaven that she was so happy with me and that she made me cum for her. Amy kept fingering me and it felt so good now, I couldnít think about anything else; just my hot pussy and Amyís big tits and I kept cumming... over and over... It was so nice, not having to think about anything but my own sexual gratification. Amy made me cum so many times, I finally passed out from exhaustion and for the first time in a long time, I didnít have bad dreams.

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I woke up, still in Amyís arms. She kissed me, so I kissed her back. Then she kissed me all over my face and neck. Then after a while she said it was time for baby to have a bath. She stood up with me still in her arms and carried me to her bathroom. She put me on the commode, filled the bath tub with warm water, then put me in the tub and washed me from head to toe.

Afterwards Amy had me sit on the sink while she shaved me from my underarms to my ankles making my pussy as bald as a cue ball. Then she washed me again dried me off. Then she sat me back on the commode again and got down on her knees and spread my legs and started eating my bald pussy.

I couldnít believe how wonderful her mouth and tongue felt on my bald pussy. I was panting and moaning like a porn star in heat and begging for more. That feeling welled up inside my pussy and for my very first time, I shot a stream of cum out of my pussy like a little hose had been turned on. It drenched Amy's face and chin with my hot cunt juice.

I was worried that she might be mad, but she just smiled and picked me up, kissed me so that tasted my own pussy-cum for the first time and then carried me to her bed.

Amy told me that her pussy was aching so badly, that it needed my tongue. She said that I had to help her pussy out and lick it. So not wanting to make her angry, I agreed to lick her pussy.

She put me on top of her, face too pussy, then Amy started eating my pussy and after a moment or two, I returned the favor. I had no a clue about what to expect when I touched my lips to Amyís pussy. She was very wet and when I got my first taste of a red-hot pussy-juice, I became an addicted little cunt lapper.

I eagerly worked Amyís pussy over, just like she was doing to me, then she began moaning and then suddenly she gave me the sweetest tasting nectar in the world, her hot cunt juice. And I swallowed every drop, enjoying it immensely.

When we finished pleasuring each other I fell asleep in Amyís arms and had the best nights sleep that I have had since I was a little kid.

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When we woke the next morning, Amy told me that I was not going to work, that she didnít think I was recovered enough from the incident yesterday to work yet. She said that I needed a little more care before I picked up my normal every day life again.

I whole heartedly agreed with her and so Amy called my work for me to tell them what had happened and that I wouldn't be to work until the next day. Then she took me into the bathroom and washed my face and hands, then combed my hair. Then she took me to the kitchen and sat me at the table and fed me, just like I was a baby. I was loving it.

After she fed me, she washed my face and hands again, then told me that she was going to put a diaper on me because she didnít want me to have an accident.

I was shocked at first, but then after a moment or two I realized that I was enjoying the pampering and loving vibes and I didn't want to make Amy mad, she might stop taking care of me. So I didn't protest when she carried me into her bedroom and laid me on a towel and powered my pussy and ass. Then she put an adult diaper on me, lifting my legs to do it, like they do for a baby.

Afterwards Amy carried me into the living room and turned on the TV and told me to be a good little girl while Mommy did her housework. She also told me to tell her when I had to go potty.

I didn't want to tell her, but after a while I did need to pee. I finally got up the nerve to tell her. But she said she was too busy, and to go in my diaper and that she would change me later.

Again I was a little shocked. Adult women didn't pee themselves. But when Amy looked over at me with a little frown, I decided to try it. The first time one pees in their pants is a bit hard to do. You're so used to using a toilet it's hard to just let go. But I did as I was told and finally relaxed my bladder and went.

It was a strange feeling, the hot urine flowing all around my seat and thighs. It was almost as good as an orgasm, the freedom of letting go and the warmth that enveloped my skin.

As my pee began to cool, Amy picked me up and carried me into the bedroom again. She laid me on a towel again and took the diaper off me. She washed me just like I was a baby, but this time before she powered me, she started rubbing my pussy and clit gently. She stood over me and finger-fucking me into heaven, all the while telling me what a good girl I was for peeing in my diaper and how beautiful a baby I was.

Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and my orgasm exploded through my body =making me gasp in pleasure as I jerked each time Amy's finger touched a super-sensitive spot. Her fingers felt so amazing in my blazing hot cunt and when she rubbed my clit again, I went into orbit.

Amy made me cum three more times, and my pussy was so hot for her and she kept telling me what a good baby I was. When she finally finished fingering me, she washed me again, powered me and put a new clean diaper on me and carried me back to the living room. She sat on the sofa, put her tit at my mouth and told me to suckle her, like the good baby I was.

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A few days later, Amy found a large changing table on the internet and she also ordered a supply of adult diapers and I knew I had found a home. I became a very proficient cunt lapper and was an excellent baby too. I never wore clothes again and also never left the apartment either, so that I never had to confront the cold, cruel world again.

I also never sat on a toilet again either, Amy loved changing me, so I soiled in the diaper when I had to go, mostly because I think she loved using my changing table so much.

Amy kept me hairless and I never had to wash or bath myself again. Or for that matter, feed myself.

Every once in a while I would take the diaper off and pee on the floor, which prompted Amy to give me a spanking, something we both loved.

I am like Elsie the cow, happy, contented, loved and very well fucked.


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