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Tit Torture

Tit torture refers to any of several erotic BDSM activities focusing solely on inflicting pain on the breast, nipples, and areola for sexual gratification. It is often used in conjunction with breast bondage, which focuses on the restraint of the area. While it is well documented that non-consensual sexual torture has been common in both modern society and in the past, the term tit torture in this context applies to consensual sexual activity. In an erotic context, both the giver of breast punishment and the receiver receive some kind of pleasure from the experience. In many cases, people experience increased physical pleasure as a result of the release of endorphins. Their pleasure may be psychological, derived from being completely controlled by another person and/or from the pleasure the other person gets from the experience. The person delivering the punishment may enjoy the power they have over their partner, or they may simply enjoy more basic sensual satisfactions. Both may enjoy sexual role-playing their actions, such as acting out a dominant lover's latent nipple-fixated vampire dreams or a submissive partner's breast torture rape fantasy. Regardless, in most cases the pleasure is derived from some combination of these physical, emotional and psychological factors. Skin covering the breasts has the same healing ability as other skin and can take much of the activity involved in breast torture without long-term effects. The nipples and areola were designed for suckling and can also take a certain amount of harm. Because they have a more refined blood supply and nerve complex, as well as lactiferous ducts, they can be more sensitive and need more caution, however. The inside of the breast is composed of fatty, glandular and connective tissues and is at greater risk of rupturing or other damage if mishandled. Erotic tit torture involves a combination of sexual activities that are considered paraphilias by many psychologists and sexologists. Paraphilia has many definitions, most of them with negative connotations that imply perversion or deviancy. The paraphilias noted in many texts that most commonly apply to tit torture include: Algolagnia - sexual pleasure from pain Breast fetishism - sexual interest in the female breasts, their shape, movement, and size Sexual sadism and masochism - sexual arousal from giving pain or from wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer Vincilagnia - sexual arousal by bondage There are other paraphilias that, depending upon a person's fantasies, might also be added to the list. Because of recent understanding that consensual BDSM provides pleasure to each participant, there are a growing number of clinicians that believe that, unless a sexual activity is blatantly illegal such as pedophilia or zoo sadism, or involves a violation of consent, it is not a paraphilia. Under those circumstances, erotic tit torture would not be considered clinically paraphilia behavior. The controversy continues, however, because other paraphilias are still seen by society as being so deviant, regardless of consent, that they are not acceptable. As a result, all paraphilias, including those involved in erotic tit torture, remain questionable by sexologists and clinicians. As long as parts of society view consensual BDSM as being deviant, while others see it as normal behavior—or at worst a harmless eccentricity—the controversy will continue. Breast binding – compressing the breasts against the chest wall with tape, bandages, ropes, and so on. Hypoxemia can cause nerve and tissue damage if rubber bands, ropes or other bindings are left in place too long, even with the simplest breast or nipple binding. Any time a breast or nipple begins to darken or become cool to the touch blood circulation has been restricted and the risk of damage increases. Binding the nipples and areola, particularly with rubber bands or other deep-biting constrictions, will tend to deaden the area the longer the binding is left in place. If binding is combined with other BDSM activity, it is important that you consider this when gauging the potential for damage. Breasts bound using cable ties. Breast bondage – wrapping rope, leather strips, or some other type of constricting material around the base of the breast, either in a manner that also includes wrapping the binding around the chest and back, or just solely around the breast. Breast bondage may range from light -– predominantly decorative, to more moderate—where the breast bulges to one extent or the other, to more severe—where the skin actually begins to darken, to extreme and arguably dangerous forms of binding such as breast suspension –- the lifting of a woman by her bound breasts. Flagellation – Slapping, whipping, caning, paddling, and other forms of striking the breasts. Light flagellation can involve the hands, paddles, crops, or low-impact whips, and usually results in nothing more severe than stinging and redness. More extreme forms of flagellation involve canes, whips, cords, etc. and can result in bruises, scrapes, cuts, or other lacerations. Breasts should be struck with extreme care. breasts are very sensitive and vulnerable and hard strikes and squeezes can be debilitating. Blunt trauma is one of the primary causes of internal breast injury. Breast-oriented blows should not go deep, and any bouncing should fall within the normal range of motion for the recipient's breasts were she engaged in a normal strenuous activity. Even skin-deep spanking can cause broken capillaries and/or a loss of sensation in the nipples and areola if carried to an extreme. Hard whipping, flogging, or any other activity that breaks the skin could also cause scarring that may not disappear with time. If the choice is made to strike a bound breast, blows should be superficial. Binding a breast interferes with its natural ability to shift on impact and compacts the tissues so that any hard blow can intensify any damage that may occur. Nipple clamping – the use of nipple clamps, clothespins, hardware clamps, household clamps, hair pins, and so on, or clamps designed specifically for use on the nipples or on other parts of the breast. Clamping can range from relatively mild to extreme forms that result in hypoxemia the deprivation of oxygen if left too long on a nipple. Clamping anything onto a nipple can be more painful than anticipated. Often, the pain spikes when the clamp is removed and full circulation is restored. Always consider applying clamps so that they are either completely behind the nipple where it connects with the areola, or at least partially so. Nipple sensitivity varies throughout any given month, and what may be acceptable one day may not work the next. Electricity – the use of electricity, typically on the nipples. There are some devices, such as TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and the violet wand, that have been specifically designed for use on human flesh and are relatively safe if used by educated persons. Other types of electricity, such as household current, batteries, or devices such as stun guns and Electroshock weapons, carry greater risks of burning or far more dangerous effects. Using electricity on the breasts or nipples is highly debated due to the risk of cardiac arrest and other complications. At least one autoerotic fatality resulting from electrocution has been documented involving current travelling from nipple to nipple.2 If electricity is used, only devices designed for use on human flesh should be used, and current should not be allowed to travel from one breast or nipple to the other. Regardless of the cardiac risk, care should be used to avoid burning any time electricity play is attempted. Piercing – temporary, play piercing involves the use of acupuncture and/or hypodermic needles, or other atypical piercing devices; or permanent piercing such as nipple bars or nipple rings. More extreme and dangerous piercings are metal skewers and suspension hooks through one or both breasts or nipples. Suspension - While there are many references to women being hanged with their body weight supported only by their breasts, there is concern that it can result in damage ranging from stretch marks to internal rupturing and tearing.[citation needed] Wax – Wax play involves hot wax being dripped or poured on the breasts and nipples, frequently after they have been chilled with ice. Hot wax, though considered one of the safer methods of breast torture, is not without risk. First degree burns happen. Hotter waxes risk second degree burns. Edible sauces should be no hotter than 120 degrees 49 degrees Celsius. Flames, or the use of heated devices such as curling irons increase the level of caution that should be exercised. Though it would take almost a deliberate act to cause third degree burns, lesser burns can happen quickly. Cigarettes are often considered in erotic tit torture, however, snuffing a hot ember out on flesh is dangerous, often resulting in second degree burns and scarring.


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