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9/25/2006 Who Needs Love By Your Ghost (f-solo. mast, oral)

9/24/2006 Unexpected Secret By Eve - (MF, tv, affair)

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6/10/2006 My First Anal Sex By Elaine Bradley - A 22 year old woman is traveling through Europe with a friend when she decides to spend the night with a handsome European man. (MF, alcohol,rough-sex, anal, ws)

5/29/2006 Incident In A Room By Sargon Taykel - Miranda Peter's awakens to find herself in the nightmare world of a sadistic evil man who forces her to endure the worst humiliations of her life. (MMF, nc, rp, v, tor, huml, bd, asians, beast)

5/25/2006 Carwash Shock By B Boner - A brother visits his sister and her family over Christmas vacation only to experience something he'd never even imagined before. (MF, inc, oral)

5/19/2006 Baby By Sweatmeats - My insecurities turned me into a very loved baby. (FF, control, 1st-lesbian-expr)

5/14/2006 Back Room Wifebang By Anonymous - There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to watch your normally reluctant wife suddenly turn it on for another man. But Brad, a 42-year-old professor, had that chance to see his 27-year-old wife perform at a convention last summer at an upscale hotel in Miami. (MMF, wife, voy)

5/1/2006 Overtime By Michael - An office clerk is intimidated by a warehouse forklift operator and has an unexpected confrontation with him on a Saturday when they are the only ones there. (MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, work)
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