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5/25/2008 Art Gallery By Anonymous - A couple gets horny in an art gallery and tempt fait by doing it doggy-style in the public gallery. (MF, public)

5/25/2008 My Transexual Girlfriend By Anonymous Author - A straight white guy, new to town, is attracted to a pretty Hispanic woman who lives in his apartment complex. (MM, she-male, oral)

Callie's Wild Sorority Days story Callie's Wild Sorority Days By Kristen - (As told to Kristen) "My story is a true one that took place in 1974 when I was 22 years old. We were a wild bunch and thought we knew everything, and had done everything. I was very jaded back then. We had this tradition of daring each other to do crazy things, and I was the "Bravest" one in our sorority house." (M+/F, exh, gb, college) 10/12/1998 Reviews
Car Party story Car Party By Sarah Anne Talley - Kathy makes an error in judgment when she gets a little too drunk at a local bar and is accompanied out to her car by a strange man. (M+/F, reluc, gangbang) 3/18/2006 Reviews
Carwash Shock story Carwash Shock By B Boner - A brother visits his sister and her family over Christmas vacation only to experience something he'd never even imagined before. (MF, inc, oral) 5/25/2006 Reviews
Cheerleader story Cheerleader By Gekko The Great - A Cheerleader has a great time in the locker room with her boyfriend. (MF) 11/2/1997 Reviews
Chris Comes Around story Chris Comes Around By Anythingatoll - Two female roomates indoctrinate a third into their horny games. (FFF, 1st-lesbian-expr, alcohol, toys) 7/2/2006 Reviews
Christi: A Typical Wife story Christi: A Typical Wife By Warthog - This is a story about a typical housewife, with a typical family in a typical suburban setting. The 32 year old housewife's name is Christi. Christi shares a house with her husband Mike, that's me, and our 5 year old son. Christi is an exotic beauty with long dark blonde hair and lovely big brown eyes. This story is about an eye-opening party that we attended. (M+/F+, wife-slut) 6/6/2000 Reviews
Christmas Present story Christmas Present By Robert E. Epps - A wife gets you very early on Christmas day to prepare a special present for her husband. (MF, rom) 12/23/1999 Reviews
Cindy Crawford story Cindy Crawford By MAW - Cindy Crawford gets hypnotized during a photo shoot, and is taken advantage of. (MF, mc, celeb) 10/22/1997 Reviews
Closet Lesbians story Closet Lesbians By Phoebe - A special time for just the two of us, no boyfriends, noone at all, just the two of us. (FF, 1st-lesbian-exper) 7/13/2002 Reviews
Cock Worship story Cock Worship By Michael - A white rich bitch falls for a well endowed black forklift operator who works at one of her husband's warehouses. (MF, wife, cheat, intr, size, preg) 9/5/2007 Reviews
Coed Hooker story Coed Hooker By Phoebe - Being a coed prostitute has become rather exciting work and it pays really well too. I've become accustomed to "dating" lots different guys and I find that variety keeps the sex hot. This story is about the time Rob (a friend of mine from school) set me up with some out of town business friends of his. The arrangement was to have a gangbang with 5 guys at Rob's house. (M+/F, orgy, prost) 9/3/2000 Reviews
Culvert's Point story Culvert's Point By Lori Helm - The day had been a really hectic one. Stress at home, stress at work, stress, stress, stress. I thought for sure I would crack. I knew I had to get away, even if only for a little while. My boss almost fired me for a co-workers error. Thank god she had the balls to step forward and take the blame. Unfortunately for her she was the one who was fired. (MF, wife, fantasy) 8/13/2003 Reviews
Cumlust story Cumlust By Vanessa - A wife takes on a group of men friends while her husband incredulously watches and then joins in. (M+F, wife, orgy) 5/12/2005 Reviews


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Sample Stories

121st Street By Turbo - A guy is in the wrong place at the wrong moment in time, or is he? (M+/M, nc, rp, intr) 121st Street Reviews

Saltwater By Komsomol - This is a story about a lady, whose strange dreams bring her to seek more extreme forms of entertainment. In the future, technology can make dreams into reality, but the world is leaving behind its ambitions and desires. It takes some work, courage and the will to defy authority in search of one's self. This is a story about a lady whose dreams are of sharks; this is a story about a lady who dreams in saltwater. (F/sharks, sci-fi) Saltwater Reviews

Car Party By Sarah Anne Talley - Kathy makes an error in judgment when she gets a little too drunk at a local bar and is accompanied out to her car by a strange man. (M+/F, reluc, gangbang) Car Party Reviews

Katrina By AB-2006 - In the aftermath of Katrina a black couple makes a new life for themselves in the Midwest. (M+F, intr, wife-gangbang) Katrina Reviews

Bum Sex By AB-2006 - A young business woman succumbs to the urge to get down and dirty with homeless bums. (MF, unsafe-sex) Bum Sex Reviews

Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's Experience By Anonymous - What happens when a singer like Ashlee Simpson goes to McDonalds? Find out here in this story. (MF-teens, exh, oral, celeb-parody) Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's Experience Reviews

Asian Cock By Centfla246 - This is the story of my first REAL gay experience. It's done a few things with guys before this, but nothing as blatant as I did this time. Now I'm out of the closet but back then this was a huge deal for me. (MM, intr, asian, 1st-gay-expr) Asian Cock Reviews

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Erotic literature has often been subject to censorship and legal restraints on publication. The Internet and digital revolution in the history of erotic depictions, has blurred older forms of representing scenes of a sexual nature, although research indicates erotic literature was available among the poor and performed at public readings in 1700s Britain. Readers of erotic fiction in most of the world's liberal democracies are now able to indulge their fantasies in the comfort and privacy of their homes, without the social and legal restrictions of a pre-digital era. Online bookstores now legally carry a range of professional, commercial and non-commercial erotic writing. Where as once access to online erotic fiction was largely restricted to membership or pay sites, in recent years a marked increase in the number of community based, not-for-profit or free access websites has led to an explosion in the level of popularity of this genre. mackenzie

Agile Kimberly Labia
Agile Kimberly Teats
Angular Ella Titties
Athletic Maggie Cleavage
Bedroom Zoe Udders
Big Autumn Nipples
Big Autumn Pubes
Bloated Kayla Cunny
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Bosomy Olivia Bosom
Bosomy Olivia Tail
Brawny Ashley Tits
Buff Genesis Butt
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Bulbous Alexa Loins
Bulbous Alexa Rack
Bulging Jessica Nipples
Bulging Jessica Quim
Bulky Hannah Pussy
Bulky Hannah Rack
Bursting Leah Cuntlips
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Busty Abby Hooters
Buxom Addison Melons
Chiseled Paige Crevice
Chiseled Paige Slit
Chunky Alexis Hooters
Clean-cut Mariah Channel
Clean-cut Mariah Sweetness
Curved Elizabeth Hooters
Dainty Faith Areolae
Dainty Faith Twat
Defined Sadie Bust
Diminutive Savannah Nipples
Diminutive Savannah Pussy
Distended Claire Bosom
Distended Claire Cunt
Doll-faced Serenity Passage
Doll-faced Serenity Vulva
Dumpy Kaylee Breasts
Dumpy Kaylee Cunny
Engorged Victoria Cleavage
Engorged Victoria Cunny
Erect Gianna Loins
Erect Gianna Udders
Fat Mia Ass-cheeks
Fat Mia Rack
Flat Valeria Bosom
Flat Valeria Loins
Fleshy Lola Tits
Free-pic Kaitlyn Milkers
Free-pic Kaitlyn Sleeve
Fresh-faced Vanessa Hips
Fresh-faced Vanessa Quim
Full Layla Areolae
Full Layla Crevice
Giant Madeline Cunt
Giant Madeline Orbs
Gigantic Destiny Maw
Gigantic Destiny Udders
Girl-next Door Pic Aaliyah Cunny
Girl-next Door Pic Aaliyah Hooters
Grotesque Lauren Cleavage
Grotesque Lauren Womb
Heavyset Grace Cleavage
Hefty Anna Cunt
Hefty Anna Melons
Huge Payton Buttocks
Huge Payton Cherry
Hulking Maria Sweetness
Hulking Maria Udders
Immense Trinity Cleavage
Immense Trinity Pubes
Lanky Mackenzie Cleavage
Lanky Mackenzie Pubes

Back Room Wifebang By Anonymous - There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to watch your normally reluctant wife suddenly turn it on for another man. But Brad, a 42-year-old professor, had that chance to see his 27-year-old wife perform at a convention last summer at an upscale hotel in Miami. (MMF, wife, voy) Back Room Wifebang Reviews

Overtime By Michael - An office clerk is intimidated by a warehouse forklift operator and has an unexpected confrontation with him on a Saturday when they are the only ones there. (MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, work) Overtime Reviews

3/22/1998 Ape Rape By Anonymous Author - This story was written by an anonymous author and is entitled "Ape Rape" so that should give you the basic premise of the story. It's really strange, but someone submitted it with a picture, so I've added it to the illustrated archive. (F/beast, rp)

2/17/2006 Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's Experience By Anonymous - What happens when a singer like Ashlee Simpson goes to McDonalds? Find out here in this story. (MF-teens, exh, oral, celeb-parody)

7/7/2006 Asian Cam Surprise By Billy Bond - Pretty Asian wife catches American husband cruising Internet porn, only to be drawn into the scene too. (MF, exh, voy, wife, asian)

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